WordPress Vs. Wix – Website Builder Comparison

WordPress and Wix are two popular website builders. We’ve created this article to help you decide which one is best for your business. We’ll review the pros, cons and show how each platform stacks up against its rival.,

WordPress is a free and open source content management system that powers 25% of the web. Wix is an online website builder with a drag-and-drop interface. Squarespace is a platform for creating websites, blogs, and portfolios.

WordPress themes for WordPress Vs Wix

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WordPress outperforms Wix by enabling users to develop complex websites that they can personalize.

Wix doesn’t provide as much design flexibility as WordPress, but it will be more simpler to use from the start.

Because WordPress and Wix cater to various types of users, the final selection will be based on your degree of expertise and the reason for building a website. 

Which is better, WordPress or Wix?

WordPress is a content management system that favors variety and flexibility. Although it doesn’t come with a lot of features out of the box, you can personalize it with hundreds of themes and plugins. Use WordPress’ powerful and adaptable platform to get your website concept off the ground. 

Wix is great for novices who only want to make a simple website with no complex features. It’s a simple application with a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to create a website in minutes without any technical knowledge. Make your own website now and let Wix handle the details. 

A Comparison of the Top Website Builders

Website builders provide you the tools you need to create simple or complex websites without touching any code. However, if you don’t know what to look for, deciding which website builder is right for you might be difficult. 

I’ve discovered the important differentiators you should look for when buying for a website builder after years of experience. With this in-depth look of the top four website builders, you’ll be able to choose the finest platform for your website’s long-term success. WordPress and Wix both cracked the top four.

WordPress triumphs.

Because WordPress is open-source software, you have complete control over your data. As a result, moving from one host to another is simple. You control all of your files and may upload them to any WordPress hosting provider. 

The built-in WordPress Import and Export capabilities make site migrations a breeze, something Wix lacks. Wix sites are also entirely hosted on Wix’s servers. As a result, migrating your website files to a self-hosted WordPress takes a lengthy and complicated procedure. 

WordPress is too liberal when it comes to offering users the ability to construct their own websites. For starters, there are free themes accessible, but if you want additional features, there are over 5,000 premium third-party themes ranging in price from $25 to $299. 

You may also engage a developer to design a custom theme with unique features to distinguish your website. The greatest aspect is that, unlike Wix, you can effortlessly move from one theme to another once your site is up. 

WordPress themes for WordPress Vs Wix

No WordPress-sponsored ads: WordPress is free, but it requires the purchase of a domain name and a hosting plan to function (here’s how to acquire them). As, once your website is up and running, you may monetise it however you choose. Wix websites, on the other hand, are free, and the most basic plans are littered with adverts that you have no control over. These adverts are only removed when you subscribe to a higher premium plan with Wix. 

Unrivaled customizability: WordPress is an open-source program that provides a lot of versatility right out of the box. If you’re a programmer or know how to code, you can change WordPress’s fundamental coding to make your website seem precisely way you want it to. Beginners may also make their WordPress sites look anyway they like. 

WordPress enables you to change themes after the website is live, improve site security, and add forms to blog posts in ways that Wix does not allow. 

Even if you like Wix’s drag-and-drop builder, third-party page builder plugins like Elementor or Divi provide a superior alternative. 

Add plugins to WordPress for WordPress Vs Wix

WordPress trumps Wix in terms of the quantity of plugins available to improve the functionality of your website. There’s always a plugin that will meet your demands, whether you want to add a table, gather your visitors’ emails, or construct a landing page. With over 55,000 free and paid plugins to pick from, it’s simple to improve your website without touching any code. 

WordPress is a robust blogging platform that, despite its evolution into a full-fledged content management system, remembers its beginnings and remains the platform of choice for all things blog-related. It has the similar blogging functionality as Wix but adds sophisticated features that are only available in WordPress. 

There’s also a native commenting area so you can manage your readers’ comments without having to use any other plugins. You may also manage the visibility of posts and pages by making them public, private, or password-protected. 

Although the new Gutenberg editor has problems, the simplicity with which you can add, drag, and drop various pieces without having to scroll up or down is unparalleled. 

WordPress Gutenberg editor for WordPress Vs Wix

Better search visibility: Because WordPress provides you greater control, your website will rank higher in search engine results. Is your website running slowly? Applying speed-boosting tactics to your site might help it function better. 

Yoast, the world’s most popular SEO plugin, is also available for WordPress users. Over five million websites use this tool to enhance the appearance of their articles in search results, add internal links, and redirect old pages to new ones, all of which assist increase their ranks over time. 

WordPress sites have more domain authority, backlinks, and traffic than Wix sites, according to Ahrefs, a prominent all-around SEO tool that assessed 6.4 million websites. 

WooCommerce main page for WordPress Vs Wix

WordPress lacks built-in ecommerce capabilities, but you can simply combine it with a strong ecommerce solution like WooCommerce. 

This plugin, which is used by over 40% of ecommerce sites, may help you show items, process orders, accept payments in numerous currencies, and compute tax by area automatically. 

Additional WooCommerce plugins may be installed to enhance its functionality. You may, for example, link your business to a print-on-demand provider that will handle the orders for you. 

You can also use the free HubSpot for ecommerce plugin to monitor your visitors and guide them through your sales funnel. 

WordPress Suffers Setbacks

There is no telephone help available: WordPress is supported by a worldwide volunteer community. As a result, there is no customer support hotline to call if you run into technical difficulties. 

However, WordPress powers over 39% of all websites on the internet, so whatever problem you’re having, chances are you’ll find a solution on support forums, Slack channels, or YouTube. However, having to hunt for answers is inconvenient.

The cost of developing and maintaining a website varies, although WordPress is available for free download. It cannot, however, stand alone, so you must get a domain name and a hosting package before you can begin. 

A unique domain name costs $10 per year, while a monthly hosting package costs as little as $2.95. If your website receives a lot of traffic, you’ll need to pay extra for a hosting package to minimize downtimes. 

Premium themes and plugins that improve the functionality of your site are extra costs. Every year, you may spend anything from $200 to a few thousand dollars. 

WordPress has a steep learning curve, and it takes time to get your head around it. Because there is no official guide, you will have to figure out everything on your own. 

The Gutenberg editor in WordPress, for example, is not as user-friendly as Wix’s drag-and-drop editor. Because it lacks the what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSWYG) foundation, you must preview the page you’re working on before publishing it. 

WordPress users do not have complete control over website security and maintenance. WordPress releases updates on a regular basis, and it’s your job to make sure you’re running the most recent version. 

You’ll also need to manually update themes and plugins to resolve issues and keep your site running smoothly. 

You may take care of backups and security yourself with the aid of plugins. You may outsource all of these to a WordPress maintenance service or pick a managed WordPress server to handle everything for you in return for set monthly costs. 

Wix Wins

No out-of-pocket expenses: Anyone may sign up for a free Wix account and develop a website. Upgrade to one of the Wix website plans or the business and ecommerce plans if you want additional functionality and to get rid of the Wix advertisements. 

Wix’s pricing is significantly more obvious than WordPress’s, which is completely free yet has hidden costs. 

You don’t need to make any estimates since the price page has all the information. Starting at $14 per month, the Combo Plan includes everything you need to get started. You also receive a free domain name for the first year, which you would otherwise have to pay for if you used WordPress.  

You can also install Wix applications, which are either free or premium and range in price from $3 to $20, if you want extra capabilities like chatbots or event booking. 

Wix pricing page for WordPress Vs Wix

Easy registration: While the software is free, establishing a website with WordPress necessitates the registration of a domain and joining up with a hosting provider. Registration on Wix is as simple as logging up with your Facebook or Google account. Then, either using the editor or with the assistance of an AI tool, you may begin developing your website straight away.

Wix signup page for WordPress Vs Wix

Wix compromises versatility in order for consumers to construct websites quickly and with little to no learning curve. Wix’s drag-and-drop interface allows beginners to effortlessly personalize their website designs, allowing them to move things around and add as many features as they like. 

Unlike WordPress’s Gutenberg editor, Wix’s uses a WYSWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) model, which means that what you see is precisely what you’ll receive once the site goes live. 

Wix editor for WordPress Vs Wix

If you’re pressed for time, Wix’s Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) tool can construct a website for you based on your responses to a series of questions. 

Wix has the largest range of free pre-made templates of any website builder. With over 500 layouts to select from, whether you’re a non-profit, a photographer, a small company, or a school, finding one that fits your identity is simple. 

Each design comes with pre-built parts that you may move around as needed. You may also turn the background picture into a video, modify the color palette, change the typeface, and adjust other things that matter to you using the editor. 

Wix templates for WordPress Vs Wix

In-house and third-party applications hand-picked: Wix’s approximately 250 applications are similar to WordPress’s plugins, which improve the functionality of a website. Although WordPress plugins outweigh Wix plugins, you must comb through mounds of clumsy ones to discover what you need. 

Wix, on the other hand, prioritizes quality above quantity. You won’t have to go through a verification procedure since everything in the Wix App Market has already cleared Wix’s requirements. Furthermore, all applications work well with Wix, so there’s no need to be concerned about compatibility difficulties. 

Unlike WordPress, which mostly depends on its help forums, Wix takes a more personal approach to customer assistance. 

Users may request a callback via the Wix website to speak with a corporate representative. They won’t have to spend time repairing the problem themselves and may instead delegate it to a real person.

If phone assistance is not available, Wix customers may contact the company through email or browse the company’s online help center for related articles and video lessons. 

Easy WordPress-to-Wix migration: If you got on the WordPress bandwagon but quickly realized that it lacked the simplicity you were seeking for, Wix provides a simple solution. Simply input the WordPress blog URL into Wix’s blog import tool, and your WordPress blog will be converted to a Wix blog with a single click. 

You may use our import tool to migrate just the blogs you want to Wix without having to start from zero. 

Hands-off security and maintenance: Having your website hosted in a closed environment like Wix has the advantage of having Wix’s technical staff manage all maintenance and security. You won’t have to lift a finger to back up your data, update applications, or solve security flaws. 

The in-house technical staff implements and deploys all upgrades, so you won’t even realize they’re taking place. WordPress, on the other hand, doesn’t handle any of them out of the box, so you’re on your own. 

Wix sites also meet the highest industry security standards, including PCI DSS for ecommerce payments, SOC Type 2, and ISO 27001, 27701, 27018, and 27017.

Wix also provides other useful tools for stability that you don’t have to handle yourself, such as managed infrastructure and site data backups. Even during normal maintenance, their data center architecture is strong enough to keep your site up and running. Furthermore, autoscaling enables your site to withstand traffic surges without a hitch.

Your site’s data is also always up to date and backed up, with redundant copies stored in each of Wix’s server centers. You’ll never have to worry about whether your site is accessible to visitors or if you can restore it if anything goes wrong.

Losses at Wix

The pricing page is not transparent: At first sight, Wix’s pricing page seems to indicate the monthly cost of each premium plan. The costs, on the other hand, are what each plan would cost if you paid for an annual membership. 

If the monthly cost of the Unlimited plan is $12.50, you’ll have to pay $150 up front. The cost is much greater if you choose monthly payments. 

It wouldn’t have been a problem if Wix had included a toggle option that allows consumers to compare monthly and yearly pricing. To be fair, there is a warning at the bottom stating that the rates indicated are for annual memberships, but the wording is so tiny that you will miss it. 

Wix is simpler to use than WordPress, but it comes at the cost of versatility. 

For example, the free templates are adequate for rookie website builders but are limited for more sophisticated website designers. Not to add that once the website is up, you won’t be able to change the template. 

Wix is also not open-source, so programmers and other tech-savvy people won’t be able to play with with the code. Finally, although the App Market’s over 250 applications might improve the site’s functionality, they pale in contrast to the hundreds of WordPress plugins. 

Wix was not designed with bloggers in mind, so if written material is the major appeal of your website, use WordPress instead. 

Wix provides basic blog capabilities like as categories, tags, cover images, and post scheduling, but it lacks other critical aspects such as native commenting. 

Wix only provides Facebook comments for reader comments, which are much more prone to spammers. Furthermore, the Wix basic blog editor lacks the drag-and-drop capabilities of WordPress’ Gutenberg, which limits formatting choices. 

Site without advertisements not all plans are available: Wix advertisements and a Wix subdomain are included with a free Wix website. You won’t have to pay anything, but it won’t help your brand. You may link your custom domain to Wix for $4.50 per month if you already have one (billed annually). The Wix advertising, on the other hand, continue at this level. The Wix-sponsored advertising can only be removed if you subscribe to a more costly plan. 

Wix websites are housed on their infrastructure, so once you establish one with them, you’re stuck with them for the rest of your life. It also lacks WordPress’s Import and Export functions, making migrating your website files from Wix to WordPress difficult. 

To give you an idea, your articles will be imported as RSS files, however your photographs will have to be manually transferred. This complicated approach is enough to deter most people from making the transition. 

Wix isn’t a bad alternative if you exclusively receive visitors from direct or social media. Wix, on the other hand, trails WordPress in terms of search engine exposure. 

Wix isn’t technically SEO-friendly since it uses Javascript to display its URLs, making them more difficult to crawl. Javascript also causes code to bloat, making websites load slower. 

Wix also lacks key SEO tools like hreflang and AMP support, which are necessary for a website’s success. Users have little control over redirection and are unable to alter the robots.txt or sitemap files. It’s also hard to make shorter URLs, so you’ll have to settle with https://www.neilpatel.com/post/keyword rather than the more succinct and user-friendly https://www.neilpatel.com/keyword.

Top Website Builders Comparison

There is a website builder that matches your demands, whether you are a tech-savvy geek or a technophobe who wants to try their hand at constructing websites. My top four suggestions are as follows: 

  1. Wix is the best option for ordinary usage.
  2. Beginners should use Weebly.
  3. Web.com is the best site for creating landing pages.
  4. Shopify is the best ecommerce platform.
  5. WordPress is the best platform for managing content.

In terms of Wix and WordPress, Wix can help you get your first website up and running quickly if you’re a beginner. Its drag-and-drop editor is second to none, and its free templates may help you create a professional-looking website without breaking the bank. 

WordPress is still the finest content management system for high-traffic websites that make money from content.

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