Google Bug Causing Issues With Images in Top Stories

For a long time, Google has been testing a new feature that allows users to drag and drop Google search results onto images from their Google Drive. While it’s a great tool for product photographers, it unfortunately causes some issues on regular websites that use images in their posts. A couple of days ago, I was testing out the feature on a client site and I noticed that when I inserted the image from Google, it wouldn’t show up in the post, even if I cloned the image for the page. I reloaded the page and it was still fine, so I reloaded the post. I kept getting an error from the page when I tried to save it. I figured it was just a bug in Google Drive and I figured I’d

It seems like Google has to answer for an issue that has been causing issues for them. A bug has been causing a variety of issues for Google users that have been posting images to the top stories section on the Google search engine. The image issues seem to be happening in the Google Chrome browser. The issue seems to happen for the desktop version of Chrome as well as the mobile version of the browser. If you have been having issues with the top stories then it is not your fault. Google has acknowledged the issue and is working on a fix.

On Tuesday, Google had a problem with its search engine. For a little while, when you searched for an image in the Google Top Stories section, it would not display. Google said the problem had to do with the announcement of new patents by Microsoft that were being used by Google. Microsoft had a blog post about the topic that Google felt violated Google’s patents. Google said that it wouldn’t be displaying the Top Stories image until Microsoft removed the blog post.. Read more about why is my google news not working and let us know what you think.

According to Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, a problem in search results is causing pictures in Top Stories to not display correctly.

“We’re trying to address a problem that causes certain pictures in Google Search results’ Top Stories to not display correctly. Please accept our apologies; we aim to get this resolved as soon as possible!”

This is an example of how the problem appears in action. The thumbnail is either solid color or blank instead of showing an image.

It’s extremely simple to duplicate this by looking up any noteworthy subjects on the internet. This seems to be impacting a large number of news articles.


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Since early this morning, SEOs on Twitter have been noticing this issue:

Hmm. I have no idea what’s going on here. Image previews are missing from a variety of Google SERP elements (top articles and tweet carousels in particular). Either blank or blurred out, as seen. It’s most likely a glitch, but it’s odd…

August 18, 2021 — Brodie Clark (@brodieseo)

There’s no official word on how many pages are impacted or when the problem will be resolved.

Google usually tries to repair problems “quickly,” which may mean that it will be rectified within hours, but it could also mean that it could take days to address search issues.


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Don’t be concerned if your pictures don’t show in the Top Stories carousel until then. The issue is most likely not yours.

As soon as the problem is fixed, Sullivan will provide another update.

Twitter account @searchliaison

A bug affecting images in Google’s Top Stories Twitter app is causing an issue for some users along with Google’s web search, which is also reportedly impacting images in stories that are being shared on Google+.. Read more about google news keeps stopping and let us know what you think.

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