How Instagram Ranks Search Results

When you use a search engine, your search is recorded as a query, which is a short string of words that your search engine can use to find the information you’re looking for. In this case, Instagram has a Google-quality search engine that’s as good as Google, and is the best we’ve seen.

In a world where content is king, search has become a key factor in how businesses compete. In fact, as the number of ways to find content has exploded, search volume has become a defining metric for brands. While there are many ways to measure search volume, one that is especially meaningful is the ranking you get. It’s not just how many people are searching, but how high up the list you appear. Instagram is new to the game, so its search results aren’t known.

The more you use Instagram, the more familiar you will become with how the app ranks search results on its platform. For example, the number of search results is not equal to the number of hashtags you have used. Search query terms are not equal to your likes. And, unless you have searched for the hashtag on Instagram, you have no idea how others are ranking your search results.

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, discusses how the program ranks search results and offers some Instagram SEO tips.

Mosseri previously revealed the inner workings of Instagram’s recommendation algorithms, which expose material in the main feed, stories, reels, and explore sections.

Because it depends on a user entering text to get results, Instagram ranks search results differently. The explore tab, for example, automatically populates material.

Instagram wants to arrange search results based on what’s most important to each user.

Mosseri clarifies:

“Let’s pretend you’re looking for images of space after witnessing the blue moon. The first thing you see when you touch the search box on the Explore page is your recent searches. We display you accounts, audio, hashtags, and locations that match the content of your search as soon as you start typing “space.” Because the word “space” occurs in their names, results like @space and # space emerge.


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The following is an example of his work:

August 2021, screenshot from

Search Ranking Signals on Instagram

Instagram’s search algorithm ranks results based on information from accounts, hashtags, and locations in addition to text input by the user.


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The following are Instagram’s top ranking signals, in order of importance:

  • Your text is as follows: Instagram’s most significant ranking indicator is the language you type into the search box. It will attempt to match the text with appropriate identities, biographies, captions, hashtags, and locations first.
  • Your task is to: This includes the accounts you follow, the posts you’ve seen, and how you’ve previously engaged with them. Instagram prioritizes accounts and hashtags that you follow or frequent above those that you do not.
  • Instagram will look at user engagement signals when there are a lot of possible outcomes. For a certain account, hashtag, or location, they include the amount of clicks, likes, shares, and followers.

Best Practices for Instagram SEO

Mosseri provides the following advice for making your Instagram post more discoverable.

Select an appropriate username and profile name.

Because text is the most significant ranking indicator, you should choose an Instagram handle or profile name that is relevant to your content. This is the greatest way to appear in relevant searches.

If your target audience knows you by a particular name, put it in your username or profile so that they can find you when they search.

In your bio, include relevant keywords and places.

Include relevant keywords and places in your bio text as well. Make sure your bio includes information about yourself and your page.

If you have a location-specific account, such as a small company, including your location in your profile may help others locate you.

In captions, include relevant phrases and hashtags.

Put keywords and hashtags in the description, not the comments, if you want your post to be discovered in Search.


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Penalties for searching on Instagram

Violations of Instagram’s recommendation rules, like Google’s, may result in your content being downgraded in search results. Individual posts, whole accounts, or entire hashtags may be penalized by Instagram.

Mosseri mentions shadowbanning without using the word “shadowbanning” while describing how penalties are imposed.

He claims:

“Accounts who publish spam or violate our rules may show up lower in search results, and you may have to search for them using their entire username.”

A shadowbanned Instagram account is comparable to keeping a website up and operating while Google de-indexes it. The only way to see the material is to go straight to it.


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Instagram has its own set of community rules, which are distinct from the recommendation rules. If any of these are broken, the account will be permanently deleted from the site.

Instagram Search is about to become better.

Instagram is about to roll out a series of search results upgrades that will enable users to discover more than just accounts and hashtags.

According to Mosseri, the firm is working on a “complete search results page experience” that would allow users to go deeper into their interests.

Instagram also intends to increase the number of terms that users may search for and allow for greater subject research.


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Currently, an Instagram search for “space” returns accounts and hashtags that include the word “space.” In addition to accounts and hashtags, that same search will soon be able to yield pictures and movies of space.

Here’s an example of the next Instagram search experience:

instagram search resultsAugust 2021, screenshot from is a good place to start.


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Search engines like Google and Bing use algorithms to rank webpages and search results, and they do so by analyzing what other people are searching for. Instagram’s search algorithm uses an algorithm similar to the ones used by Google and Bing to rank its posts, but it also takes into account the Instagram picture-sharing community’s unique way of ranking posts.. Read more about most searched on instagram today and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Instagram rank your search?

Instagram uses a combination of factors to rank search results. These include the number of likes, comments, and shares that your posts receive.

How does Instagram rank top posts?

Instagram ranks posts by how many likes and comments they get.

How do you get the search results on Instagram?

Im not sure what you mean by search results on Instagram.

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