Introducing NPD Canada

The Canadian organization is the first and largest market research company in Canada. With a focus on customer preference, NPD has been driving innovation in everything from new product development to marketing strategy for companies of all sizes for over 38 years.

The “np digital” is a new Canadian company that has been created to help brands grow. They specialize in creative marketing and advertising strategies for companies of all sizes.

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We have been able to develop internationally as my enterprise-level agency, NP Digital, has expanded. In addition to Canada, we’ve established offices in Brazil, the UK, Australia, and India. Yes, we have a full-service digital marketing firm now operating in Canada. 

I’ll be traveling to Canada to give a presentation at the Collision Conference as a way to get things started off strong. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learnt with you on how to master your digital strategy in the next years. 

It’s not just me who will be there: Ronnie Malewski, managing director of NPD Canada, as well as Ryan Douglas, VP of Strategy & Performance, will also be teaching a master class on CRO called “What Optimizing 500+ Sites Has Taught Us.”  

Why Did We Decide to Move NPD International to Canada?

It’s no secret that we’ve been putting a lot of effort towards growing internationally for a long now. Why Canada then? Then why now? 

In fact, digital advertising will account for 68.3 percent of the whole Canadian ad industry this year, surpassing conventional advertising expenditure for the first time, and is predicted to reach 15.4 billion by 2024. 

It only made sense for us to bring our experience there to suit the market’s expectations as Canada is predicted to have one of the fastest rising ad expenditure markets in the globe this year.

Provided Services by NPDC

A full-service digital marketing firm, NPD Canada focuses on tactics and solutions that quicken your brand’s development. 

Our main areas of attention are: 

Electronic Intelligence

  • planning and strategy
  • charting the consumer journey
  • insights from data analytics
  • creation of a dashboard
  • automated email marketing
  • conversion rate improvement

Acquired Media

Our team excels in delivering across the full spectrum of Acquired Media specializing in:

  • SEO tactics
  • On-Site Improvement
  • creation of content
  • generation of content
  • Link Creation
  • Online PR
  • Implementation

Expensed Media

Across a variety of platforms, our team of experts can assist in elevating your performance media strategy.

  • Consider looking (Google ads, Microsoft Ads)
  • A social (Meta, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snap, Pinterest, Etc)
  • Programmatic Display & Video
  • Electronic commerce (Google Shopping, Amazon, Marketplaces)

Tech and Tools:

We can provide you with the data and UX features you want to expand your brand thanks to our access to the most recent tools and technology.

Customer Services

The cross-channel cooperation you need to promote customer success is ensured by our client services.

The Benefits of NPD Canada 

Why then should you choose to collaborate with us? 

We firstly bring a lot of skill to the table.

The managing director, Ronnie Malewski, has worked in digital marketing for more than 16 years. He has aided corporate and SMB firms in expanding their operations throughout that period. He has collaborated with well-known companies including Microsoft, Adidas, and Loblaws. We’re fortunate that Ronnie can give the customers of NPD Canada with strategic supervision thanks to his years of demonstrated success in the field of digital marketing.

Other important individuals are:

  • Vice President of Strategy and Performance Ryan Douglas For SMB and corporate businesses, Ryan has over ten years of expertise leading strategy and media activation. SEM, SEO, display, video, social media, and email are all areas in which he specializes. Ryan has years of expertise directing comprehensive media campaigns that have been shown to provide significant commercial benefits.
  • Nikki Lamb, SEO Director: Nikki has years of expertise in SEO analytics and is a master at collaborating across channels to maintain operational quality, assure consistency, and foster innovation.
  • D Doan, Director of Data Analytics: D’s group creates cutting-edge analytics plans for some of the most well-known businesses in the world.

Choose NPD Canada as your digital marketing partner for more reasons than just our skill.

In only three months, we’ve already onboarded seven customers, and because of how swiftly we’re expanding, we’re recruiting quickly. 

Additional merits of NPD Canada include:

  • We were started by and are owned by minorities.
  • As a result of NPD U.S.’s assistance, we have access to even more of the most talented individuals in the field of digital marketing across a variety of service offerings.
  • We have more than 600 workers internationally, 500 customers worldwide, and more than 10 awards for our agencies. 

Are you prepared to collaborate with NPD Canada to advance your company? Let’s chat. 

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