How to Make Money on Instagram With & Without Followers

You can make money on Instagram with or without followers? When it comes to making money on social media, it depends on what you’re expecting to accomplish. You can make money on Instagram with or without followers. If you want to get paid to post pictures on Instagram, you need followers, but if you’re not interested in making money on Instagram, you can still make money on Instagram by doing things you would normally do anyway.

How to Make Money on Instagram With & Without Followers. Instagram now has over 1 billion users. Between now and now, it has doubled in size every single year. So now is the time to develop your Instagram marketing strategy, if you want to make money on Instagram. You can use Instagram to promote your product, build your audience, promote your business, or even generate leads for your business.

So, you want to grow followers and likes and reach and engagement and whatnot? Well, this blog post will show you how to do it. I’ll cover the exact strategies I used to grow my Instagram following to over 10,000 people, and I’ll provide you with a checklist you can follow to grow your Instagram following to over 50,000 people.. Read more about how to make money on instagram without followers and let us know what you think.

Instagram is without a doubt one of my favorite social media platforms. It’s a fantastic method to not only share your life with friends and family while also promoting your company, but it’s also a fantastic way to earn a lot of money.

Best of all, you don’t need a large following, and you may make money in a variety of ways. I’ll teach you how to earn money on Instagram utilizing seven of my favorite techniques in this article:

  1. Sponsored posts may earn you money.
  2. Promote affiliate links on your website.
  3. Create an Instagram store.
  4. Make money by monetizing your work.
  5. Make a living as an Instagram coach.
  6. Promote your business.
  7. Earn money by instructing your audience.

Ready? Let’s get started.

What Are the Benefits of Trying to Make Money on Instagram?

Instagram is still one of the most widely used social networking platforms.

In fact, in the year 2020, it was one of the top five most downloaded applications on both the App Store and Google Play. It was only second to TikTok in terms of downloads as of January 2021. The amount of active users on the site is also remarkable. Instagram will have exceeded one billion worldwide users by the end of 2020.

If Instagram’s steady growth wasn’t enough to persuade you that it’s a fantastic platform for making money, Mark Zuckerberg’s remarks may. “Our aim is to be the greatest platform for artists like you to earn a living,” he said of Instagram during the company’s inaugural Creator Week in June 2021.

Why Should You Try to Make Money on Instagram

That is precisely what has happened.

According to, Instagram accounts with over one million followers may earn more than $1000 each post.

That’s not all, however.

To earn money on Instagram, you don’t have to be a mega-celebrity. Our 7 methods have helped a lot of micro-influencers with tens of thousands of followers earn a respectable living.

What You’ll Need on Instagram to Make Money

To earn money on Instagram, you’ll need three things: reach, influence, and engaged followers.

Influence and Reach

The only reason companies give Instagram users money is for the visibility they get from their followers. They want to profit from people who follow them. These companies are only interested in influencers with big followers in order for their time to be worthwhile. The more people that watch, the more money they can earn.

Your potential audience size is little if you just have a few hundred Instagram followers to begin with. Your material will not be viewed by many people, much alone generate sales to your or a brand’s goods, with such a tiny sample area.

In order to earn money, you’ll need at least a few thousand followers to begin started.

Followers Who Are Interested

Sure, having more followers will improve your self-esteem. It improves your chances of appearing in more Instagram feeds mathematically. A large number of followers, on the other hand, does not always imply great engagement, and shadow-banning on Instagram may leave you with little to no reach.

If no one responds to your postings, they are unlikely to purchase anything you advertise.

So, no matter how large your Instagram following is, if you seldom have people commenting, like, sharing, and following you, you’re not going to earn any money.

However, even if you just have 1,000 followers who are actively interacting with your posts, you have the opportunity to earn money. Because of the lucrative activities you’ll generate via your account, brands are eager to invest in you.

7 Instagram Money-Making Ideas

So now you know why I believe Instagram is a fantastic platform for making money and what you’ll need to get started. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite methods for accomplishing exactly that.

1. Become an influencer and earn money by promoting products.

To begin, let me state that this is by far the most popular method for making money on Instagram.

It isn’t feasible for individuals with a few hundred followers, once again. A minimum of 5,000 followers is required, as well as a strong interaction rate.

People with this kind of reach may make up to $6,000 each post.

All you have to do is upload photos of yourself doing things you like, which will help you develop a dazzling personal brand.

Sure, you can stick to a marketing approach, but your Instagram followers will appreciate it if you stay true to yourself. Relevant businesses are more likely to contact you rather than the other way around when you post photos and grow your popularity organically.

Here’s a simplified description of how earning money works after you’ve met these requirements:

  • you make an Instagram sponsored post (it could be a photo or video)
  • To promote a brand, you use a branded hashtag, mention, or link.
  • You make it available to your audience.
  • You are compensated.

However, there is one caveat: don’t seek sponsored articles only to earn money if you don’t believe in the business you’re supporting. Taking too many of these photos can suffocate your audience’s attention and cause them to lose faith in your business. For example, if you’ve developed a following by going to fast food places and posting greasy food reviews, suddenly collaborating with a weight-loss company may tarnish your image.

Isn’t it simple enough to remember?

Let’s take a look at a few individuals that excel at this in real life.

Adam Gonon is a New York-based fashion and lifestyle influencer. He doesn’t have the world’s largest following, with just over 50,000 followers, but it doesn’t stop him from producing sponsored material every few days.

Make money on Instagram like Amanda Holtzer

To be compensated for sponsored articles, you don’t have to advertise fashion or other lifestyle goods. Amanda Holtzer is a health, diet, and nutrition influencer that creates sponsored content for companies including Costco and Juice Press.

Make money on Instagram like Amanda Holtzer

2. Make Affiliate Offers Visible

Getting paid to promote affiliate products is comparable to getting paid to write sponsored articles. The difference is that instead of receiving money for your article, you only get paid if people purchase the product or service you’re advertising.

Depending on your target audience, this may be both good and bad. While sponsored articles guarantee revenue, promoting the appropriate affiliate product may earn you a lot more. You might, on the other hand, earn a lot less.

Being an Instagram affiliate is far more difficult than selling affiliate advertisements on your website. Not only do you need a launch audience, but Instagram only allows clickable links in your bio. Promo codes are the only method to promote a deal while still ensuring that you get paid as an affiliate. These are trackable and simple to include into your article or narrative. Of course, your followers will have to go to the affiliate website on their own.

3. Open an Instagram store.

You can connect your e-commerce shop with your Instagram profile with an Instagram Shop. Through your posts, Stories, the Explore tab, and the Shop page on your profile, this is the sole method to directly advertise your goods to your Instagram followers.

There used to be a lot of friction between e-commerce shop owners and Instagram sellers, but that is no longer the case. Instagram Shopping eliminates friction by allowing consumers to browse items in the app and then visit your shop with a single click.

Assume you own a clothes shop and want to advertise a certain outfit. Simply take a photo of your model wearing your ensemble and tag up to five items per post on Instagram (you can tag up to 20 products per carousel.) You may also use tales and videos to advertise goods.

I’d like to show you one particular Instagram feed that is really crushing it.

Doug the Pug is the name of the dog. It’s all about Doug, one of the Internet’s coolest and cuddliest pugs, as the name suggests.

This page chronicles Doug’s life and takes followers along on his adventures. As of August 2021, Doug the Pug had 3.9 million followers. Doug has his own book entitled Doug the Pug: King of Pop Culture (which is pretty impressive considering that he can’t actually write.) He even does appearances all around the country.

To put it another way, Doug’s owner has built a huge brand.

What’s more, guess what? Their Instagram account has helped them get a lot of attention. You can guarantee that with 3.9 million followers, they’re generating a lot of high-quality traffic to the shop and being paid well for it.

This is a fantastic illustration of how Instagram can be utilized to start a business from the ground up. Doug the Pug is a template that you can use to create your own brand and sell it online.

Simply use your imagination to come up with an intriguing perspective that will entice people to invest in your business.

There’s no denying that it takes a considerable amount of effort, but if you can build a big and devoted following, it can pay off handsomely. The greatest thing is that you may monetize your brand in a variety of ways later on.

How to make money on Instagram like Doug the Pug

4. Turn Your Content Into Cash

Instagram, like YouTube, allows you to monetise your video directly. One of the three methods listed below should suffice.


Using IGTV advertisements to monetise your Instagram content is a fantastic method to do it. Instagram made advertising accessible to artists in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia in March 2021. When you watch IGTV from a creator’s stream, they appear.

According to Instagram’s COO, Justin Osofsky, creators get 55 percent of IGTV’s advertising income. That’s the same as YouTube, therefore it’s a good option.

Badges that are still active

Badges are a great method for your fans to express their support if you broadcast live on Instagram. Consider these as suggestions from your audience for when you’re broadcasting. During a broadcast, your viewers may purchase a badge from one of three levels of hearts, each with a different price point (one for $0.99, two for $1.99, or three for $4.99).

Badges have been warmly received by creators. “Badges on Instagram couldn’t have arrived at a better moment for fitness entrepreneurs like me,” said fitness influencer @charleeatkins. It’s a simple way to channel the passion we already see in our Live broadcasts so we can keep developing and growing for our fans.”

How to make money on like Instagram Fitness

Only Fans and Patreon

You don’t have to pay your expenses using Instagram’s in-platform capabilities. Another excellent method to monetize your work is via third-party services like Patreon and Only Fans. You should offer out a lot of free value on Instagram before pushing your audience to follow you on one of the two platforms for exclusive material in both instances.

5. Work as an Instagram consultant or coach.

Why not earn money by teaching others how to accomplish the same thing if you’re killing it on Instagram and have a big, engaged following?

People want to know how to grow an Instagram following and monetise it, which is why I’m publishing this post. You can earn a lot of money if you know how to do it and have done it before.

Take a look at Foundr, for instance.

They now have a huge Instagram following of 3.3 million followers. And, since Instagram marketing is their strong suit, Foundr creator Nathan is now selling his Instagram marketing skills in an online course called Instagram Domination for a hefty $1,997.

How to make money on Instagram - Foundr example

Foundr has a large pool of prospective qualified customers in their Instagram audience since they follow companies who are enthusiastic about Instagram marketing. Many of these people are likely to enroll in your course.

What’s the greatest news? Anyone with a large enough following can accomplish it.

If you’re a travel blogger, a food blogger, or a marketing consultant, and you’re attempting to build a following doing what you do, creating a course may be very lucrative.

6. Advertise Your Brand to Make Money Indirectly

To utilize Instagram to create revenue, you don’t need to have a company that is directly linked to the site. Thousands of astute entrepreneurs have profited from their Instagram following by starting a side company. It makes no difference what kind of company you run; Instagram is a fantastic method to spread the news and drive traffic and revenue.

If you have a tangible product that you can show people using, Instagram is very useful. Travel agencies, for example, are excellent service-based companies.

If you want to expand the reach of your Instagram account, hashtags will be very essential. More individuals will notice your articles and consider utilizing your company in the future if you have more followers.

In this respect, my post on increasing Instagram followers would be very beneficial.

7. Earn money by teaching your audience.

Making money on Instagram may be as simple as promoting other people’s goods via affiliate links or selling actual things through an online shop. What if I told you there was a method to make more money without having to deal with actual inventory than affiliate marketing?

It’s called selling information goods.

Although the phrase “information goods” has gained a bad rep, you don’t have to offer relationship advice or strange diets to earn money on Instagram this way. You may develop a premium info product that you can sell for upwards of $100 if your Instagram account teaches your audience how to do something—whether it’s studying a foreign language, practicing yoga, or carpentry.

Hundreds of Instagrammers are now doing this.

Minimalist Baker, a food blogger who develops dishes with 10 ingredients or fewer and offers a food photography course, is doing especially well. You don’t even have to sell anything directly connected to your specialty, as you can see. Minimalist Baker isn’t selling a culinary show or a cookbook; instead, she’s making money by teaching Instagrammers how to shoot photos like she does.

Ways to Make Money on Instagram - Teach Your Audience and Get Paid

Frequently Asked Questions about Making Money on Instagram

Is it possible to earn money on Instagram?

Earning money online is never simple, but making money on Instagram is easier than many other ways.

2. What is the most effective method for making money on Instagram?

You and your followers will choose the best method to earn money on Instagram. Getting paid to produce content via IGTV advertising, establishing an Instagram store, or getting paid for sponsored posts are all excellent alternatives.

What are the average earnings of Instagram influencers?

For each sponsored post, Instagram influencers may earn upwards of six figures. The greater the price you can demand, the bigger and more engaged your following is.

4. How many Instagram followers do you need to earn money?

To earn money on Instagram, you’ll need at least a few thousand followers. However, the more engaged your followers are, the less you’ll require.

Conclusion on How to Make Money on Instagram

For a long time, Instagram has been one of the most popular social media platforms, and it continues to introduce new and exciting features. To put it another way, it’s well worth your time to earn money on the site.

There are many methods to earn money on Instagram if you can develop a following and establish trust. Anyone can make money on Instagram since there are so many possible business possibilities.

Yes, you as well.

Which strategy will you use to earn money on Instagram?

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How to Make Money on Instagram With & Without Followers: This is a long and tested strategy to bring you more and more followers and start making money. As we know, we can get more and more followers, and by doing so we will get more and more money. We will start increasing our account engagement and get more and more comments and likes. And we can also get more and more money.. Read more about how many followers on instagram to make money and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Instagram users get paid?

Instagram does not pay its users.

How many views do you need to make money on Instagram?

It is not possible to make money on Instagram without having a large following.

How much money does 1000 Instagram followers make?

It is difficult to estimate how much money 1000 Instagram followers will make, as it depends on the individual. However, if you are looking to make a little bit of money from your social media account, this may be an option for you.

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