How to Drive Traffic with YouTube Live

YouTube live is a great way to drive traffic, but it can be difficult to get started. Here are some steps that will help you get your first live stream off the ground.

The get youtube traffic free is a way to drive traffic with YouTube Live. Youtube live streams allow users to watch other people play games or talk about their lives, without the need for a webcam.

You know how important audience interaction is as a marketer.

You create trust and improve the probability of repeat purchases and interactions when you really connect.

Marketers now have an increasing number of options for reaching their target consumers. Marketers are facing never-before-seen levels of potential for connection, from TikTok to in-feed Instagram advertising.

Live functionality is one of these possibilities. This tool enables users to live-stream to their followers on a variety of sites, including Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Given how effective video is as a content format, smart marketers are including livestreams into their campaigns. 

While the platforms listed above are the most frequently utilized for live video, YouTube also has this feature.

The video streaming behemoth provides streamers with a one-of-a-kind platform for sharing information and increasing brand exposure.

Read on to see whether YouTube Live is the perfect platform for you if you’re searching for new methods to interact with your target audience.

What Is YouTube Live and How Does It Help You?

YouTube Live, like many other live-streaming services, is the platform’s livestreaming arm. You may reach out to your audience in real time using this technology, allowing for real-time communication.

Users looking for live content go to the Live area of the YouTube site and search for your broadcast. Users may also find your live stream if they’ve previously engaged with your account, since your video will appear on their personal homepage.

YouTube Live’s advantages are really limitless. Many smaller, non-franchised businesses, as well as big brands like Bon Appetit, have used the platform.

six screens YouTube Live Bon Appetit test kitchen

The following are some of the most important advantages:

Make a Personal Connection With Your Audience

This is a significant issue. The popularity of all-live everything may be attributed to the fact that it allows for face-to-face communication through a screen. You may connect directly with your audience by activating the chat feature, answering queries and developing connections and goodwill.

Establishing a brand

Seventy percent of viewers made a purchase after viewing a brand on YouTube. When you go live on the platform, you’re building your brand as an accessible entity with a prominent, reachable person conducting live events, not just expanding brand awareness.

Production at a Low Cost

You may use YouTube Live for free if you create an account.

Because your video doesn’t need any pre- or post-production, you’ll avoid paying the high costs that come with video production.

Other YouTubers’ Collaboration

YouTube Live was the first of the live streaming social networks to allow cooperation, despite the fact that it is frequently ignored.

You may use this feature to cross-promote with another local company or collaborate on a giveaway. This feature also enables you to host visitors, allowing you to broaden your audience reach by advertising the presence of an out-of-house person.

How to Make the Most of YouTube Live

YouTube should be a go-to site for marketers, with over two billion active viewers globally.

The idea of implementing a YouTube Live strategy may be daunting if you’ve never planned around live marketing before.

It doesn’t have to be, however.

Users may choose between two kinds of live broadcasts on YouTube Live: basic and personalized.


You may go live from your camera or phone with this simple delivery (this is contingent upon having over 1,000 followers). The simple mode, like other livestreaming services, is ideal for conducting a quick Q&A or giving a presentation.


This method of distribution is considerably more complicated since it caters to more sophisticated presentations. If you wish to share your screen or utilize several web cams, for example, you’ll need an encoder. While these two categories are diametrically opposed, don’t allow the word “complicated” scare you away—creating a custom stream is still very simple.

Your YouTube Live approach, like any other marketing campaign, should be well-planned and have clear objectives.

Make sure you’ve planned ahead before going live on your YouTube site.

3 Ways to Use YouTube Live to Increase Traffic

If one of your main objectives is to increase traffic to your website (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want more traffic? ), YouTube Live is a great way to accomplish it.

We’ve broken down three methods that may help you use the power of YouTube Live to drive more visitors to your website.

1. Make a marketing strategy.

Is it true that if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, it didn’t make a sound?

The same is true for your YouTube Live: how will people know to attend if you don’t advertise it?

Your livestream should get the same level of planning and thinking as your other marketing initiatives.

Here are our top three suggestions for a successful livestream.

youtube live chart sharing three benefits of going live

Make a YouTube Live Video Schedule

After you’ve determined the purpose of your YouTube Live video, you’ll need to choose a day and time to advertise it to your followers and prospects.

Make Your YouTube Live Video More Social

You want to promote your YouTube Live video as much as possible. From your social media accounts to your email contacts, you must inform everyone of your followers and prospects about who, what, when, why, and where you are.

Create a Campaign for Retargeting Ads

Do you believe your job is done after your live broadcast ends? Reconsider your position. To contact liver stream attendees and urge them to take action, use retargeting advertising on social media and other channels.

2. Disseminate Useful Information

We’ve already mentioned the need of properly defining the value of your YouTube Live to your audience.

You must give something worthwhile in return for someone’s most precious possession (hint: it’s their time).

Make sure your content is accomplishing more than simply creating noise, whether it’s a demo of a software update or an unboxing video of the new prints your business is now giving customers.

3. Be Strategic With Your CTA

When uploading a YouTube Live video, be sure to include a clear call to action (CTA). While we wish there was a magic bullet that could persuade all visitors to perform the required action, selecting the right CTA requires some thought.

To begin, consider what you want viewers to do after seeing your movie. Consider the following questions:

  • Do I want my audience to buy something?
  • Do I want my audience to book a demo with me?
  • Do I want my viewers to keep coming back to watch more of my videos?
  • Do I want my viewers to be able to find me on social media?

After you’ve answered this question, you can figure out which CTA is best for your audience and include it at the end of your video.

To summarize, determine where your visitors are in the buyer’s journey and apply a CTA that is appropriate for that step.

YouTube Live cta buyers journey in three stages

Make the Most of Your Live Content on YouTube

You made it happen. You were able to host your first YouTube live event. You’ve gained a lot of new Twitter followers, so you’re done with that material, right?


You can convert your YouTube Live video into a treasure of evergreen content now that you’ve produced a video asset.

Here are some tips on how to make your YouTube Live video work as hard as you do.

  • Make a regular video out of your live broadcast and post it on your website.
  • Use social media to share intriguing parts of your live broadcast. Take screenshots of quotes from your live broadcast and post them on social media.
  • Make an audio podcast out of the sounds from your YouTube Live broadcast.

These are only four of the many methods for reusing material available to you. We’ve already discussed how important video is, so don’t throw it away.

Questions and Answers About Using YouTube Live to Drive Traffic

What is YouTube Live, and how does it work?

YouTube Live is the company’s live streaming offering. Users may broadcast live to audiences in real time. Q&As, unboxing videos, how-to tutorials, and more can all be found on this channel. 

Is it possible to advertise on YouTube Live?

Yes! Audiences respond extremely effectively to all types of video. With 81 percent of Americans using YouTube, if you’re not advertising on YouTube in any way, you’re actively harming your brand. You may also reuse material from your YouTube Live across other platforms, resulting in a marketing asset that is evergreen. 

What do I need in order to conduct YouTube Live?

You just need a camera or a phone to do basic live broadcasting. If you want to use YouTube Live for more advanced features, such as numerous cameras, you’ll need an encoder.

What are some options for repurposing my YouTube Live content?

Your YouTube Live video may be used in a variety of ways. The possibilities for repurposing are limitless, from bite-sized video snippets on Instagram to a full-fledged podcast episode.

Conclusion on Using YouTube Live to Drive Traffic

While Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and a slew of other sites allow you to broadcast live, YouTube Live gives you access to YouTube’s enormous audience.

Be smart about marketing, content, and your final CTA as you design your YouTube Live campaign.

If you improvise any of these elements of your live broadcast, you’ll most certainly miss the mark and risk alienating your viewers.

Make sure to study and watch other live broadcasts from businesses in your sector before starting your YouTube Live adventure. You can design your video around their errors by studying what works and what doesn’t, enabling your brand to outperform the competition.

What’s the most successful YouTube Live video you’ve ever seen, and why?

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The youtube upcoming live stream is a marketing tactic that has been used by many companies to drive traffic.

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How can I drive more traffic to my YouTube video?

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How do I drive traffic to my YouTube channel 2021?

The best way to drive traffic to your YouTube channel is by optimizing it for search. Make sure that you are using keywords in the title, description, and tags of your videos.

How can YouTube send me free traffic?

YouTube is a free platform. It can send you traffic by creating advertisements for your videos and sending them to their users.

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