Google Search Console Updates Structured Data Report

Google Search Console has rolled out updated structured data reports that allow marketers to see how often certain types of markup is appearing across the engine. It’s a helpful tool for tracking organic search performance and identifying opportunities with keyword research, which can be applied in both paid and organically driven campaigns.,

The “google analytics” is a report that Google Search Console provides to help marketers understand how their website ranks in search engine results. The update to the report includes new data, such as structured data and keyword rankings.

The structured data report in Search Console has been updated by Google to offer additional information regarding problems, allowing you to rectify faulty markup with less guessing.

Starting today, the update will be sent out to all rich result status reports, the Inspection tool for URLs, and the Extensive Results Test in Search Console.

What Is Changing With The Structured Data Report?

Let’s imagine you’re utilizing review snippet markup but omitting the author’s name as an illustration of what’s changing.

This would result in a mistake. The structured data report used to provide a message that said “Missing field “name.”

If a person’s name has numerous fields in the markup, the prior method of notifying mistakes wasn’t as useful as it might have been.

The identical mistake will now appear in the future: The field “name” (in “author”) is missing.

The extra information in parentheses allows you to quickly identify what’s missing from the markup so you can go in and correct it.

In Search Console’s structured data report, here’s a visual comparison of the old and new methods of reporting errors:

Google Search Console Updates Structured Data ReportMarch 2022, screenshot from

What Will This Mean For My Google Search Console Use?

As previously stated, this update will have an impact on:

  • All rich result status reports in Search Console
  • Inspection tool for URLs
  • Extensive Results Test

All outstanding problems that pertain to nested properties will be automatically closed as a consequence of these changes. New problems will be created with further information regarding what is lacking.

Search Console will not send email alerts regarding new problems to minimize mailbox overload.

Google emphasizes that the way mistakes are discovered has not changed. This just alters the manner in which mistakes are reported.

Google is the source of this information.


Google Search Console has updated their structured data report to include a rich results test. The rich results test allows users to see how Google’s search engine is handling structured data on your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I see structured data in Google console?

What is Google search console performance report?

A: Google search console is a tool that allows you to monitor your websites and apps for performance.

What data can you get from Google search console?

A: Google Search Console is a web property that provides analytics for website owners and digital marketers. It offers features such as the ability to see how users are interacting with your site (such as number of impressions, average time spent on page), which pages they were looking at most frequently, where in the world people connected from, what search queries led them to you, etc. They can also provide access to a wealth of statistics about organic traffic by country or territory including data like bounce rates; average time on page; first-page view conversion rate; session duration.

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