The Rise of the Hybrid Consumer and How They are Changing the Way We Shop [Webinar on May 5th)

This webinar will explore how a hybrid consumer is changing the way we shop, and how marketers are adjusting their strategies to meet these consumers’ needs. Some of the speaker’s findings include: -Cigarette smokers made up 6% of all U.S. adults in 2018-

The “elevating the hybrid experience” is a webinar on May 5th that will talk about how the rise of the hybrid consumer and their changing shopping habits are affecting retail.

The Rise of the Hybrid Consumer and How They are Changing the Way We Shop [Webinar on May 5th)

Neil Patel

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The Rise of the Hybrid Consumer and How They are Changing the Way We Shop [Webinar on May 5th)

A new activity has evolved when individuals return to physical shopping after the pandemic: hybrid shopping. Simply said, hybrid shopping is a combination of physical and online buying.

Given this tendency, it’s critical to develop tactics that provide customers a consistent, customized, and easy shopping experience across digital and physical stores. Brands must reconsider how they advertise, give assistance, and even make product recommendations. 

Are you unsure where to begin? In our next webinar with Adweek on The Rise of the Hybrid Consumer and How They Are Changing the Way We Shop on Thursday, May 5th at 1pm EST, you’ll learn how to better interact with hybrid consumers.

The Hybrid Consumer’s Ascension: How They Arose

Consumers have been reconsidering, reevaluating, and adjusting their lives in the post-Covid era. As a consequence, their buying habits, hobbies, and tastes have shifted dramatically.

While the “Hybrid Consumer” may seem to be a novel notion, we’ve been working towards it for some years. Due to the epidemic, it was simply digitally accelerated.

Consumers completed the majority of their purchasing online in 2020; in fact, internet sales increased by 31.8 percent from 2019 to 2020. This was more than quadruple their yearly growth rate, which was already remarkable.


Customers did not quit their online habits when companies began reopening in 2021 and consumers began returning to in-store physical purchasing.

They no longer discriminate between online and physical channels as “Hybrid Consumers.” They may, for example, look at an item in person but then do more research online before making a buy. They may also do research and make purchases online before purchasing a product in-store.

Instead, they’ve evolved into “hybrid customers,” who don’t differentiate between online and physical channels. Hybrid shoppers, for example, may browse things in-store before making a buy online. They may also do the opposite: buy online and pick up in-store.

Shoppers are generating new possibilities and difficulties for marketers as a consequence of these transformations. Consumer behavior is more crucial than ever for organizations to monitor in order to develop a strategy that better reaches and engages them.

In the forthcoming webinar on Thursday, May 5th, learn more about how to take advantage of these possibilities.

Why Are Hybrid Customers Important?

Online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Etsy, and Home Depot have seen an increase in sales as a result of “hybrid shopping.”

E-commerce revenues are predicted to reach $7.391 trillion by 2025, indicating that they are continually expanding. In 2020 and 2021, e-commerce contributed for around $1 in every $5 in overall retail sales, and as systems develop to assist hybrid customers, this might continue to rise.

Businesses must adapt to the cultural change that this webinar will prepare you for, as customers are increasingly making purchase choices based on a mix of in-store and online experiences.

What Does the Increasing Number of Hybrid Consumers Mean for Brands?

Consumers that use both online and physical channels are known as hybrids. They may see something they want at a Walmart or Best Buy store, but then buy it online from a third-party marketplace vendor.

If you don’t provide hybrid customers better customized and smooth shopping experiences, they’ll go elsewhere to make their purchases.

This is just the beginning of hybrid buying, and as customer expectations change, so will the experiences required to meet them. The “hybrid consumer” will continue to evolve as consumers get more acclimated to the seamless blending of physical and digital experiences. Personalization and ease-of-use were at best a marketing technique, and at worst an afterthought.

Consumers nowadays want purchasing to be fast, easy, and tailored to their preferences. Businesses must adapt, enhance their online procedures, and examine what kind of experiences are required to meet their target audience’s expectations.

Who Will Get the Most Out of This Webinar?

The following are some key stakeholders who will benefit from the information presented in this webinar:

  • owners of e-commerce businesses aiming to expand their income
  • companies who want to strengthen their online capabilities
  • Marketers who work with customers that want to increase their income
  • Owners of small businesses that want to enhance their online and in-store experiences
  • designers and developers aiming to provide customers with seamless online experiences

What Kinds of Companies Will Benefit from This Webinar?

Any company, particularly those with an online and physical presence, would profit from the information presented in this webinar.

E-commerce enterprises will discover practical tactics for increasing conversions and, as a result, increasing income. Shops who previously relied only on physical sales will learn how to build digital experiences that will improve traffic, income, and customer base.

What Will You Learn During This Webinar?

This webinar will offer a wealth of useful information to assist companies in adapting to today’s hybrid customer and the changes that will occur in the future. Among the most important considerations are the following:

  • How can your company keep the correct blend of online and offline methods in place to increase client acquisition and retention?
  • Marketers have a number of options for responding to changing customer expectations.
  • Building a more integrated marketing model: strategies

Join us on Thursday, May 5th at 1pm EST to hear more about these precise tactics.

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The “ibm hybrid cloud for retail” is a webinar on May 5th, which will discuss the rise of the hybrid consumer and how they are changing the way we shop.

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