8 Powerful Ways to Monetize a Blog That Generates Under 1,000 Visitors Per Day

Hey, this is a post all about how to monetize a blog that doesn’t get a lot of traffic, but I want to talk about this in a way that is actually useful!

Many small-medium business owners will tell you that the best way to get your business found online is to have a blog. But how do you make money from your blog? What are the most profitable blog topics to write about? How can you sell products from your blog without promoting them? These are all questions that small business owners ask themselves on a regular basis.

What is the best way to monetize a blog with under 1,000 visitors per day? Well, the answer may surprise you. A lot of people are in the same boat, wondering how to monetize their blog to make extra money. Some will take the quick and easy way out by selling their blog content. Others will try to earn more money by posting sponsored content, while others will try to sell their services on their blog.

Is it possible to earn money blogging?

Yes, you may monetize your blog and get a good income stream if it has above 10,000 monthly unique visitors.

Making money from a blog with less than 1,000 daily visitors is the true difficulty.

A blog’s life cycle follows a similar pattern to that of a person’s life. Your fresh blog can’t be compared to one that’s been operating for years.

The reality is that earning money from blogging takes time.

Regardless of what you’ve heard, blogging success isn’t guaranteed – but it is attainable.


Determine your current stage and go from there. There is no quick way to increase blog traffic. Yes, I can teach you how to increase blog traffic, but you must be patient and persistent, as well as willing to put in a lot of effort.

This comprehensive post will show you how to monetize your new blog. Even if your blog isn’t as famous as this one, there are still ways to earn money with it.

Without further ado, here are eight tried-and-true methods to monetize a blog with less than 1,000 daily visitors: 

1. Provide coaching services to clients who are motivated.

Become a coach if you want to start earning money in the smallest amount of time possible. It’s all about giving prospects and consumers immediate access to knowledge.

According to Disc Insights, “the life coaching business as a whole generates $2 billion in annual revenue.”

Jenni Elliot, owner of TheBlogMaven.com, charges $397 for a one-on-one blogging intensive coaching session.

how to monetize a blog with less than 1000 traffic per day

Offering a coaching service to motivated customers may bring in money regardless of when you began blogging or how much expertise you’ve acquired in that time.

Your readers will always encounter difficulties in life. The role of a coach is to assist individuals in managing their difficulties and responding positively rather than becoming irritated and giving up.

Many of the bloggers I know began their careers as online instructors. They first struggled to attract regular customers, but they overcome this obstacle by using social media to reach out to them.

People desire to acquire new abilities or develop in certain areas, which is why being a coach in your business may help you make additional money.

Because of the tremendous effects that coaching may provide, it is in high demand.

For example, 98 percent of customers stated their CV was more appealing after utilizing accomplishment statements, and 87 percent said their LinkedIn profile was 5X more effective after working with Walk of Life Consulting. Here are the remaining figures:

 Powerful Ways to Monetize a Blog That Generates Under 1,000 Visitors Per Day stats on coaching

Life coaching is one option to explore, and it’s become more popular in recent years. As a coach, you will assist individuals in overcoming obstacles in their personal and professional life.

For example, a web developer may need the assistance of a business or personal coach to help them adapt to changes in the web development sector, raise their rates, and retain customers who would, in turn, recommend others.

What is the purpose of coaching? The advantages, on the other hand, are tremendous. Take a look at this:

why coaching how to monetize a blog with low traffic

How can you advertise your coaching services company using your blog?

Begin by producing helpful and engaging content on topics that are important to your customers and prospects.

If you provide coaching to freelance writers, for example, you could address subjects like:

  • bringing in new customers
  • fostering potential
  • lead generation and capture
  • maintaining current customers
  • determining and increasing interest rates
  • Clients who are demanding or “problematic” are weeded out.
  • branding
  • Case studies on content development and copywriting

Because the market for coaching services is already crowded, you’ll need a compelling value proposition. Having a compelling “why” for consumers to choose you over your rivals will offer you a competitive advantage.

The creator of ADaringAdventure.com, Tim Brownson, described himself as “the life coach that gets people unstuck.” Clients rely on his creativity and expertise as a result of his ten years of life coaching experience.

life coach example how to monetize a blog with 1000 or less traffic a day

You don’t need to follow hundreds of other coaches in order to “learn” if you’re determined to achieve as a coach.

Instead, focus more on your blog and produce high-quality material.

You are, after all, the coach. The only way to demonstrate your knowledge is to provide material on a regular basis. Blogging may help you improve the success of your prospects, especially if you include case studies.

Jeff Molander claims that

Blogging is most helpful when you’re trying to persuade [your prospects] that they can receive what they want (what you offer) on time, on budget, and without suffering. It takes away the fear of purchasing.

You have three main responsibilities as a life, personal, or business coach:

  1. Teach prospects how to establish and achieve objectives, overcome obstacles, and avoid dangers in methods that they can use right now;
  2. Improve the prospect’s image of your company and instill confidence in them to follow your advice and achieve their objectives; and
  3. Encourage consumers to ask inquiries and boost their desire to achieve by directing them to constructive, established procedures.

Offering a coaching service to motivated customers may help them achieve their objectives while also making you money, regardless of what sector you’re in or who you serve.

Yaro Starak’s coaching approach helped Peter James Sinclair become more structured and successful.

Todd R. Tresidder assisted Gary Craig, an entrepreneur and former hedge fund owner, in increasing his monthly income flow from $5,000 to $50,000 per month via investing counseling.

coaching case study how to monetize a blog with less than 1000 traffic per day

You must realize that a coach is an entrepreneur before you jump in and start providing coaching services to motivated customers. That is the attitude you must have in order to succeed.

Coaches who have concentrated on developing their entrepreneurial abilities flourish in the face of adversity, while coaches who have not focused on building their entrepreneurial skills fail. You’ll be able to demand greater fees if you think like an entrepreneur.

2. Work as a freelance blogger on demand

If you already blog, you have the abilities to become a sought-after freelance blogger.

Elna Cain earns a full-time living as a professional freelance writer, while Linda Formichelli earns $250 per hour.

make full time money as freelance blogger how screenshot: how to monetize a low-traffic blog

Brands are eager for bloggers with appropriate skill sets, and working as a freelance blogger may completely change your financial situation.

According to an Upwork survey, 36 percent of the entire US workforce is self-employed. Those freelancers make a total of $1.2 trillion each year.

A freelance writer is a professional who produces content for websites, emails, landing pages, and other mediums.

As B2B and B2C businesses realize that content is the most effective strategy for generating leads and maintaining a devoted audience, skilled freelance bloggers are becoming more in demand.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 21% of B2C companies will spend more than $100,000 on content in 2020, and many will increase their investment.

B2C content marketing spend how to monetize a blog with less than 1,000 daily traffic

Yes, I get what you’re thinking: “But there are already so many authors!”

That is correct. Professional freelance bloggers with WordPress, SEO, social media, and persuasive abilities, on the other hand, are considerably more difficult to come by. If you can combine these abilities with your writing, you’ll be in high demand as a freelance blogger.

Initially, you’ll need to promote your freelance blogging services by guest writing on high-traffic sites, maintaining a regular in-house blog, using social media marketing, and even running Facebook advertising. However, your satisfied customers will ultimately recommend you to others.

3. Develop and market online courses

Creating and selling online courses is another lucrative method to monetize a site with less than 1,000 daily visitors. To earn money with your first online course, you don’t need a lot of leads or clients.

Here’s the trick: start where you are and work your way up.

If your blog gets at least 50 daily visits, figure out precisely what they want and build a course around it. The reality is that your first meal may not be very “amazing,” but that’s OK.

You can always make improvements. It’s time to put your excuses aside and get started.

Online courses concentrate on a single subject or topic. They’ve been arranged and are ready to go.

The perceived value of online courses is greater than the value of blog articles alone. That’s because your intended audience can tell how long it took you to create it. As a result, people assume that it must be of some use to them.

So don’t be scared to develop an online course – even if it’s on a subject that’s already been covered extensively online. Bryan Harris sold $511,466 in invoiced sales after launching his second online course to 22,000 email subscribers.

stats on selling a course how to monetize a low traffic blow

A excellent approach to advance your blogging profession is to create an online course. Rather of writing for everyone, you build a platform that only sends your greatest material to clients.

The popularity of online courses is enormous. As a result, there are a plethora of venues for creating and selling online courses.

Keep in mind that the market for online courses is always changing. Marketers and technical educators have flocked to sites like Udemy, Teachable, and Course Merchant. And there will be additional platforms in the future.

Phil Ebiner earns $100,000 a year marketing Udemy courses. He does very well for himself despite the fact that he does not own or manage the platform. He also promotes his Udemy courses via his blogs and social media.

Then there’s Corbett Carr, who released a video case study of ten merchants who made $1.6 million in a year on Udemy.


In reality, the typical teacher earns $7,000 from Udemy courses, but the results vary widely.

You may develop and offer your own online course on your blog in addition to using third-party online learning services.

You may also utilize a paid WordPress online course plugin like Zippy Courses, CoursePress, WP CourseWare, WooCommerce’s Sensei, and others.

You may develop an online course on any subject that people are having trouble with as a blogger. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated like A/B testing; it may be something as basic as “how to utilize Google Docs.”

Are you taken aback? Here’s some evidence that it works: Joseph Michael Nicoletti, who earns between $20,000 and $30,000 per month, developed an online course that teaches authors how to use Scrivener to write their novels.

You want your course to be interesting, practical, and one-of-a-kind. To make an interesting online course, use these four guidelines:

how to create engaging content for online courses: how to monetize a low traffic blog

So, how do you go about picking a course topic? Begin with your most popular blog articles. If I were to develop an online SEO course, I’d definitely start with my Guide To SEO, since it’s popular and people would appreciate an updated version. With a few changes, the guide might be another home hit as an online course.

4. Publish Kindle Books and Earn Money

Would you want to earn money by creating short ebooks?

With Amazon Kindle publishing, individuals are doing exactly that.

The income from ebook sales in the United States has been steadily increasing. Without a doubt, the expansion will continue. There are a variety of mobile devices available for reading ebooks, but the Amazon Kindle is the most popular in the United States.

The advantage of producing and selling Kindle novels is that there are already millions of people willing to purchase them from Amazon.

You already know that Amazon is a reputable online retailer, so persuading folks to purchase your Kindle book won’t be difficult. In certain ways, people think Amazon lends legitimacy to your goods.

Stefan Pylarinos began his Kindle publishing career at the age of 21. His Kindle publications and an online course on how to produce and earn money with Kindle books provide the majority of his revenue as a blogger.

In 2015, he earned more than $1.1 million from his internet company, which is centered on Kindle publishing.

Stefan’s KMoney Mastery 2.0 course, which teaches individuals how to profit from Kindle publishing, earns him a good living.

sell kindle books example: how to monetize a blog with less than 1000 daily traffic

To earn a livelihood from Kindle books, however, you must work extra hard and produce books on a regular basis. You’ll earn more money if you have more high-quality books. Stefan Pylarinos has published over 20 Kindle books and is constantly working on others.

You’ll need to provide a number of small Kindle books since they’re typically priced between $0.99 to $4.00 each. Doesn’t sound very promising, does it?

Your total revenue will be $398 if you price your Kindle book at $1.99 and sell 200 copies each month. That’s a lot of money, and many writers earn much more.

According to Chris Guthrie, the profits of one Kindle book in a year are $377.87 each month, or $4,534.41 per year at a $2.99 pricing.

revenue break down chart: sell kindle books to monetize a site with less than 1000 daily visitors

You can use your blog to promote your Kindle books, give discounts, and give away free copies of your book in order to generate honest reviews (which are essential for boosting your Kindle book rankings & sales).

To advertise your Kindle books, you don’t need to invest any money. You have the power, authority, readership, and platform to make it work with your blog. You may start blogging and earn your first $1,000 from Kindle books.

There are even some savvy marketers who earn a good living selling Kindle books without having to write them. They just outsource article production and utilize their blogs to generate revenue.

Arman Assadi is one of those astute marketers. His first ebook, he claims, cost him $375 — $350 to write the book and $25 for a professional cover design.

He earns $2,500 each month by releasing Kindle novels he didn’t create at the time of writing this.

writing kindle books blog post how to monetize a site with less than 1,000 daily visitors

See the resources below to learn more about Kindle publishing and how to profit from it:

5. Profit from Private Label Licensing Rights

Selling (or, in this instance, buying) intellectual property and marketing it as your own is known as private label rights.

With private label rights (PLR) goods, you have over 50 methods to earn money as a marketer. Make sure, though, that you pay attention to the specifics.

First and foremost, do not copy the product verbatim. Make it at least 65 percent unique by tweaking it.

You may repackage and profit from PLR after you understand your use rights.

PLR goods were popular before Panda hit in February 2011, and many marketers and bloggers utilized them to create content for their websites.

PLR goods, in other words, are pre-written material that you may claim as your own without fear of legal repercussions.

In the past, you might create a new website, get a few PLR articles, and then distribute them to your target audience. However, the rules of the game have altered.

Duplicate content is a severe Google policy violation that may result in your site being penalized.

As a blogger, though, you may still profit from private label rights. You may use other people’s goods if you’re a new/beginner blogger.

It’s tough to start from scratch with an information product (e.g., ebooks). If you’re new to blogging, you may not have the necessary experience. Worse, suppose that after all of your hard work, no one wants to purchase your goods.

Here are some of the reasons why creating a product from scratch is exhausting:

why use PLR how to monetize a low traffic website

You don’t need all of that with a PLR product.

You may become an author in any subject, even if you aren’t very educated about it. For example, even if you didn’t study “plastic surgery” in school, you may utilize PLR articles to create a Kindle book on it.

You may also use PLR material to create content for your site. Look for these three things while assessing PLR products:

  • newly created
  • authored by a well-known author
  • released with a restricted distribution

Because they’re lazy, most bloggers and internet marketers fail to earn money with PLR goods. On their blogs, they use the material verbatim. The majority of individuals do not make any changes to their ebooks.

If you come across a valuable PLR product, rework it to make it at least 65 percent unique. Sites like InDigitalWorks provide high-quality PLR publications, articles, videos, and audio material.

PLR site how to monetize a site wiht less than 1,000 daily traffic

You can do a lot more with a PLR product than just rewrite the articles or ebooks. PLR content is often built on lucrative niche keywords and information that the target audience seeks.  

PLR goods may be used as research sources, and you can then build your own high-value ebook using the information they offer.

Note: I don’t suggest using PLR content on your own site to maintain your reputation.

Yes, you may benefit from the author’s extensive understanding of a specific subject or topic, but you should always try to create original material.

PLR goods may also be used in an indirect manner. You might, for example, edit a PLR booklet and offer it free to grow your email list. Then you may profit from your mailing list.

6. Create a High-Converting Funnel and Offer Product Recommendations

What happens when someone joins your email list?

Do you get thrilled when you get email subscribers, only to disregard them later?

The importance of follow-up and relationship-building cannot be overstated.

“44 percent of salespeople quit up after one follow-up, and the typical salesperson only makes two efforts to contact a prospect,” according to Marketing Donut.

marketing donut 80 percent of sales require five follow up calls: how to monetize a low traffic website guide

The bulk of sales will come from following up with prospects to turn them into customers. You connect with interested customers and sell on the backside by sending follow-up emails.

The simplest approach to build trust with blog readers and sell a product is to form a connection. Even though it seems to be a straightforward task, many individuals fail to do so.

When you raise awareness about your main company, you start building a connection. You next guide your prospects through a funnel, providing tremendous value at each stage with your content.

marketing funnel visual how to monetize a site with less than 1000 daily traffic

First and foremost, realize that selling to your audience is perfectly OK as long as the product is helpful and worthwhile.

Forget about the goods and focus on developing a connection with them. This is when the funnel enters the picture.

A marketing funnel’s goal is to attract strangers, convert them into leads, seal the sale by converting them into customers, and please them once they buy your goods.


Potential buyers opt up to your list and are added to your follow-up autoresponder the minute they enter your funnel. Then you may begin to develop the connection.

You feed them with blog articles, videos, infographics, and ebooks, among other things. In an ideal world, you’d ask them directly what they’re having trouble with, and then utilize the answers to produce relevant, high-value content for them.

Recommend affiliate programs and goods, as well as your own publications or software, along the route.

After you’ve built a degree of trust with them, you should provide any product that would benefit them.

After creating their first product, Gael Breton & Mark Webster gave away a part of it to collect leads. Altogether, they collected 301 emails, nurtured the leads, recommended their own quality product, and generated $2,684 in 30 days.

case study how to generate income from a low traffic website

7. Collaborate with influencers on product development and launch

Are you aware of the reasons why so many product launches fail?

Harvard Business Review’s Joan Schneider and Julie Hall had this to say:

The most serious issue we’ve seen is a lack of preparation: companies are so focused on developing and producing new goods that they put off the difficult task of preparing them for market until it’s too late.

You’re making a mistake if you believe that earning money online is as simple as increasing visitors to your blog and collecting email leads.

Leads are only the start.

According to a recent research, 79 percent of marketing leads never turn into sales. This poor performance is often caused by a lack of lead nurturing.

You must create the appropriate leads. You may not have this kind of lead right now, but you may use influencers’ audiences to your advantage.

Do you have a product concept? The majority of individuals fail to launch their goods because they do it all on their own. According to reports, 70% of all new product launches fail within the first year. Why do some people succeed while others do not?

You may not be able to manage some elements of a successful product launch on your own. You’ll spend more time if you attempt to do it on your own, and there’s no assurance you’ll succeed.

You must realize that your efforts will only get you so far.

You need to develop connections with influencers and use their influence to design and promote your product if you want to make a genuine difference in people’s lives.

Of course, when launching a product, getting leads is critical. You should start pre-selling and communicating with prospects even before you release the product (e.g., ebook, software, plugin) for sale.

Prior to releasing your product, you should create a landing page to gather emails.

“61 percent of B2B marketers send all leads straight to Sales,” according to MarketingSherpa, “but just 27 percent of those leads will be qualified.”

marketing sherpas stat 61 percent of b2b marketers send leads directly to sales. How to monetize a blog with less than 1,000 daily traffic guide

Influencer marketing may prove to be the most effective marketing strategy you have.

Sujan Patel, for example, established connections with influencers and experienced growth hackers before releasing his ebook, 100 Days of Growth.

Patel and his colleague Rob Wormley sold 10,000 copies of the book in six months, at a cost of $27 each copy.

how we sold 10000 ebook using lead pages how to monetize a blog with less than 1,000 traffic guide

Here are some resources to help you get started with influencer marketing:

8. Host a Virtual Conference

You may monetise your blog no matter where you are as a blogger by hosting virtual summits, which are becoming more popular these days.

Summits are a popular way for bloggers to meet and network with influencers. Credibility, reach, and engagement may all be gained through influencers.

what can influencers bring to your brand image how to monetize a site with less than 1,000 daily traffic

Virtual summits and conferences are very effective. According to Convince & Convert’s Kristen Matthews,

Virtual conferences are the most underappreciated marketing tool available to us.

Many success stories continue to flood in from bloggers who have used virtual summits to grow their lists and revenue. Aj Amyx, for example, made $16,000 (and gained 2,300+ members) from a virtual summit.

Here are some of the outcomes of Navid Moazzez’s virtual summit:

virtual summit results how to monetize a site with less than 1,000 daily traffic guide

Virtual summits have brought in six-figure earnings for certain bloggers and internet marketers. You may be asking whether a virtual summit and podcasting are the same thing. Here’s what Entrepreneur has to say about it:


Jan Koch’s email list increased by 600% when he launched his first virtual summit, he was featured on major industry websites, and he became the go-to expert in his area.

how to create virtual summit image: guide on monetizing a site with less than 1000 daily traffic

To make a virtual summit launch really successful, you must make it a win-win situation for the professionals who will be sharing their expertise.

Choose a subject that will motivate people to take action, and ensure that you have a product to offer on the backend.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Montetize a Blog

What are some methods to monetize your blog?

Offer coaching services and on-demand goods, and utilize your blog to network and develop connections.

What can I do to improve user conversion?

Easy navigation, a user-friendly design, and straightforward content that produces appealing results.

How else can I make money if I don’t want to sell goods or provide coaching?

If you’re well-known in your field, advertising and sponsored articles are always a fantastic method to make money.

Conclusion on How to Make Money from a Blog

The urge to develop and nurture an audience is at the core of blogging.

Most new bloggers struggle to earn a livelihood from their blogs because they think that writing alone will provide them with adequate income.

Most successful bloggers earn the majority of their money by selling and promoting other people’s goods or services.

Darren Rowse, for example, earns more money from his Digital Photography School, while Ryan Deiss makes a six-figure yearly income through SurvivalLife. In this respect, there are many success stories.

In a nutshell, if you can’t compete with other players in your sector, you should consider switching to a different area where you can become an expert, then go to work developing connections, getting organic traffic, and advertising items and services to your blog readers.

Having said that, you must be consistent. It takes time to achieve success.

Which of these strategies do you believe is the most effective way to earn money as a blogger if your site has less than 1,000 daily visitors?

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Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. The reason it can be so profitable is because it has one of the most powerful and profitable forms of advertising out there. Here are 8 simple ways to make money blogging.. Read more about how to monetize a blog without ads and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get 1000 blog visitors a day?

Unfortunately, this is currently impossible due to the amount of time it would take to get 1000 blog visitors a day. If you were to get 1000 blog visitors every day, you would have to do it for 1000 days straight. Q: How do I get free robux? Unfortunately

How many visitors do I need to monetize my blog?

It depends on how big your blog is. Most people start out with a $5 a month hosting service like Bluehost. I would recommend starting out with a small blog and then once you get some traffic you can go for something more expensive. Q: Which is the best website to make money

How do I monetize my blog on day one?

It is imperative for any content creator to understand the best way to monetize their blog. The most effective way is to sell branded merchandise. This can include t-shirts, hats, and coffee mugs. Q: How do I get my affiliate link? Affiliate links can

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