Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2022: Oracle Survey Results

The “Oracle Survey” is one of the largest and most comprehensive digital marketing surveys in the world, surveying over 6,000 U.S.-based marketers from companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s every quarter for two years. This report covers trends across search-led advertising, personalization technology use, social media impact on brand performance and more – as well as what’s expected by 2022.

The “top marketing trends 2022” is a survey conducted by Oracle. The results of the survey are as follows:

It would be an understatement to say that the previous two years have been difficult for marketers.

Agility, flexibility, and continuous innovation are now standard operating procedures for marketing firms of all sizes and in all industries.

According to Oracle and Ascend2’s latest Marketing Trends 2022 research, providing an amazing customer experience is a top priority and the most ubiquitous problem for marketers right now.

According to Oracle’s study of over 850 marketing directors and managers, 94% believe their 2021 marketing activities were effective – and 48% believe they were highly successful.

What difficulties do marketers expect to face this year, and how do they intend to address them?

To help you plan your own marketing strategy, read on to learn about the top difficulties and marketing solutions on marketers’ minds, as well as which AI solutions they trust, how they aim to replace third-party data, and other relevant trends.

Marketers’ Top Challenges in 2022

According to Oracle’s poll, the following are the respondents’ top marketing difficulties right now:

  1. Increasing performance across all channels – 38%
  2. Ability to change/adapt to changing situations – 36 percent
  3. Delivering outstanding client experiences – 35%
  4. Marketing and sales activities should be aligned – 32%
  5. Audience segmentation and targeting – 32%
  6. Scalability of programs, content, and customisation – 31%
  7. demonstrating marketing attribution and ROI – 31%

In 2022, which performance metrics will be most important?

In order to address the aforementioned issues, data-backed insights are required. However, which performance indicators are now being used by marketing businesses to assess their success?

Oracle report - marketing metrics survey resultsOracle is the source of this image.

The following are the top performance measures cited by very successful marketing organizations:

  • Marketing is responsible for sales and income.
  • The lifetime value of a customer.
  • CPL and CPA stand for cost per lead and cost per acquisition, respectively (CPA).

Other marketing companies are more likely to measure “Marketing ROI” and customer acquisition and retention.

We Can’t Live Without Marketing Solutions

Customer data platforms are at the top of the list when it comes to the most critical martech solutions that fuel today’s businesses.

Which marketing solutions can you not live without?Oracle is the source of this image.

The top five include email marketing platforms, content management systems, marketing automation platforms, and testing and optimization tools.

How Marketers Plan To Replace Third-Party Cookie Data That Has Been Lost

Marketers’ top five choices when asked which first-party data sources would become the most useful in the aftermath of third-party cookie losses were:

  • Customer purchasing history accounts for 36% of the total.
  • Social media profiles account for 32% of the total.
  • Registrations via the website accounted for 31% of the total.
  • 26% of those who responded to the survey
  • Usage of mobile apps is 26%.

Interactions with CRM and call centers, loyalty programs, user community members, newsletter subscribers, and SMS messaging were also included.

AI Will Bring Agility & ROI – At Least, To Those Who Trust It

A key problem was highlighted as being able to adapt to changing conditions and alter direction on the fly, and this is where AI thrives.

Despite this, marketing companies have various degrees of confidence in technology.

Smaller marketing teams are less confidence in AI, with those on teams of 30 or less saying they solely use it for lead scoring and subject line authoring.

Marketers are most comfortable adopting AI for ad targeting, real-time content personalisation, optimizing email sends, and predicting conversions, according to the poll results.

When asked, which of the following tasks would you trust artificial intelligence to do for you (or currently do)? Marketers’ responses were as follows:

Which of the following activities would you trust (or already use) artificial intelligence to do for you?Oracle is the source of this image.

Other Important Marketing Insights for the Year 2022

Oracle reported the following as one of their most noteworthy findings:

  • 37 percent of marketers are optimistic, 31% are hopeful, and 24% are enthusiastic about their possibilities of marketing success this year.
  • This year, 82 percent of marketers want to update their IT stack by adding, eliminating, or changing components.
  • 24 percent of marketers said they couldn’t imagine their loyalty marketing strategy without it.
  • 40 percent of marketers want to include customer service data into their marketing strategy, and 36% want to incorporate loyalty insights into their strategy.
  • This year, 88 percent of marketers believe they will have access to the proper data to make informed decisions.

To understand more, see Oracle’s entire Marketing Trends 2022 study.


The “Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2022” is a survey that was done by Oracle. In the report, they talk about what will be the top digital marketing trends in 2022. Reference: digital trends 2022.

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