These Tactical Black Friday Ad Campaign Tips Can Increase Your Revenue 200%

Black Friday is the most popular shopping day of the year and it has been for decades. It’s a time when people rush out to buy gifts for their loved ones, get a new TV, or even save money on an already-expensive item. But did you know that there are tactics you can use to increase your revenue by 200%?

Clever black friday campaigns are a must for any business. These tactical ad campaign tips can increase your revenue 200%.

There’s no better time to increase your sales than during the Black Friday season. Businesses boost up their sales and marketing efforts at this period to meet the strong consumer demand, from new debuts to store-wide discounts. 

Don’t know where to begin? One of the fastest ways to increase income is to run a Black Friday marketing campaign.

Are Black Friday Ad Campaigns Effective? 

Don’t write off Black Friday as another e-commerce fad. In a given year, shoppers spend up to $9 billion on Black Friday bargains. Using efficient Black Friday marketing strategies, you may capitalize on this audience desire to increase your income. 

Here’s how to do it. 

Top 8 Ad Campaign Tips for Black Friday

To create great Black Friday marketing campaigns, use these basic yet effective techniques. 

1. Clearly state your sales specials

People won’t purchase from you if they don’t understand what you’re offering. 

Make your offerings obvious if you’re doing a Black Friday marketing campaign. Take a look at this advertisement from First Hotels, for example. 

black friday ad campaigns example first hotels.

The first term clarifies the nature of the offer. The remainder of the ad text is written in plain English to emphasize the Black Friday ad. 

Another example may be seen on the Clash of Clans Twitter account.

Clash of Clans Twitter Black Friday ad campaign

How can you ensure that your Black Friday marketing campaign makes your offerings stand out and are appealing?

  • In a big, eye-catching typeface, write the words “Black Friday.” 
  • Simple ad text, as in the Clash of Clans picture, makes it easy to comprehend.
  • To attract attention, use eye-catching graphics, animations, and pop-out features. 

2. Determine which platforms will be used to run campaigns.

The greatest Black Friday ad campaign tactics differ depending on the platform. To get the most out of your time, money, and effort, do some preliminary research on the most popular ad campaign platforms. 

You’ll be able to choose which platforms are ideal for your audience and the kind of material you want to share this way. It will also assist you in tailoring your marketing tactics to the platform’s specific characteristics. 

For example, here are some things to think about:

  • Do you want a visually appealing Black Friday marketing campaign? Then utilize Instagram and other social media sites. This may be beneficial to fashion and food companies. 
  • Do you wish to use interesting language to keep the audience’s attention? Then utilize Twitter and LinkedIn as social media channels. Magazines, SEO services, and other text-based companies may benefit from this. 
  • Do you want to build a text-based and image-based marketing campaign? Then make advantage of social media sites such as Facebook. This is beneficial to a broad range of sectors, from tiny home-based companies to global franchises. 

When choosing which platform to utilize for your Black Friday ad campaign, your marketing (or ad spend) budget should also be a significant factor. 

I suggest analyzing the costs of all social media and advertising sites to see how much money you’d need to get comparable outcomes on each. 

Although not all of the findings are repeatable, they will give you a good sense of which platform may help you stretch your money the farthest. 

3. Get started as soon as possible to get the most benefits.

Don’t put off starting your Black Friday marketing campaign until the last minute. Because ad campaign costs may be higher over the Christmas season, it’s wise to start planning before. 

Here’s why it’s beneficial:

  • When there is little to no bidding for comparable goods and services, you may start successful marketing campaigns ahead of your competitors. 
  • You save money by purchasing advertisements when they are less expensive.
  • When your offers become live, you create audience interest, which may lead to more sales. 

What’s the best approach to get started right away?

First and foremost, prepare ahead of time what your Black Friday advertisements will include. Use audience analysis (more on that later) to fine-tune your strategy. 

Second, to create excitement and intrigue, use phrases like “upcoming,” “soon,” and “keep tuned.” Audience research is also necessary in this case. You’ll have the data to make educated choices regarding word choice and structure if you’ve done A/B testing with your regular consumers previously. 

Finally, decide on a debut date that is as soon as possible. Start your Black Friday marketing campaign a few days ahead of the typical company to take advantage of the reduced competition and draw in more customers. 

Many companies begin promoting their Black Friday specials approximately a week ahead of time. However, I suggest launching your Black Friday advertising effort during the first week of November. 

4. Take advantage of Cyber Monday.

The phrase “BFCM” has become popular during the Black Friday shopping season. It refers to the week between Black Friday and Cyber Monday when most e-commerce shops offer huge discounts. 

This is an example of a Pololu Black Friday Cyber Monday commercial.

Pololu Black Friday Cyber Monday ad

Because the audience is already in a buying mood at this time of year, seeing bundled advertisements may assist boost e-commerce interest. 

When creating a BFCM commercial, keep the following points in mind:

  • In your ad text, mention both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 
  • Make the ad text as simple as possible. Don’t overcrowd it with information and colors. 
  • Make your offers as explicit as possible. Are you providing any specials, discounts, or free trials, for example?

5. Recognize your target market 

You may create the greatest Black Friday commercial in the world, but if it isn’t targeted to your target demographic, it won’t be very effective. 

Consider this: You wouldn’t display a bicycle advertisement to someone who exclusively travels by vehicle.

Millennials, for example, spend the most money on Black Friday bargains, according to statistics. If this demographic is relevant to your company strategy, it may be more beneficial to advertise your goods and services to them.

Here are some pointers to help you better identify your target demographic and write engaging ad copy:

  • Make your target customer’s profile as detailed as possible. What do they like and what do they despise? What catches their eye?
  • Make a buyer persona to ensure you’re taking into account all aspects of the situation. To accomplish this more efficiently, utilize HubSpot’s Make My Persona tool. 
  • Utilize surveys and feedback forms to get direct consumer input. QuickTapSurvey is a basic yet useful example.

Best Black Friday Ad Campaign Tips - Understand Your Audience

  • Experiment with various phrasing to discover what your audience responds to best. Change the pronouns from “you” to “we” and back again. You may also experiment with various copy to discover what works best, which leads me to my next point:
  • A/B testing graphics, pictures, and headlines is a good idea. A/B testing will provide you with real-time feedback on whether or not your tactics are working. It’ll also show you where your Black Friday marketing strategy is falling short and how to fix it. 

6. Make Your Ad Campaigns More Specific

Now that you know who your target market is, make sure your Black Friday advertisements are tailored to them. 

Facebook and other social media sites can assist with this. Facebook, for example, has a lot of targeting and retargeting capabilities, so you can really target the people you want to reach. 

Best Black Friday Ad Campaign Tips - Target Your Ad Campaigns

Create customized ad campaigns that appeal to your target customer based on your buyer profile. You’ll be able to reach the appropriate individuals without spending a lot of money if you do it this way. 

7. Provide options for reclaiming abandoned carts.

Frequently, customers will come to your e-commerce shop, look around, maybe add a few items to their basket, but then depart without making a purchase. According to research, e-commerce businesses lose $18 billion in sales income every year due to abandoned carts. 

You can provide alternatives for recovering abandoned shopping carts. Here’s how to do it:

Recognize and Alter 

To begin, figure out why people are leaving the process in the middle. Is it, for example, the delivery costs? If that’s the case, will you be able to provide reduced or free delivery on Black Friday? 

Make Better Offers

Customers may want to purchase a product, but they want to compare it to other options or wait for a discount. You may take advantage of this as an e-commerce company owner by providing Black Friday discounts and special offers to these consumers. 

Take a look at TargetBay’s abandoned cart recovery email, for example. 

Best Black Friday Ad Campaign Tips - Offer Options to Recover Abandoned Carts

This kind of email serves three purposes:

  • If a client forgets to finish a transaction while browsing, it is reminded. 
  • Because you’re delivering tailored offers directly to their email, it creates a feeling of trust and loyalty. 
  • It offers you a leg up on rivals who don’t offer similar discounts. 

8. Don’t Forget to Optimize Your Ad Campaign’s Basics

Marketers often neglect fundamental ad campaign optimization techniques in their drive to produce extremely successful ad content. Make sure you’re not one of them. 

Pay attention to the finer points of your Black Friday marketing campaign to guarantee the greatest outcomes. Keep the following checklist on hand to make things easier:

  • Budget: What is your advertising budget for Black Friday? How can you disseminate it efficiently across various advertising and social media platforms? 
  • Is your copy clear and simple to comprehend? Check for spelling and grammatical errors twice and three times. 
  • Platform features: Are you using all of the essential marketing capabilities provided by the platform you selected? Are you, for example, utilizing the appropriate Facebook targeting tools? Is the aesthetic appeal of your Instagram marketing campaign appealing? 
  • Platform limitations: Be aware of platform limitations such as word count, visible characters, picture display, and page position. If not done correctly, this may have a negative impact on how your ad is seen. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Black Friday Ad Campaign

Some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Black Friday ad campaigns are included here.

Is it a good idea to have a Black Friday marketing strategy?

Yes, Black Friday advertising is necessary. During the Black Friday season, e-commerce consumers spend billions of dollars, making it one of the most profitable periods to improve your marketing strategy.

How should I choose the keywords for my tactical Black Friday marketing campaigns?

You may utilize keyword research tools like Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, and Moz to find the best keywords for your Black Friday marketing campaign. Studying your audience’s wants and requirements may also help you figure out which Black Friday ad keywords will and won’t work.

When should I launch my Black Friday marketing campaign?

I suggest starting early if you want to get the most out of your marketing efforts. To create interest and excitement, begin teasing and advertising your deals from the beginning of November. It’s also less expensive than beginning closer to the event.

What are the best marketing campaign strategies for Black Friday 2021?

Audience research, targeting and retargeting methods, cashing in on Cyber Monday discounts, and providing abandoned basket recovery offers are among the top ad campaign ideas for Black Friday 2021.

Conclusion on Tactical Black Friday Ad Campaign Tips

Black Friday may be a great way to get customers’ attention, increase brand recognition, and increase income.

Given the magnitude of the event, it may seem daunting at first, but I hope the ideas above assist you in developing a successful Black Friday ad campaign plan.

Check out my tutorials to identify your target audience and strong methods to enhance your Facebook targeting if you want to learn more about audience research and ad targeting. 

Which technique would you want to use first in order to boost your Black Friday marketing campaign?

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The black friday marketing timeline is a tactical ad campaign that will help you increase your revenue. It consists of the following steps:

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