TikTok Taps Into GIPHY’s Video Clips With New Editing Tool

TikTok has just released a new tool that lets users create and share their own GIFs using GIPHY’s library of clips. This is the latest step in TikTok CEO Steve Zhou’s long-term plan to make the app feel more like YouTube, as he says ‘video should be at the core of what we’re doing.’

TikTok, a social media app that is similar to Snapchat, recently announced that they were going to be tapping into GIPHY’s video clips with a new editing tool. The “when did tiktok come out” is a question that many people are asking.

TikTok & GIPHY are partnering on a new editing tool, allowing users to quickly grab clips from a vast library of short videos.

The new in-app feature is called TikTok Library, and it’s quite different from prior GIPHY integrations.

This is the first time GIPHY’s video collection, often known as GIFs with sound, has been used in an integration.

In a press release, TikTok says:

“Today, we’re unveiling the newest piece to our creativity toolset as we begin to roll out Library, a new in-app creation tool with GIPHY content that gives you access to a broad selection of material and expands your creative options.”

Library also opens up a new area of entertainment material, making it simple for consumers to establish or join their own trends by effortlessly combining clips from their favorite programs, GIFs, memes, and more into their TikTok videos.”

Users may overlay GIFs on top of or behind their recorded material using GIPHY’s various TikTok integrations, such as green screen and stickers.

TikTok Library is unique in that it allows users to include famous video snippets into their own work.

GIPHY’s TikTok Library integration includes high-quality, recognized clips from a vetted list of partners, including HBO, ABC, Hulu, and others.

GIPHY’s release explains how the new functionality fits within TikTok’s ecosystem:

“TikTok’s Library material, including Duets and Stitch or the current trendy sound, is meant to be turned into fascinating and creative films.” It opens up a new genre of entertainment material for viewers to debate, mock, and comment on, as well as allowing additional artists to join in or establish their own trends. GIPHY Clips, we believe, will add a whole new level of enjoyment to the TikTok ecosystem.”

In TikTok, How To Use GIPHY Clips

Follow these steps to access the new TikTok Library feature:

  • Tap the new Library icon on the vertical sidebar from the camera screen.
  • You may rapidly choose trending material or use the search box to discover anything particular after you’ve arrived at the Library page.
  • Return to the shoot page to finish your video by cropping the chosen clip to the desired length.

TikTok Taps Into GIPHY’s Video Clips With New Editing ToolMarch 2022, screenshot from newsroom.tiktok.com.

GIPHY is the first company to join TikTok Library as a partner. At the time of debut, GIPHY Clips include:

  • Reactions: Relatable material that elicits an emotional response in the viewer.
  • Quotes are memorable words from well-known people.
  • Famous actors, sportsmen, and public personalities are featured in clips.
  • Speeches, movie sequences, sports highlights, and more are examples of iconic moments.

On Android, TikTok Library will be available this week, and on iOS the following week.

More material sources, music and sound, text templates, user-generated content, and other features will be added to the library in the future.



TikTok and GIPHY were used as sources.

GIPHY.Medium.com, March 2022. Featured Image: Screenshot from GIPHY.Medium.com, March 2022.

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