What I Learned by Spending $100,000 on TV Ads

If you’re a marketer with a marketing budget, and you’ve questioned the value of TV ads, you’ve probably been told not to expect a ROI on your investment. The fact is, however, that the ROI is real. There are several strategies that you can use to get measurable results from your TV ads.

Millions of dollars were spent on TV ads in the past year. That’s what people want, right? And the new TV ads deliver. But that’s not the whole story. While TV ads are critical to building your brand, they should not be the only thing you do to build a business. In fact, TV ads are not a business strategy. They are a business expense.

I’ve got a confession to make: I’m a marketer who has spent thousands of dollars on TV ads.. Read more about paid advertising campaigns and let us know what you think.

In the United States, I’ve been airing television advertisements for my business, NP Digital, for the last month (4 weeks) on CNBC and Bloomberg.

Those channels, if you’re not acquainted with them, are stock channels. To be even more precise, my advertisements run from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, when the stock market is open.

Now and then, my advertisements will run a few minutes before and after the market starts… However, it is about when the commercials begin to run. They also only broadcast on the days that the stock market is open, which is Monday through Friday.

Let me give you a little history before I get into how the advertisements fared…

My reasoning for airing commercials on television

The cost of online advertising is rising. Take a look at Facebook and Google; running an ad today costs more than it did a year ago.

  • Google and YouTube both increased by 108 percent.
  • The average CPM was $11 on Facebook, with a rise of up to 89 percent.
  • TikTok’s popularity has increased by 92 percent, and
  • With a 64 percent rise, Snapchat is now the “lowest” social media platform.

So why don’t you try something new…

People in the advertising industry run commercials for their clients, but no one runs commercials on television for themselves (at least in the United States from what I can tell).

As a result, our group decided to take the risk and give it a go.

We also believed it might offer a return on investment since, as an advertising firm, we deal with a lot of data. And, for many of our clients, we’re seeing TV advertising with a cost per acquisition of a consumer that’s somewhat more than Facebook ads but lower than Google ads.

We also believed it would provide credibility. Because, despite the fact that we have 450 people worldwide and operate internationally, being four years old hurts. The majority of the time, larger brands collaborate with bigger businesses.

And, despite the fact that our ad firm has big brands like Adobe, Western Union, and Sofi… and has won hundreds of marketing awards for our work, we are still tiny in comparison to agencies like WPP, who produce approximately $12 billion in sales each year.

In the corporate world, there’s a saying that you don’t get fired for hiring IBM. In the marketing industry, the same applies for employing a large holding company brand like WPP, Dentsu, or Omnicom.

However, this is gradually changing as people place a higher value on outcomes than on anything else. Especially when it comes to marketing.

So I reasoned that airing TV advertisements for NP Digital would be fantastic if it could both generate leads and help us develop our brand. I want people to eventually say, “You don’t get fired for employing NP Digital.”

The advertisements

We aired three ads.




The advertisements aired at random on those three stations, with a near to equal rotation throughout the four weeks.

We hoped to increase website traffic and leads as well as brand awareness by including our URL at the conclusion.

I felt the advertisements were smart, humorous, and of high quality, making us seem to be a big firm.

It’s worth noting that not everyone in the advertisements was bald. We had a lady wear a bald hat, and a couple males wore bald caps as well. Just so everyone may have a vague resemblance to me.

The outcomes

Let’s take a look at one of the weeks:


My per-visit fee was about $69.11, which is very high.

The amount of leads we were able to connect with from the TV advertisement was a meager 0.

However, we saw an increase in brand inquiries.


In essence, they were operating from the premise that people would see the commercial, then go to Google and search for “NP Digital,” which would lead them to our website.

However, there were still no leads, at least from what we could determine, and the tracking wasn’t flawless.

On a more positive note, a number of my pals messaged me to say they had seen my advertisement.


Someone person emailed us and said, “Bloody fantastic advertisement.” Even if they weren’t interested in our services, it was great to get that email.

Would I run television commercials again?

Many businesses, particularly DTC ecommerce firms, benefit from television advertisements.

However, it wasn’t the most beneficial for us.

But here’s the thing: it’s hilarious. I’m still going to do it. I’d want to give it another 11 months to see what occurs.

Branding is something I really believe in.

Just pondering shoes… You don’t wear Nike because of a Google search; you just recognize the brand.

Visa, BMW, Louis Vuitton, and even Lululemon are all guilty of this.

Branding is invaluable, and if you want to grow your company, you must invest in it.

Did you know that in the United States, more people search for the term “Nike” on Google than they do for the phrase “shoes”? That is branding’s power.

My aim is that after a year of squandering $1.2 million, more people would notice us and consider us a genuine competitor. It will also aid in the application of the rule of seven, which states that after seeing or interacting with your brand seven times, people are more inclined to evangelize it and sign up as a client.

Another thing I’m going to attempt is changing the ad’s running hours and maybe even the networks.

I’ll eventually change the creatives and test new advertisements, but I’ll keep the three above running for at least another quarter or two.


You must develop a brand if you want to grow into a large corporation.

Brands are very valuable. In the long run, it’s your brand that will bring you more business.

That doesn’t imply you have to utilize television ads to create a brand like I did; you may use whatever medium you choose. The options are limitless, from SEO to social media to television. Even creating a fantastic product or delivering a fantastic service contributes to the development of a brand.

Ask yourself why the next time you make a buy. It’s likely that you’re acquainted with the company’s brand.

Consumers prefer to purchase new goods from companies they are acquainted with, according to 59% of respondents.

Take nothing for granted when it comes to branding.

Of course, if you need assistance with your branding, please contact my firm.

What do you think of my television commercials?

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