Facebook’s Most Widely Viewed Links Dominated By Spam

In 2016, Facebook was the most visited website in the world. With its popularity came a massive influx of content and spammy links that were seen by millions daily. The company has finally taken action to combat this problem, but it likely won’t be enough to solve the issue over night.

The “most viewed facebook video 2022” is a popular Facebook post that has been shared over 100,000 times. The post is actually a scam and people are encouraged to share it in order to get paid.

Facebook's Most Widely Viewed Links Dominated By Spam

The most popular pieces for the second half of 2021 were revealed in Meta’s newest commonly seen content report.

The study also contains information on material that is shared often, a list of the most popular domains, and the most popular links, pages, and posts among US users.

Meta is implementing a new system for reporting on the most popular articles.

Meta selected to provide findings based on both the old technique and the new one in this report.

The primary metrics utilized by Meta to create the commonly watched content report were “content views” and “viewers.”

Updated criterion for connections featured in the frequently seen links report is one of the most significant modifications. In order to be deemed a seen link, a link must now create a preview.

Frequently Visited Links

Facebook stated the most Frequently Visited Links reflected the wide interests of Facebook users in topics such as humor, culture, and do it yourself subjects.

That said, according to the new methodology of the Frequently Visited Links report, 30% of the top 20 most Frequently Visited Links were generated through inauthentic behavior and spam.

Inauthentic conduct occurs when people misrepresent themselves or utilize strategies like numerous Facebook profiles to artificially elevate their content.

The top two most Frequently Visited Links, with combined views of 59.3 million views came from the same website.

In fact, the same domains were responsible for 30% of the top links that were prohibited due to inauthentic conduct.

Before Facebook intervened and removed the 30 percent of inauthentic activity links, they had 112.2 million views.

Screenshot Of Top Two Most Frequently Visited Links

Most Viewed LinksScreenshot from transparency.fb.com/data/widely-viewed-content-report/, taken in May 2022.

The top twenty non-spam sites include:

  1. private video on YouTube
  2. Political Video on YouTube
  3. Bob Saget Featured on TMZ
  4. Covid Test Page for Dot Gov
  5. TikTok
  6. Article from NBC News
  7. Article from BBC News
  8. Covid Test Site for USPS
  9. Article from Fox News on the Detroit Dog Rescue
  10. Huffington Post’s Super Bowl Halftime Report
  11. Parked Offline Domain (#15 with 12.3 million views)
  12. Article on ComicBook.com
  13. Article from BuzzFeedNews
  14. Article on ScreenRant

Most Popular Articles

Meta also published statistics about the Most Popular Articles.

  • 85.3 percent of views came from posts posted by friends, Groups that users had joined, and Pages that they had followed.
  • Posts from friends and others you follow: 49.1%
  • Posts from joined groups account for 20.5 percent of all posts.
  • 15.7 percent of posts from pages you follow
  • Unrelated postings account for 11.7 percent of all posts.
  • 3% Other

Posts with the most views

The most popular Facebook post for the second half of 2022 was a brief video of a lady in a sports stadium walking up an aisle randomly shoving everybody she passed, maybe as a statement on what passes for entertainment in the twenty-first century. The post has been seen 68 million times.

Facebook’s Most Popular Post

Facebook's Most Popular PostScreenshot from transparency.fb.com/data/widely-viewed-content-report/, taken in May 2022.

The rest of the Posts with the most views were on a similar train-wreck level of content.

Report on Facebook Transparency

The biggest takeaway might be that Facebook is getting better at blocking spam sites if only one site managed to infiltrate the top twenty most Frequently Visited Links.

It’s also possible that this one site excelled at impersonating others and effectively blocked competition.

It would be interesting if in the future Meta released the top 100 most Frequently Visited Links so that a bigger picture of what’s going on at Facebook could be viewed.

Top 20 lists, such as the ones Meta posted, provide just a partial picture and hence seem to be only partly transparent.


Read the Report on Popular Content.

What People See on Facebook: A Report on Widely Viewed Content

The full Meta Transparency Report may be seen here.

Second Half 2021 Transparency Report

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Facebook has a new issue with their “most popular posts.” The most widely viewed posts are dominated by spam. Facebook is working to fix the issue. Reference: most popular facebook posts.

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