Google Ads Launches New Performance Max Features

Google is launching new performance-based features that help marketers understand their return on investment. Google Ads has added four metrics, which will help advertisers measure the ROI of each keyword and ad group for a given campaign.

Google Ads has launched new features that are meant to help their advertisers. The performance max feature is a new way for advertisers to measure the success of their campaigns.

It’s no secret that Google encourages marketers to use Performance Max campaigns.

By the conclusion of Q3 2022, Performance Max campaigns will have completely replaced Smart Shopping and Local marketing.

Google is providing additional capabilities to assist marketers as the newest campaign type emerges as one of the new standards.

Explanation of the New Features

Google has announced the launch of three new features in the coming weeks. These characteristics include:

  • A new form of client acquisition target has been created.
  • Consumer research findings
  • Upgrade tool with a single click

Let’s go a little more into each feature.

#1: The Purpose of Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition is a new target type in Performance Max, however it’s not new in Google Ads.

To begin, Smart Shopping campaigns offered Customer Acquisition targets. Google has made this accessible for that campaign type as a result of the forced migration to Performance Max.

You can perform one of two things depending on the goal type:

  • Bid for more new clients who are comparable to the ones you already have.
  • Focus only on new customer optimizations while retaining cost efficiency.

#2: Insights into Customer Interest

Customer Interest Insights will be added to the Google Ads Insights page in the coming weeks. With this upgrade, you’ll be able to observe which search themes are resulting in conversions.

This is significant since there are presently no such insights available in Performance Max campaigns. Advertisers have been provided very little information on what drives conversions.

Here’s an example of interest insights:

A snapshot of Performance Max Interest insights page.April 2022, image credit:

Google is also releasing asset audience insights. This will show you how your text, picture, and video assets are received by different audience segments.

Diagnostic insights are the most recent addition to Performance Max. This will show you if there are any possible setup difficulties stopping your advertising from appearing.

If Google detects a problem, it provides a recommendation to assist remedy it.

#3: Upgrade tool with a single click

The upgrading tool is being sent out in stages by Google. When the one-click feature is ready for your account, you’ll get a message in your Google Ads account within the following several weeks.

This feature will be accessible from both the Recommendations and Campaigns pages.

Smart Shopping initiatives will be the first to be used. You’ll be able to use it to enhance Local campaigns starting in June.

Your respective campaigns will become a new and independent Performance Max campaign when you utilize the tool to migrate. Budgets, settings, and lessons learned from past campaigns will all be carried over.

In conclusion

Customers nowadays have several devices and connect with companies via a variety of channels. The days of a linear customer journey are long gone.

Google recognizes that the consumer journey has evolved. These new Performance Max capabilities are designed to help you identify the greatest combination of inventory and ad formats for the best results.

While the one-click tool is intended to make the life of advertising simpler, it is clearly geared for newbie marketers. The new campaign style has elicited varied reactions from experienced marketers, as well as mixed outcomes.

If you haven’t experienced Performance Max campaigns before, consider putting one up on your own to have a better understanding of how they work.

With so much automation accessible, it’s all too simple to make a configuration modification that isn’t in line with your campaign objectives. While the one-click tool may be useful for some, getting a hands-on experience with the Performance Max configuration will provide you with additional information.

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Google Ads has launched new features to help advertisers. These new features are called “Performance Max” and they allow advertisers to create a campaign that will run for a certain period of time. Reference: what is performance max campaign.

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