Here’s What We Learned From TikTok, Meta, Snap & Twitter At IAB NewFronts

The IAB NewFronts Presented by The Intersection were a major event that showcased the top players in social media and advertising. We learned what to expect from different platforms during this year’s Mid-Year Report.

The “tiktok vs meta” is a debate that has been going on for a while. The “tiktok vs meta” is about which app will be the next big thing in social media.

TikTok, Meta, Snapchat, and Twitter all made announcements on days 2 and 3 of the 2022 IAB NewFronts.

The key insights and tips from these social video firms are given below, prioritized by relevance rather than chronologically.

TikTok Launches Pulse TikTok

TikTok Pulse, a new contextual advertising option that allows marketers to position their brand next to the top content in the For You Feed, was launched last Wednesday.

Along with that statement, the social video platform said that it would begin testing its first ad revenue-sharing scheme with artists, publishers, and even celebrities.

categories of TikTokTikTok image from May 2022

Sandie Hawkins, TikTok’s General Manager of North America Global Business Solutions, and Sofia Hernandez, TikTok’s Global Head of Business Marketing, offered further specifics about how advertisers would profit from TikTok Pulse when meeting with media buyers.

This comprises:

  • Increase brand awareness by appearing next to the most engaging content: TikTok Pulse will place businesses where they want and need to be – among the top 4% of all TikTok videos.
  • TikTok will provide 12 categories of Pulse where companies can display their advertisements next to the most “culturally appropriate” content to drive interaction and activity with varied populations. Beauty, fashion, culinary, gaming, and many more verticals that the TikTok community enjoys and businesses want to interact with are among these categories.
  • With suitability metrics, you may feel “brand secure.” TikTok claims that their unique inventory filter guarantees that TikTok Pulse advertisements are shown next to verified content with the “highest degree of brand appropriateness.” If you purchase it, I’ll sell you a bridge to Brooklyn. However, third-party technologies will be available to allow marketers to study and comprehend brand fit, validate viewability, and track campaign effectiveness.

What about the developers’ advertising revenue sharing program?

In a press statement, TikTok said,

“In the first stage of this initiative, creators and publishers with at least 100,000 followers will be eligible.”

As a result, other TikTok producers will need to expand their audiences in order to “feel respected and compensated.”

Here’s Where Storytelling Comes In: Building Your Brand On Meta

The 70–80 attendees at the NewFronts event at 281 Park Avenue only recall hearing that over 45 percent of Instagram accounts like, comment on, or share Reels at least once a week.

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, was also expected to attend, but Nada Stirratt, Meta’s Vice President of The Americas, seemed to be the room’s top executive.

Hey, things happen.

At the very least, actors Keke Palmer, Samah Dada, Spencer Ludwig, and Daphnique Springs were there in case anybody wanted to question them about their experiences with Meta platforms.

Bianca Bradford, Meta’s Head of North American Agency, informed the small gathering that over 60% of TV consumers use their phones during commercial breaks.

Wendy’s CMO Carl Loredo also discussed Wendyverse, the brand’s first virtual restaurant, which can be found in Meta’s Horizon Worlds.

Hey, his strategy, which incorporated in-stream commercials, Reels, Instagram Stories, and augmented reality advertisements, increased ad recall by 9.1%.

Burgers and Basketball in VR: Wendy's Teams Up with Meta for Grand Opening of the WendyverseWendy’s image from May 2022

People remembered your advertisements.

That’s fantastic if you’re selling advertisements.

Wendy’s, on the other hand, serves traditional hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, and salads.

Also, don’t assume that just because people remember your ad, they’ll remember your brand, purchase your product, or refer it to someone else.

So, the next time you do a Facebook Brand Lift test, consider the following questions:

  • “What brands come to mind when it comes to fast food?”
  • “How long has it been since you bought anything from Wendy’s?”
  • “How likely are you to suggest Wendy’s to a friend or coworker?”

There’s More to Snapchat’s Story

Snap launched a collaboration with Cameo on Tuesday afternoon to allow companies connect with influencers to create advertising.

In addition, the social media business announced the comeback of many Snap Originals.

They also discovered that over 80% of US Gen Z had seen one of the over 150 Snap Originals released last year.

featured Snap OriginalsSnap image from May 2022

Snap Originals featured include:

  • Reclaim(ed), Snap’s first Canadian Snap Original, delves into today’s Indigenous culture with presenters Marika Sila and Kairyn Potts, who redefine and reclaim traditional practices and societal challenges from a Gen Z perspective.
  • Daring Simone Biles – This program highlights the Olympic and World Championship medalist who takes new risks by doing activities she’s never done before, such as beekeeping and DJing.
  • Dixie vs. Charli – The D’Amelio sisters will compete for money for charity in Season 2 after Season 1 of this made-for-mobile program drew over 20 million views.
  • Run For Office – This documentary series follows eight Gen Z and millennial political candidates as they seek elected office in the 2022 Primary and General Elections from around the country, across the aisle, and across the spectrum of municipal positions.

The NFL, WNBA, and NBA have all signed multi-year content agreements with Snap.

They also revealed that 205 million people saw sports content on Snapchat in 2021, and that Snap delivers about 40% more reach to sports events on TV, sports websites, and apps among consumers aged 18–34.

Snap, in fact, sounded more like a conventional media organization than “a quick and entertaining way to share the moment with your friends and family” if you closed your eyes.

“Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain,” says Twitter.

“Learn what’s occurring and what’s ahead for premium content on the timeline,” Twitter had asked media buyers to attend their IAB NewFronts session on Wednesday evening.

Plans change, as I’ve previously said.

Condé Nast, ESSENCE, E! News, REVOLT, NBCUniversal, and the WNBA have announced video and audio content arrangements with Twitter.

Twitter Amplify, a new service from the microblogging and social networking site, claims to allow companies to place advertising immediately next to video content from Twitter’s content partners.

Of course, this is assuming Elon Musk does not alter his intentions.

It’s also worth noting that Twitter’s NewFronts presentation lasted roughly 20 minutes, not the 30 minutes that the program predicted.

Hey, everything has to finish at some point.

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The “when did tiktok come out” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer is, the app was released in September of 2017.

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