YouTube Overhauls Search Results

YouTube has changed their search algorithm, and it’s not a good change.

YouTube’s new search results page is now live. The new page is designed to surface the most relevant videos for each category. The first few rows of results will now be used to show related videos, with clickable thumbnails and “all-expense-paid” ads.

Ever since the days of the dinosaurs, people have loved to search for things. One of the first search engines was called Yahoo, and it was a great success. However, over the years, it changed. The people at Yahoo decided they wanted to change their search engine, but nobody wanted to hear it. However, the people behind this new search engine decided that they would change everything anyways.. Read more about youtube seo and let us know what you think.

YouTube is revamping its search results, including adjustments to the aesthetic appearance of SERPs as well as the kinds of material returned.

Three major modifications have been made to YouTube search:

  • Visual presentation has been improved.
  • Machine translations
  • Google search results are included.

Here’s additional information on each of these new features.

Increasing the Value of Search Results Visual

Users will be able to know what a video is about before they click on it thanks to a new feature on YouTube.


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The aesthetic appeal of the search results pages has improved. Instead of a static thumbnail, viewers may scroll over each video to get a preview.

Users may now make more educated choices about what they view. This is already feasible on the desktop, and now it’s also available on mobile.

In addition, when video chapters are ready, they will be shown on the YouTube search results pages.

These time-stamped graphics break down the many subjects addressed in videos and allow you to skip right to the part that is most relevant to your search.


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“Let’s suppose you want to improve your kneading technique and are searching for a decent sourdough recipe. You can watch all of the stages in the movie, from feeding the starting to taking the bread out of the oven – and go straight to the kneading chapter with these new search results.”

This functionality is accessible when YouTube videos are returned in Google’s search results, so adding it to YouTube makes sense.

Translations Made Automatically

With the addition of automatically translated subtitles, titles, and descriptions, YouTube is making more material accessible to a wider audience.

This allows viewers to see a wider range of videos independent of the language they’re using.

However, not all YouTube searches will yield translated results. This information will only appear if certain criteria are met.

When YouTube is unable to provide relevant material in the user’s native language, it will provide translated content.

“This means that someone in Thailand may learn about quantum physics from an MIT professor, while viewers in Brazil can see the Grand Canyon from the comfort of their own homes, with subtitles in their own tongue.”

YouTube will begin augmenting search results with English videos initially, with the intention of expanding to other languages in the future.

YouTube believes that, in the future, automated translations will be able to access all of its material.


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YouTube’s Google Search Results

YouTube is starting to incorporate Google search results. For the time being, however, only on a limited basis.

When there isn’t enough video material to fulfill a query, YouTube is experimenting with delivering Google search results.

“We also understand that not all searches will yield enough high-quality or relevant video material to completely meet your needs. We’ve just begun testing with a new feature to supplement search results with website links and other formats from Google Search to better expose information you need.”

In India and Indonesia, this function is now accessible on mobile devices. Based on user input, YouTube will explore future growth.


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The development of Google search results on YouTube is worth watching, since it would be a huge win for publishers if their material could be discovered on both platforms.

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