How to Leverage Ubersuggest SEO Reports to Keep Your Strategy in Check

Ubersuggest is a great way to find new keywords for your website that are driving the most traffic. Ubersuggest also sends you an email report at the end of each month with all of these search trends so that you can keep track and make changes accordingly.

UberSuggest is a free SEO tool that allows users to see their competitors ranking on Google. “semrush” is an extension of UberSuggest that provides reports and insights on how your competitors are doing.

How to Leverage Ubersuggest SEO Reports to Keep Your Strategy in Check

There’s no denying it: SEO is effective. It’s one of the most important tools I utilized to create this site, and I’ve seen it work for hundreds of customers all around the world.

However, SEO is a difficult task. It requires data analysis, monitoring, and ongoing maintenance. While there are numerous SEO tools available, many of them are costly and difficult to use.

This is why I founded Ubersuggest: to assist marketers and company owners in gaining access to the SEO data they need in order to enhance traffic and income.

Why Should You Use Ubersuggest SEO Reports to Support Your Content and Digital Marketing Strategy?

Ubersuggest’s SEO reports provide a wealth of information about your website’s general health, including SEO possibilities, backlinks, content suggestions, and much more. Why would you want to utilize it?

You risk losing visitors to your competitors if your SEO is poor. Consider the following numbers:

You need to be on top of your SEO game if you want visitors to your website, and Ubersuggest can assist. Ubersuggest presently has over 50,000 users, ranging from small enterprises to large corporations.

Why do they like it so much? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Ubersuggest is 70% less expensive than other SEO tools.
  • It’s simple to use, and we provide plenty of help to ensure you get the most out of it.
  • We’re continually introducing new features, so you’ll always have the tools you need to increase traffic and enhance your SEO.
  • Get access to tools, workbooks, and templates that will help you maximize the return on all of your digital marketing activities.

If you’re new to SEO, I strongly suggest viewing the video below to learn the fundamentals. Continue reading to see how Ubersuggest SEO reports may help you boost your SEO ROI.


Ubersuggest is a full-featured SEO tool that provides a plethora of SEO data and features to aid in the success of your website. Ubersuggest can help you keep on top of your SEO game in seven ways.

1. Identify top SEO opportunities using Ubersuggest SEO Reports

The first five organic results receive 67.60 percent of all clicks, while the sixth through tenth positions receive only 3.73 percent. This implies that if you want visitors, you must seek out and capitalize on SEO chances.

With our Top SEO Opportunities report, Ubersuggest makes this process easy. Here’s how you can get it:

Sign in to Ubersuggest and go to your dashboard’s Top SEO Opportunities. This checklist will help you enhance your existing SEO approach. As you make modifications and new possibilities occur, the list will automatically update. We’ll alert you if a rival begins to acquire traffic with one of your main keywords, for example.

Check it at least once a week, and attempt to tackle one recommendation from the list each week to maintain your momentum.

Ubersuggest SEO report tool for SEO opportunities

This report not only explains what’s wrong, but also how to correct it. Take a look at the image below. If you choose “Optimize for Keyword,” Ubersuggest will suggest subjects to cover as well as a basic layout to help you develop the high-quality content Google prefers.

It’s like having your own personal SEO guru monitoring your site around the clock.

2. Conduct monthly SEO audits using Ubersuggest

SEO audits should be done on a regular basis to keep your website in excellent SEO shape. Most firms, on the other hand, only do an SEO audit every two to four years.

It’s understandable that SEO audits take time and effort, particularly if the procedure is new to you.

Auditing your website for SEO doesn’t have to be a chore. In only a few minutes, you can do an SEO assessment using Ubersuggest. This is how:

  • Go to your Ubersuggest dashboard and log in.
  • In the left sidebar, click the “Site Audit” button.
  • Enter the address of your website.

That’s all there is to it. Ubersuggest will crawl your website and provide you with a comprehensive SEO analysis. This might take a few minutes if you have a big site, so be patient.

Ubersuggest displays your on-page SEO score, organic traffic, backlinks, organic keywords you’re ranking for, load time insights, and SEO concerns.

Ubersuggest SEO report tools for an SEO audit

This is an excellent resource for learning about the current condition of your website. You will get a full SEO analysis of your website as it now stands, allowing you to understand your technical strengths and limitations.

This information may be used to prioritize what’s most essential and construct monthly to-do lists.

If you employ someone to assist you with your website, just give them the priority list each month. We’ll tell you which modifications will have the most effect on your website and how tough they are, so you can determine what you should do yourself and what you should outsource.

3. Use Ubersuggest SEO to track your progress and find profitable keywords.

A strong SEO strategy is built on keywords. Finding the correct keywords, on the other hand, might be difficult. For example, just because a term has a large search volume does not indicate it will bring visitors to your site.

You should do keyword research at least once a month. The good news is that Ubersuggest can assist you in this endeavor.

Use the Keyword Overview report to learn about search traffic trends, SEO, paid difficulties, and average CPC for your chosen keywords.

Within the Overview report, this can assist you in identifying alternative keyword concepts that may be simpler to rank for (think lower volume, lower-paid and SEO difficulty, lower CPC.)

Note that for many organizations, they fluctuate with seasons, so check this at least once a month.

Ubersuggest SEO report tools keyword overview

A table of Keyword Ideas is also included. Keep an eye out for keywords with a low SEO difficulty since they are often simpler to rank for. If you don’t already have material on that subject, now is the time to start. Just make sure such phrases are applicable to your target audience.

Ubersuggest SEO report tool for keyword ideas

With the Keywords by Traffic report, you can also examine what keywords attract traffic to your rivals’ websites. I suggest monitoring this at least once a month to observe how keyword trends evolve.

With the Rank Tracking report, you can see how you’re doing for your chosen keywords. It’s a good idea to keep at least 30-50 keywords every month and review them regularly to make sure you’re not losing ground on keywords you’ve worked hard to rank for.

Ubersuggest SEO report tool for keyword position

You’ll also be able to check the keywords you rank for. This data will inform you whether you’ve lately changed content, gotten new backlinks, or made other adjustments, and it’s working. (And that you may wish to apply the same techniques to other pages.)

4. As your company grows, use Ubersuggest SEO to find new content ideas.

Over 6 million blog articles are written every day on the internet. This makes coming up with fresh content ideas difficult. You’re not alone if you feel that every issue has previously been explored.

It’s difficult to come up with fresh content ideas, but Ubersuggest can help.

Discover what sorts of blogs are popular on the internet with the Content Ideas report. Take ideas from the list and select themes you’re comfortable writing about and can discuss from a unique perspective.

This report also assists you in avoiding writing about a subject that others have previously covered and are ranking high for, making it more difficult for you to compete.

Ubersuggest SEO report tool for content ideas

Don’t dismiss what has already been said. Instead, search for methods to improve or expand your material. You might, for example:

  • Write a lengthier post that delves further into a subject.
  • Share ideas or case studies that demonstrate how to put a plan into action.
  • Other content types to consider include movies, infographics, and white papers.

The collection of ideas in this report is always updating, providing you with an inexhaustible supply of inspiration.

5. Identify Backlink Opportunities using Ubersuggest SEO

Backlinko found that the number of domains connecting to a page has the strongest association with Google ranking. In fact, the top Google result had 3.8 times more backlinks than the results in positions 2 through 10.

Increasing your backlinks the appropriate manner is one of the finest techniques to boost your SEO. Purchasing links, trading links, and other black hat techniques will not provide the desired results. Instead, use the Ubersuggest Backlinks analysis to evaluate how your rivals are doing and identify chances for your own site.

Links to your and your rivals’ websites change on a frequent basis (for some, daily). Regularly check the Backlinks Opportunities report to see who is linking to your competitors but not to you, and then contact those companies with similar (but not identical) content and ask them to link back to you.

Ubersuggest SEO reports for backlinks

Don’t know what to say? Backlinks email outreach ideas and templates may be found here.

Check your Backlinks Overview report at least monthly once you’ve established some traction, and pay specific attention to the Backlinks Overtime report. This will show you the development of your backlinks and how many new websites link to you each month (as well as how many you’ve lost).

Ubersuggest SEO reports for backlinks over time

This may also help you locate more websites that are similar to the ones that are currently linked to you, and you can contact the ones that have stopped linking to you to find out why.

6. For the most impact, use Ubersuggest SEO for weekly check-ins.

To choose which page to rank for a given search, Google’s algorithm considers over 200 parameters, all of which are continually changing. As a result, the most successful SEO methods are always evolving.

So, how do you stay on top of things? Get weekly updates regarding the health of your site’s SEO by utilizing Ubersuggest.

To obtain a fast look of the following, turn on weekly alerts here:

  • Rank Tracking Alerts: Receive reminders via email and in-app regarding major ranks won and lost, as well as new spots conquered and lost.
  • Site Audit Alerts: Receive email and in-app alerts when new SEO problems and mistakes are discovered on your website, as well as on-page changes that may help you rank higher.
  • Keyword Opportunity Alerts: Receive email and in-app updates when keywords are becoming more popular and when it’s time to put more time and effort into ranking for these phrases.

Ubersuggest SEO reports for weekly alerts

While SEO is a continuous process, it doesn’t mean you have to spend hours every week analyzing data. These SEO ranking reports help you remain on top of problems while staying focused on your long-term objectives.

7. Get Personalized Help with Ubersuggest Support

We’ve gone through how to utilize Ubersuggest to get the finest SEO reports for tracking your progress. What if you have a query or are unsure about the meaning of a suggestion? The Ubersuggest team is available to assist you.

Ubersuggest offers five different methods to gain further SEO help, including:

  • Ubersuggest provides monthly coaching sessions where you may phone in and get your questions addressed by one of their SEO specialists if you get stuck with anything. Please register here.
  • 8-week SEO Unlocked Self-paced, free course: My course will teach you all you need to know about SEO, from what it is to keyword research and website optimization.
  • Customer Service: Have a problem with Ubersuggest or aren’t sure where to look? Please submit a ticket and my staff will respond as soon as possible.
  • Knowledge Base: This article focuses on Ubersuggest’s SEO reports, however there are many more things to enjoy. Learn more by searching the Knowledge Base.
  • Chat: Need assistance right away? In Ubersuggest, you may ask a question in the chat box at the bottom right of any page.

Frequently Asked Questions about SEO Reports

What should be included in an SEO report?

Overall traffic, keyword ranking, a list of backlinks, time on site and bounce rate, top traffic by page, keyword search volume, competition data, SEO tasks to perform, and a summary of the full SEO report should all be included in a solid SEO report.

What constitutes a good SEO report?

A excellent SEO report should provide you the information and insights you need to boost your search engine rating. Overall traffic, keyword ranking, backlinks, traffic per page, and SEO mistakes should all be included. The format must be simple to use and comprehend. You can examine all of this data in Ubersuggest’s dashboard, or you can capture the charts and include them in a Google Slides presentation.

How do you go about deciphering SEO reports?

It depends on the report you’re looking at and the information you need. Starting with the overall SEO ranking assessment, I suggest delving down into particular categories depending on your objectives and requirements. If your overall traffic is declining, for example, the SEO mistakes are an excellent place to start since there might be a problem affecting your whole website.

What is the best way to make an SEO report?

Sign up for Ubersuggest, add your website, and utilize the SEO report tools to extract the data you need to generate traffic to your website to build an SEO ranking report. You may also get the information you need from Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Those tools, on the other hand, often fail to give the degree of depth or advice required to achieve SEO success.

Finally, Ubersuggest provides the best SEO reports.

SEO costs vary depending on the size of your site and your objectives. For continuing SEO help, a small firm should expect to spend between $750 to $2,000 per month, or up to $35,000 for one-time initiatives.

Despite the significance of SEO, many companies find it difficult to control those rates. Fortunately, Ubersuggest’s SEO Reports can provide you insight into your SEO for a few bucks each month without sacrificing results.

We’re pleased to assist you if you’d prefer have an SEO specialist perform the job for you. Please contact my team to discuss your SEO objectives.

Have you utilized the SEO reports from Ubersuggest? Which feature is your favorite?

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UberSuggest is an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox that allows users to view the search engine results from a user’s browser. It also has a feature called “ubersuggest” which lets you see what keywords people are using when searching for your website or product. This tool can be used to keep your strategy in check, as well as find new opportunities. Reference: ubersuggest extension.

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