Technical Issues Usually Not a Trigger for Core Update Problems

It’s not uncommon for tech companies to release a new update with good intentions, only to have the updates go horribly wrong. These core update problems can often be caused by poor testing or internal miscommunication. The most common core updates are issues that could have been avoided if proper quality assurance was done before deployment and focus groups were used before implementing changes into live projects.

The “google algorithm update 2022” is a myth. Technical issues usually not a trigger for core update problems.

According to Google’s John Mueller, technical concerns do not usually result in a ranking drop after a core upgrade. Mueller said that core update ranking concerns are more often linked to quality issues, and he provided instances of the kind of perceived quality flaws to which a core update isn’t sensitive.

Just before the core update, the website was overhauled.

The guy who asked the query said that they had recently completed a significant site upgrade just before a Google core algorithm change. Following the upgrade, website rankings plummeted and remained down for up to six months, with no signs of recovery.

Updates to the Core Algorithms are discussed by John Mueller.

Screenshot of John MuellerGoogle’s basic algorithm improvements are discussed by John Mueller.

The following is the question that was posed to me:

“Before we did a design upgrade, our website was doing well.” Our timing was awful, since shortly after the debut, a core upgrade was published, which caused some difficulties with internal linkages.

We believe Google reviewed the site’s quality at this moment, but the faults might be resolved.

Our traffic and rating plummeted, and we lost all of our rich snippets in the process. We’ve been in limbo for the last five or six months.

Do we have to wait for another core update for Google to re-evaluate our site’s quality, or does this happen when it’s crawled again?”

It’s Beneficial to Understand What a Core Update Is.

John made a suggestion and then provided two insights into what often does not result in a core update-related ranking loss in his response.

Mueller began by recommending that people learn more about core algorithm updates in order to be better equipped to assess why a site’s search visibility dropped after a core upgrade.

He suggested:

“I believe there are a couple things that come together here.”

But first and first, I would suggest reading our blog article regarding core upgrades. I believe the title is “What Site Owners Should Know About Core Updates” or something like.

It also contains a wealth of information regarding core upgrades, particularly about…the kind of problems that we investigate and how they are handled over time.

So that’s the first thing I’d do in a situation like this.”

Insight 1: Long-term data is used in core updates.

Mueller went on to say that difficulties that persist over time, rather than technical flaws that result in a fast and dramatic shift, are the kind of issues that might lead to a bad core update outcome.

In the beginning of Mueller’s response, the video’s sound dropped off.

“…the information we utilize for core updates to understand the site is something that is gathered over a longer period of time.”

It’s not as if if you had a technical issue just when the core upgrade was released, your site would suddenly become infected with this bug.

It’s something that’s accumulated over a lengthier period of time.

So if you see any affects from a core update, it’s typically due to a longer length of time where we’ve ran into difficulties with the core upgrades that we’re looking at.”

Insight 2: Quality Issues Are Not the Same As Technical Issues

The second observation is that technical concerns aren’t always the root of a core update issue. More quality-related difficulties were mentioned by Mueller.

Small technical difficulties, such as broken links, aren’t usually the source of core update ranking concerns, according to Mueller.

Mueller went on to say more:

“Also, in terms of technical difficulties, they aren’t generally a trigger for core updates or for core updates to not really know what to do with the website, since technical issues aren’t often the same as quality concerns.”

Obviously, there may be some technological flaws that make it hard for a user to actually utilize the website when they visit it.

However, if it’s simply something little, it’s typically not a huge deal.

So, if you have 404 errors or broken links on a website, our quality algorithms will not intervene.

However, our quality algorithms examine for a variety of additional factors, which are detailed in the blog post.

So that’s something I’d suggest looking into.

The resolve you should make after upgrading your website is also discussed in the blog article.

As we reprocess your website, some of these issues will gradually improve.

And some of them will need another pass through the site by our quality algorithms, which might take some time.”

Insights into the Core Update

Regarding the core algorithm modification and the loss of ranks, John Mueller provided some valuable comments and observations.

  • To begin, familiarize yourself with Google’s Core Algorithm Update explanation.
  • He went on to say that fundamental updates rely on information gathered over time about a website. This is something worth considering.
  • Finally, Mueller pointed out that technological difficulties aren’t the same as the normal quality issues that a core algorithm upgrade typically addresses.


Google’s Core Algorithm Update Explainer may be found here.

What webmasters need to know about Google’s major changes

At the 10:53 minute mark, John Mueller responds to the question:


Technical issues usually not a trigger for Core Update problems. These types of updates can be done without the need to reboot or restart your phone. Reference: list of google core updates.

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