Google Adds New Shipping & Return Annotations in Search Results

Google has updated the results of a search for a product on its shopping site to show more information about the product’s shipping and return policies.

In a long-awaited update to its Google Shopping platform, the Chrome Web Store has finally added a new Shipping and Return functionality. People often search online for product from company they’re interested in, and then find they have to pay a lot of money, waiting around for a delivery, or not being able to get their product, because they can’t get a refund.

Google’s been making a lot of changes to its search engine lately. The latest one was a new feature called “Shipping and Return” that is now available in search results.

Google is allowing businesses to highlight in search results when they are running special shipping and return incentives.

These new capabilities are available to retailers that use Google Shopping for either free or paid listings.

When product listings are presented in search results, notes such as “Get it before December 24” will be shown.

Google is launching these especially to target Christmas buyers, noting that “holiday gift ideas” searches in the United States had already exceeded 2020 levels in August.

Additionally, consumers indicate they plan to purchase far more online this Christmas season than in past years:


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“As of June, 58 percent of Christmas buyers in the United States indicated they would shop online more this season than in past years, and 59 percent said they would shop sooner to prevent an item being out of stock.”

The number of searches is increasing, and all indications point to an increase in online buying this Christmas season.

Given the condition of the shipping business this year and the many delays that customers are experiencing, ensuring delivery by December 24 may help you win the sale over your rivals.

Here’s additional information about the new annotations that are being rolled out today.

Google Shopping now has new shipping annotations.

Retailers may use shipping annotations to show consumers that they provide quick and free delivery.


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The only annotations accessible before now were either “quick” or “free.”

Retailers may now include the following:

  • “Free delivery by Friday, December 24,” says the advertisement.
  • “By December 24th, you must have it.”
  • “Free X-day” is a phrase that is used to describe a day that is

That final one relates to free delivery offers that expire after a certain number of days, such as “Free 2-day shipping.”

August 2021, screenshot from

Criteria for Eligibility

You must meet the following criteria in order to add shipping remarks to your product listings:

  • An active Merchant Center account in the United States with goods opting into Shopping advertising and free listings.
  • In your Google Ads account, you can track web conversions.
  • These annotations can help you identify active items in your Merchant Center account.
  • For special shipping promotions, account-level shipping parameters are specified.
  • Characteristics of product feed shipping label and transit time label are two labels that may be used together.
  • Product landing or detail pages, as well as checkout pages, should include messaging that matches the annotations.

Google Shopping now has new return annotations.

When creating shopping listings, merchants have the option of include information about return and refund policies.

Return indications offer customers greater trust in their products since they know they may receive a refund if they return it within a certain time frame.

Prior to today, the accessible annotations, such as “Free 30 day returns,” were general and didn’t apply to any specific shopping season.


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Retailers may now include a deadline for returning Christmas goods, such as “Free returns until January 31.”

You’ll need to establish return policies in your Merchant Center account to set up returns annotations.

Using the return policy label property in your product feed, you may link return policies with all goods, particular groups of products, or even a single product.

See Google’s release for additional information on how to target Christmas consumers using current features.

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Google has updated its search results to include shipping and return annotations for shoppers, which are displayed when an item is available to buy. As the search giant announced on Thursday, you can now choose to specify shipping or returns on the Google Shopping platform.. Read more about google shipping and let us know what you think.

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