Google Redesigns ‘How Search Works’ Website

Google was recently tagged by Vanity Fair as the most powerful company in the world, and this powerful company has arguably the strongest brand of any company in any industry. This makes Google’s website a powerful sales tool. One of the most powerful brands making the most powerful website. Sounds familiar, right? Well, that’s because it is. Google has overhauled the look of their How Search Works website, and it looks a lot like the Google Home website. The big difference is that the homepage of Google’s site still has a classical design, while the homepage of the Home site is dominated by a large blue button that says (in effect), “OK, Google, do the thing.”

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After an extensive redesign of their search architecture earlier this year, Google unveiled a new page that describes how search works and how you can use it to find things on the web. The aim is to give your browser the information it needs to determine what to display at any given point in time, so that you can see the web as a user would, rather than as Google sees it.. Read more about google search console and let us know what you think.

Google’s ‘How Search Works’ page has been updated with details on how Google organizes, ranks, and evaluates search results.

The website, which was established in 2016, explains how Google’s search engine works in a manner that even non-SEOs can comprehend.

It’s a great resource to give to customers who aren’t familiar with search. On the other side, as a Search Engine Journal reader, you may find the material a bit elementary.

The yearly updates on search modifications are one feature that makes the site worthwhile to visit. Every year, the How Search Works webpage is updated with the most up-to-date information on Google’s testing and assessments of search results.


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The webpage presently contains information for the year 2020, when Google ran:

  • In the search results, there are 4,887 launches.
  • 17,323 real-time traffic simulations
  • There were 383,605 search quality tests performed.
  • 62,937 tests were conducted side by side.

If you’ve visited Google’s How Search Works Site before, here’s what’s new.

The Google Search Site Has Been Redesigned — So, what’s new?

Google has announced the introduction of a “completely revamped” How Search Works webpage. That seems to be the case in terms of appearance.


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I spent some time going through the newly updated site and comparing it to a cached version. I couldn’t discover any modifications to the material itself after attempting to locate any helpful new insights from the updated edition.

To be sure, the substance was revised and the language was changed, but there was no new information to be gained.

All of the same information is still available on the new site; it’s simply presented in a different manner. To Google’s credit, though, the changes in appearance are accompanied with improvements in usability.

In the new How Search Works, there’s a lot less clicking. Take, for example, the old page on search features. This is how it used to look like:

August 2021, courtesy of

As a visitor, you’d have to click on each one to learn more about it, then press the back button on your browser and click another until you’d gone through all of them.

By scrolling down the page, you may ingest all of the information on Google’s new search features page. There is no need to click.

To be fair, although I couldn’t locate any new information on the revised site, the information that was previously there was more than enough.

After publishing a lengthy article announcing the makeover, Google’s Danny Sullivan also shared the news on Twitter, making this seem like a significant shift.

If you came to the site wondering, “What’s new?” The answer is a resounding nay!

This is the kind of change that would probably go undetected if Google hadn’t announced it.


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You can make your own decision by looking at the latest changes to the How Search Works website.

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