Google Shares Sneak Peek At New Advertising Features

Google is planning to revamp its advertising platform and suggested that it might soon be possible for businesses to create a digital advertisement, which will then follow the customer from website-to-website. This would allow advertisers the opportunity to target their ads more precisely with data gathered by Google’s machine learning algorithms.

Google has recently released a sneak peek at some of the new features that are coming soon. The “google ads” is a marketing tool that allows users to create their own ads and share them with other people.

Google gives a first peek at new advertising capabilities that will be announced on May 24 at Google Marketing Live.

During the first several months of 2022, the Google Ads team has been working on these features.

Advertisers may expect these new Google Ads features to help them improve their marketing efforts.

Responsive Display Ads Get a Makeover

Google is updating its responsive display advertisements, which modify advertising material to meet various ad unit sizes.

Mobile Designs

Any portrait picture or video asset will be able to be accommodated in all-new, mobile-first layouts for responsive display advertisements.

Google Shares Sneak Peek At New Advertising FeaturesImage credit: Google Think, May 2022.

Video may be generated automatically from static material in responsive display advertising. When mobile-first layouts become available, marketers will be able to access full-screen mobile ad inventory.

Learning by Machine

The whole process of generating ads to fit different formats and device types is getting sped up with Learning by Machine.

In a blog post, Google explains what Learning by Machine will bring to responsive display ads:

“By using Learning by Machine to speed up the design and iteration process, you can deliver engaging display ads faster than ever. Simply put, upload a few images, videos, and headlines, and we’ll automatically create and test visually striking ad combinations that fit millions of possible ad placements and, most importantly, deliver results.”

According to Google’s study, adding a responsive display ad to an ad group with a static display ad results in double the conversions.

Uncropping an image

Google Ads will employ Learning by Machine to uncrop images in product ads.

Uncropping an image seamlessly expands images to fill available so you’re not left with white borders.

An example of product ads with and without Uncropping an image is shown below:

Google Shares Sneak Peek At New Advertising FeaturesImage credit: Google Think, May 2022.

Advertisers will not need to make any manual modifications since there will be an automatic enhancement.

On May 24, Google Marketing Live will give further details on the enhancements coming to responsive display advertisements.

Hub for Creative Inspiration

Google has created a website where users may look for advertising creative ideas.

Google has brought together some of the most successful creative assets from across Google Ads and showcased them in a new Hub for Creative Inspiration.

Real-life examples of advertising that succeeded for companies across Discovery, Display, Apps, and YouTube campaigns may be seen there.

Google thinks that this information may assist you in finding new methods to expand your efforts.

Think With Google (source)

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Google is set to release a new advertising platform that will allow users to earn money from their websites. The company has released sneak peeks of the upcoming features. Reference: google affiliate links.

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