The Ultimate List of Free SEO Tools

This infographic covers a huge range of tools and techniques that can help you dominate Google, and it’s a good reference for people who want to learn more about SEO.

Most people believe that if they want to become a successful online marketer, they have to pay for tools and training. That’s true for many products or services, but not when it comes to SEO. There are tons of tools that allow you to understand your website’s performance and make sure it’s always optimized to rank #1 in Google.

One of the most important aspects of your SEO strategy is building backlinks. But building backlinks can be time consuming, messy, and complicated. SEO Tools in 3 Steps 1. Find the best tool in the market. We have picked one in our in-depth review. 2. Choose your niche. It is important to focus your backlink building strategy, so run your backlink building campaign in the right niche. 3. Create your backlink strategy. Create your backlink strategy that will maximise your backlink quality. —-. Read more about ubersuggest and let us know what you think.

Who says getting more traffic requires spending money?

There are many free SEO tools available to assist you in increasing traffic. You may be familiar with some, such as Ubersuggest, but there are many more alternatives than my own application.

I’ve divided the tools into the following categories before diving into them:

  • Researching Keywords
  • Marketing with Content
  • Rank Monitoring
  • Creating Connections
  • SEO in a technical sense

So, are you ready to take the plunge? Let’s get this party started!

Researching Keywords

All of the tools in this area will assist you in discovering more keywords. Many of them have various methods for generating keyword recommendations, so you should investigate all of them.


Ubersuggest offers a variety of keyword research tools as well as a free Chrome plugin that you can use directly from the SERPs. First and foremost, it displays the number of searches a term has received over the last 12 months, allowing you to see any seasonality.

ubersuggest free SEO tools

It also collects keywords from a variety of sources, including Google Suggest and its own database, displays all of the terms your competitor ranks for, and suggests keywords based on questions, comparisons, and prepositions.

My favorite aspect of Ubersuggest’s keyword research tools is that you can see not only how competitive a phrase is, but also how many links the average ranked website has. This is how you do it:

Step 1: Type in your keyword and hit the “Search” button.


Step 2: In the left sidebar, choose “Keyword Ideas.”


Step #3: Select a keyword from the drop-down menu.


Step 4: Analyze the data


The typical web page that ranks in the top 10 of Google for the search term “content marketing strategy” has 479 backlinks. This gives you a good estimate of how many links you’ll need to rank highly.

Ubersuggest is also unusual in that it offers local keyword recommendations. If you’re attempting to perform local SEO, this is fantastic.

Answer the public’s questions

Answer The general public’s clout To discover all of the questions individuals may have about any industry or phrase, use Google Suggest.

Simply enter in a keyword, and you’ll be presented with a long list of questions that people are looking for in relation to that term.


It also displays comparison and preposition-related terms, similar to Ubersuggest.

I appreciate the tool because, in comparison to rival tools, it displays data in a visually appealing manner.

SEO isn’t only for Google anymore. You may also improve your ranking on Amazon, YouTube, Bing, and a variety of other websites. works in the same way as Google Suggest, but just for a few sites like Amazon, Google Play, and YouTube.

1629924849_568_The-Ultimate-List-of-Free-SEO-Tools is a great tool to use if you’re doing SEO on sites other than Google.


FAQfox is a handy little tool that identifies questions that people want answered based on any website you wish to learn more about.

For example, if you enter in the term “cat” and the URL, it will display you questions on Quora that are categorized.

FAQfox free SEO tools

You may use this method to get keyword ideas from Reddit or any other website.

Users should be able to find answers to their queries in great material. This free SEO tool may assist you in identifying the queries that people are asking so that you can respond to them.

Google Keyword Planner is a tool that allows you to find keywords

Of course, the search engine behemoth Google has its own keyword tool.

You can get keyword ideas, as well as CPC and click estimations, from Google Keyword Planner.

google keyword planner free SEO tool

Many other keyword programs also offer CPC data, but it’s likely that they’re getting it from Google Keyword Planner.

Look for keywords with a high CPC in Keyword Planner since they tend to convert well when you rank for them organically.

Google Trends is a tool that allows you to see what

I probably use Google Trends three to four times a week out of all the tools on the list. That’s how enamored I am with it.

Trends is one of my favorite apps since it tells you what’s popular right now. It also shows you if a certain industry’s search traffic is decreasing or increasing over time.


You may also look at your data from a global viewpoint or filter it depending on a particular nation.


Soovle uses the Google Suggest (autocomplete) idea but applies it to a variety of famous websites.

Soovle free SEO tools

Soovle searches Google, YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia, Bing, Yahoo, and for popular terms.

Permutation Generator for AdWords and SEO

The AdWords and SEO Permutation Generator is a simple tool that allows you to be more creative while researching keywords.

You input a few keywords that you wish to target and the program combines them to create various variants for you.

adWord SEO keyword free SEO tool

Although not all keywords will be popular in terms of search traffic, it will offer you an idea of how you may target long-tail variants on your site.


Keyworddit lets you discover all of the terms inside a subreddit on Reddit, which includes numerous categories (subreddits).

keyworddit free SEO tool

It also breaks out the volume for each of those terms, which is really cool. That way, you can quickly determine which ones are worth pursuing.

In general, you’ll want to utilize tools like these since they’ll provide you with a fresh viewpoint on keyword research.

Google results are something that all SEOs are familiar with. As a result, if you want to gain a leg up on your competitors, you’ll need to turn to other sources.

Keyword Generator in Bulk

Higher Visibility’s Bulk Keyword Generator conducts keyword research a little differently than most other keyword generators.

Bulk keyword generator free SEO tool

You begin by selecting a business category. Then you choose your company type and input any areas you want to target.

After that, you’ll be given a list of keywords to consider targeting.

This program appeals to me since it makes things very easy, particularly for those who are new to SEO.

Scout for WordTracker

WordTracker is a browser plugin that generates a list of keyword suggestions from every online page you visit.

word tracker scout free SEO tool

Simply go to any website or look at your competitors’ websites, press a button, and you’ll be given suggestions for keywords that other people are using.

It divides the keywords into two categories: relevancy and volume.

How do you determine whether a keyword has enough searches when you’re conducting keyword research?

You may bulk submit up to 800 keywords to, and it will tell you how popular each term is. free SEO tool

The tool also works in a few other countries, including Brazil, France, and Italy.

Google’s Location Switcher

If you’re working on foreign SEO, SERanking offers a useful feature.

You may use their Google Location Changer to search in any nation or city. Simply put in a term and watch who comes up first.

Google location changer free SEO tool

When used with WordTracker Scout, this tool may provide you with unique keyword ideas.

Marketing with Content

If we want increased search traffic, the one thing we all need to do is produce content.

Here are some free content marketing tools to assist you maximize your search traffic.

Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to track

If you haven’t started utilizing Google Analytics yet, I strongly advise you to do so as soon as possible. Google Analytics is the only data source that offers high-quality, comprehensive information.

It’s what we have to work with in a Google-dominated age. The API is used by most other data tools to simply piggyback on Google’s data.

For content marketing and SEO, you can’t afford to neglect Google Analytics. This vital source provides almost all actionable and essential data on site users, traffic, and so on.

Decay of ClickFlow Content

Have you seen a drop in your ranks over time?

It isn’t simply due to Google’s algorithm changes. Because it’s old, your old material won’t perform as well in most situations.

The Content Decay Tool from ClickFlow is unique in that it displays old pages on your site that are no longer performing effectively. These old articles are excellent candidates for a content update.

To begin, link the Content Decay Tool to your Google Search Console is a tool that allows you to manage your is a tool that allows you to manage your is a tool that allows you to manage your account.

When ClickFlow has finished importing your data, you’ll get a report that tells you which pages on your site have lost the most search traffic in the last year.

clickflow free SEO tool

You may then edit these posts to reclaim lost traffic. Simply build on your material, add examples to make it more comprehensive, and remove any references that are no longer relevant.

You may even track your content refreshes if you subscribe to a premium ClickFlow account.

On a page-by-page basis, ClickFlow will show you the effect of changes on your traffic and rankings.

This tool is useful since it will save you a lot of time. My team, for example, refreshes 90 pieces of content each month. The last thing you want to do is waste time and money creating material that will never be read.

Google Search Console

The majority of individuals utilize Google Search Console to determine which keywords are generating traffic to their website.

My favorite method to use Search Console is to check which of my blog articles has a high number of search impressions but a low click-through rate of fewer than 4%.

Google search console free SEO Tool

Then I change the meta tags on each of those pages to contain the appropriate keywords. Then I check to see which keywords I’m ranking for but not actually targeting, and I either write new material or alter old content to target those phrases.

Content Concepts

Ubersuggest offers a similar function to Buzzsumo, except it is completely free. It’s known as Content Ideas.

Simply type in a keyword or phrase, and it will display all of the popular blog articles that use that term.

Social shares, backlinks, and search traffic are then used to sort the blog articles.

This aids in the creation of content on subjects that people desire to read, resulting in increased traffic.

Tag Generator for Hreflang

One of the most significant increases in traffic has come from translating my material.

Many individuals wonder whether they would be punished if they duplicate and translate their material.

No, that is not the case.

It’s as simple as using the Hreflang Tag Generator.

hreflang free SEO tool

This tool adds tags to your HTML code, letting Google know that particular content pages are targeted at certain languages and regions.

Title Generator by SEOPresser

Only two individuals out of ten who view your title will read the rest of your article.

To put it another way, content marketing revolves on the headline.

Check out this title generator if you’re having trouble coming up with headlines.

title generator free SEO tool

Simply type in a term or phrase, and it will return hundreds of results.

Capitalization Tool for Titles

If you’re not sure whether terms in your title should be capitalized, consult a dictionary.

This Title Capitalization tool will handle everything for you.

title capitalization free SEO tool

It may not seem essential to you, but if your titles are unappealing, visitors will be less likely to click through from SERP results to read your content, thus lowering your ranks.


Grammarly should be used by every SEO.

Which do you believe Google favors? Is it better to rank a blog article that reads well than one with a lot of spelling and grammatical mistakes?

free SEO tool Grammarly

Grammarly assists you in avoiding spelling errors. If you want to rank on Google, this is critical.

Google’s Search Engine Results Page Preview Tool

Have you noticed that some Google listings have their titles chopped off because they are too long?

Google employs character counts for meta tags, which is a common misunderstanding. In fact, they are pixel counters.

The Google SERP Tool will tell you how many pixels your meta tags contain and whether or not Google will chop them off.

google SERP preview tool free SEO tool

It also gives you a sneak peek of how your web pages will appear in Google.

Rank Monitoring

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for tracking total traffic, but it doesn’t tell you where you rank.

You’ll need to utilize other (free) SEO tools to keep track of your rankings.

Google Search Console

Although I have stated it, Google Search Console is the most unique rank monitoring tool available.

Because this is a Google service, they can give you your average ranking per nation for any of your pages.

Google search console free SEO tool

Because they collect the data, they average it out to provide you with accurate information.

You may also check how your rankings have evolved over the last 16 months by going back 16 months.


Although I discussed Ubersuggest before, it now includes a free rank monitoring function. You may get there by following these steps:

Step 1: Type in your URL and hit the “Search” button.

Step 2: On the left sidebar, click “Dashboard.”

free SEO tool rank tracker Ubersugest.

Step #3: Select “New Project” from the drop-down menu and follow the prompts to add your website and keywords to monitor.


Step 4: Select “Tracked Keywords” from the drop-down menu.

Free seo tool ubersuggest

Step #5: Keep an eye on your rankings.

Free SEO tool average position ubersuggest

It has the same functionality as the paid rank trackers. For any nation, city, or county, you may monitor your rankings daily for any keyword or set of keywords.

It also stores your information so you can go back as long as you want to see whether your ranks have risen or fallen.

Creating Connections

If you needed connection data, you used to have to pay for tools, but that is no longer the case. Here are some free link-building tools to get you started.


This is most likely my favorite link generator.

Despite the fact that Google does not utilize domain authority, the greater the authority of a site referring to you, the better.

Every page on the internet has a domain authority and a page authority, which MozBar displays.

free SEO tool moz bar

If you’re going to create links, concentrate on the most authoritative sites.

Excel’s SEOgadget

If you’re anything like me, you probably like using Excel to create links.

SEOgadget for Excel makes importing data from Majestic and Moz a breeze.

free SEO tool seo gadget

You should give it a try if you haven’t already. It will make it simpler for you to discover new information and do computations on your own.


Backlinks is a free tool that displays your entire backlink profile. There are no restrictions on the number of rows or anything like that… You can only see who has linked to you.

back link SEO tool

You can choose whether any of your links are dofollow or nofollow, as well as the anchor text.

When investigating rivals, you may filter the results to discover backlink possibilities, and you can check for link data on a domain, subdomain, or particular URL.

It will also display when a connection was discovered for the first time and when it was last crawled, as well as the authority of each link.

Domain Authority Checker by ClickMinded

Are you tired of manually checking the domain and page authority of each of your pages or sites?

This Domain Authority Checker is useful since it allows you to examine many sites at the same time.

Free SEO tool domain checker

Simply enter a list of URLs, and you’ll get a list of your page authority per URL in seconds. You can do the same thing with domains and upload hundreds at once.

Analysis Tool by SEOWorkers

You may use the Analysis Tool to create a report from any website URL, even if it isn’t your own.

Free SEO tool SEOworkers

SEOWorkers doesn’t provide anything new to the table, but it does help you save a lot of time when it comes to analysis. In addition, it offers context for the data.

The report is concise and thorough.

analyzed page free seo tool

Some of the information, such as the HTTP Headers Check, is hidden information that you may not see.

http headers check free seo tool

Other analyzed characteristics include useful icons that indicate if you’re doing well or need to pay attention to something:

head elements free seo tool

This is SEOWorker’s one-of-a-kind feature. They not only educate you about SEO, but they also show you the relevant SEO statistics. The study goes into great depth on each of the examined categories.

The keyword research is thorough. It shows single keywords (head terms) as well as two-, three-, and four-word key phrases (longtail keywords).

single keywords two words free SEO tool

SEOWorkers offers a wealth of data, some of which is unique among SEO and reporting tools. However, there is a risk of information overload.

The explanation in each part is unnecessary for a seasoned SEO. It may be beneficial for new SEOs who are still learning the ropes.

SEO in a technical sense

SEO has evolved. You can no longer expect your website to rank highly by doing just a few things. If you want to beat your opponent, you must do everything.

And when I say everything, I mean everything, including technical SEO.

Analyzer for SEO

Try running your URL through my SEO Analyzer if you haven’t previously.

It will inform you about the issues with each of your web pages.

seo analyzer Free SEO tool

From redundant meta tags to redirect problems to sitemaps, there’s a lot to consider… When it comes to SEO, it looks at pretty much every important aspect.

It will also tell you how fast your site is overall and what you need to change to obtain the best results.

If you sign up for a free account, it will check for mistakes on your behalf once a week.

Referrer Spam Killer for Google Analytics

When you’re performing SEO, there’s a high possibility that referral spam will screw with your Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer addresses this issue by connecting to your Google Analytics account and preventing the most prevalent types of referral spam.

referrer spam killer free SEO tool

You’ll notice that your data is considerably more accurate after you link it, allowing you to make better SEO choices.

Insights into Pagespeed

It’s all about the speed. The quicker your site loads, the higher your ranking will be, particularly in Google’s mobile index.

Pagespeed Insights identifies the issues that need to be addressed in order for your site to load quickly on any device.

Free SEO tool page speed insights

It makes no difference whether you’re optimizing for tablet devices, desktop computers, or mobile phones… It’ll tell you what needs to be fixed.


It’s one thing to fix your code, but you’ll also want to make sure your site loads quickly in general.

Your server and CDN have an impact on your total load time.

Pingdom can tell you how long it takes for your website to load.

pingdome free SEO tool

You may choose the location to test your load speed from using Pingdom, and it will tell you which code on your site is causing the most delay.

Checker for Website Penalties

How can you know whether you’ve been impacted by one of Google’s over 3,200 algorithm changes per year?

Is it a result of a major upgrade, your content, or your link-building efforts?

free SEO tool website penalty indicator

The Website Penalty Checker confirms this.

You can monitor your traffic over time in a beautiful graph and observe whether a Google update has caused your traffic to increase or decrease.

Helper for Structured Data Markup

Using schema markup is an easy approach to boost your search traffic.

Schema markup, on the other hand, is a little more difficult to apply. To assist you, Google has developed a Structured Data Markup Helper.

free SEO tool structured data markup

All you have to do now is choose the kind of markup you want to use, enter your URL, and follow the wizard’s instructions.

Finally, you’ll be given code that you just put into HTML.


WooRank’s Website Review seems to be simply another freemium website analyzer at first sight. However, upon closer examination, it reveals some not-so-obvious information.

In seconds, you can evaluate any website and produce a report.

woorank free SEO tool

WooRank starts with a section called “Top Priorities.” Unfortunately, this is one of the tool’s drawbacks. It believes I have a 404 error, don’t have a favicon, and don’t have a robots.txt file for some reason. All of these statements are false.

top priorities for Quicksprout woorank free SEO tool

This warning appears when I click on “Blog” in the SEO report area, for example.

We have not found a blog on this site woorank free SEO tools

I’m not concerned since content marketing is almost my middle name, and my website has a lively blog.

Let’s go on to something more pleasant.

Although Analytics offers comparable information, the geodata is useful.

visitors for QuickSprout SEO tools

Another useful aspect is social shareability. Only a few free analysis programs can compile as much social network data in one location.

Social characteristics of QuickSprout free seo tools

The mobile portion of WooRank is the most notable feature that I want to highlight. This amount of data and perspective is only available from a few free SEO analysis tools.

Mobile QuickSprout free SEO tools

However, Google does provide a free Mobile-Friendly Test.

WooRank receives excellent ratings for its simplicity, usability, and quantity of data. Unfortunately, not all of the information seems to be correct.

One of its most useful features, the mobile optimization overview, can be seen using Google’s free tools, so it’s no longer innovative.


SEOptimer, like Woorank, is a simple tool that provides a technical overview of your on-page SEO and content. If you’re not sure where your SEO is failing, this tool will help you figure it out.

SEOptimizer free SEO tool

It analyzes factors like as page speed and how your website loads on desktop and mobile devices.

You may even view information about social sharing.

Generator of 301 Redirect Code

When you’ve been performing SEO for a while, you’ll notice that you’re replacing your old URLs.

You will, however, lose your ranks if you do not use a 301 redirect.

The 301 Redirect Code Generator generates the code needed to inform search engines that your URLs have changed.

301 redirect code generator free SEO tool

SEO Analyzer by Neil Patel

We’ve previously discussed Ubersuggest, but there’s one more tool you should be aware of: our SEO analyzer. (I gave it its own number since it used to be a distinct utility.) It’s a very useful tool, and it’s completely free.

Simply enter your URL, and the program will crawl your site for approximately 10 minutes.

The aesthetic style is simple and straightforward, with lots of useful information such as projected traffic, SEO score, and backlinks.

free seo analysis Ubersuggest

It will also inform you if any of your pages are damaged or banned.

It will also highlight SEO problems, assess how your site works on mobile devices, and provide recommendations for how to improve it.

Putting my own prejudice aside, I believe my website analyzer offers a valuable viewpoint on your own site, as well as a side-by-side comparison of your rivals.

Google Search Console

I’ll have to use this tool once more. Why? Because it will alert you if anything goes wrong with your site, such as if it is hacked.

It also informs you which pages have been indexed and which have not.

Google Search console free SEO Tools

Submitting an XML sitemap is one of the things you’ll need to accomplish on your Search Console.

Sitemaps in XML

XML Sitemaps helps you create a sitemap that you can upload to Google Search Console.


This is necessary so that more of your material may be indexed.

While submitting a sitemap does not ensure that your material will be indexed by Google, it does assist.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Free SEO Tool

What is the most effective free SEO tool?

It all depends on your requirements! Backlinks, keyword research, and competition research are all great uses for Ubersuggest. Google Analytics offers a wealth of information about how visitors interact with your site, and makes creating XML site maps easy.

What SEO tools do I require?

To monitor your efforts, you’ll need a keyword research tool like Ubersuggest and an overall tool like Google Analytics.

Is it necessary for me to pay for SEO tools?

Not in the least! Answer the Public, Ubersuggest, and Google Analytics are just a few of the many free SEO tools available.

What is the most effective free SEO tool?

Google’s toolset is both strong and free. Google Search Console and Google Analytics are must-haves.

Conclusion on the Free SEO Tool

It is not necessary to spend money on tools. I went into SEO since it was the only free traffic source I had that I could utilize to compete with the big boys.

You may use one of the free SEO tools listed above to improve your search ranks.

If you’re serious about SEO, you’ll need to invest in the necessary tools. Without a paid membership to anything, you won’t be able to perform comprehensive SEO work.

The following are examples of items that aren’t usually accessible for free:

  • Heat Maps: A heat mapping tool like Crazy Egg is essential whether you’re interested in usability, conversions, or SEO.
  • Rank Reports: An essential element of effective SEO is knowing where your site ranks in the SERPs for certain keywords. You may use rank trackers to check what page and position you’re on, as well as monitor your rank over time.
  • When doing any kind of backlink audit, crunching all of the data behind backlinks — anchor text, DA level, site quality, webmaster contact information, and velocity — is required. Such analysis requires sophisticated tools, which are generally not free.

However, before you start paying, I highly advise you to try out these free SEO tools!

Do you use any other free SEO tools?

Consulting with Neil Patel


  • Unlock huge quantities of SEO traffic using SEO. Take a look at the outcomes.
  • Content Marketing – Our team produces incredible content that is shared, linked to, and drives traffic.
  • Paid Media – successful paid tactics with a measurable return on investment.


* The Ultimate List of Free SEO Tools ** The Ultimate List of Free SEO Tools A list of the best free SEO tools that you can use to maximize your search engine optimization efforts.. Read more about best seo tools and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best free SEO tools?

The best free SEO tools are the ones that you can use to get a general understanding of what your website is doing. These include things like Google Analytics, SEMrush, and Moz.

Are there free SEO tools?

There are many free SEO tools available on the internet.

Which tools are best for SEO?

This is a tough question to answer, but I would recommend using Googles Keyword Planner.

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