The Best Auto Dialer Software You Should Consider Using in 2021

It’s true – you CAN do business at the tip of your finger. With the advanced technology and the availability of software, the step has been taken to achieve the desired goals. Auto dialers have been in the market for a while, however there are several key elements that can make it work better for your business.

The importance of an auto dialer application is obvious. It is one of the most powerful and effective marketing instruments used to promote business. That is why a lot of companies have an auto dialer application.

The Auto Dialer software is the best software that is used in the business sector. This application is used to automate the process of automated marketing. For example, when you send an email or SMS message to someone, the auto dialer will automatically send the notification to that person by the auto dialer software.

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You’re making a lot of calls, but your leads aren’t converting, and your agents are losing track of what they’re talking about.

These are just two of the issues that the finest auto dialer software helps companies address. It automates tens of thousands of manual activities, not simply calling, and improves everyone’s experience.

Customers may be the exclusive attention of agents. At a look, managers may see real-time KPIs. Customers will never get another phone call at 2 a.m.

To put it another way, everyone adores these goods. 

The top six auto dialer software choices are shown below. They’re assisting businesses in revolutionizing outreach and connecting agents with more high-quality leads per hour. 

Which one is the best fit for you? Let’s have a look.

#1 – PhoneBurner Review — The Best If You Don’t Have An Office

Do you need an auto dialer that operates whether or not individuals are present in the office? One of the first tools you should look at is PhoneBurner.

There is no need for any extra equipment. Employees may use their browser to access the calling platform or call in from their phone. They may then start making 60-80 calls each hour. All of the time spent dialing by hand has been saved.

There is no time delay between when a person answers the phone and when your representatives begin speaking. It’s not like the caller is aware that they’re being called by an auto dialer, which helps with initial impressions. Anywhere you call, you’ll get the same call quality as if you were calling from an office landline.

The PhoneBurner UI is very easy to use. Critical information is clearly presented, and any action that a representative must do has been simplified. They may leave a voicemail, log a call, send an email follow-up, and more with just one click.

There’s a lot you can do with PhoneBurner to automate processes, but there’s no need to bother about coding. Clicks are used to control everything. Depending on whether an agent contacts them, receives a busy signal, or receives a fax, move prospects from one category to another automatically.

That’s only one example, but other types of post-call busy work may be avoided entirely. It will now take some time to set up. However, after you’ve completed all of your settings and phone scripts, you can simply share them in PhoneBurner.

When workers aren’t constantly in the workplace, these collaboration capabilities become even more essential. With the touch of a button, administrators may add seats that are precisely suited for new workers.

Supervisors on PhoneBurner’s LeadStream platform have no trouble managing a large number of calls. This is critical since a small staff will be making hundreds of calls each hour.

Depending on the nature of the call, choose from a variety of distribution options. Do you want to equally distribute leads or ensure that your most experienced agents receive the best leads?

It’s not necessary to work in an office to ensure that each lead receives the attention it deserves.

The built-in CRM in PhoneBurner keeps track of every call. It’s simple to keep track of agent performance and maintain contact lists. You may also integrate PhoneBurner with your own CRM. There’s a direct link to Salesforce, as well as Zapier connectors to hundreds of other applications.

PhoneBurner is, in my opinion, a collection of best-of-breed outreach tools. Because the platform has been pared down to the core functions, reps enjoy it. There’s no unnecessary clutter, and each function accomplishes precisely what it’s supposed to.

It just takes one click to send an email or text follow-up. Reps will be able to see which emails have been opened, unlike many other platforms. Incorporate such data into your calling lists to reach out to individuals who have shown an interest.

PhoneBurner is a one-stop shop. Per-minute costs are not included in the price. There aren’t any hidden costs. Unless they wish to call, admin accounts are free.

For an annual membership, pricing begins at $126 per user per month, or $149 per month for the Standard plan.

PhoneBurner pricing for Best Auto Dialer Software

There is no set-up fee since PhoneBurner will onboard your staff for you. By onboard, I mean that they will assist in the training of your administrators and agents. This involves knowing how to set up and utilize the platform to achieve your company objectives.

The business collaborates with you to ensure that you get the most out of the auto dialer program. This includes team training as well as assistance with the creation of your first reports.

PhoneBurner recommends that you take advantage of the free trial to familiarize yourself with the platform and learn what it can accomplish. You may have as many users in your trial as you need to have a good idea of how it will function.

This is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for an all-in-one auto dialer that will help your staff function at their best no matter where they are.

No credit card is needed to try PhoneBurner for free now.

#2 – Review of RingCentral Engage Voice — The Best for Fearless Nationwide Telemarketing

RingCentral Engage splash page for Best Auto Dialer Software

Anyone who follows my site knows I’m all about accelerating your company growth. 

If you’re including auto dialer software into your big-picture strategy, I applaud you and strongly suggest RingCentral Engage Voice. No other method will minimize your chance of regulatory breaches, which is critical if you want to become serious about telemarketing.

Make a big net. Attract a wide range of people. However, proceed with caution, respect, and, most importantly, legality. 

A punishment may be imposed for anything as easy as contacting a mobile phone that has not opted in to a campaign. Perhaps a rookie salesperson fails to read a required disclaimer before terminating a call. A single infraction may cost thousands of dollars; a series of violations can be far more costly.

RingCentral Engage Voice is an auto dialer that was created for large-scale, safe outreach. 

Scrubbing your lists of numbers on national and state cellular Do Not Call lists is simple with the right tools. RingCentral may also do a time check to verify that individuals aren’t being contacted outside of their permitted time frames.

These tools allow you to remain compliant without sacrificing productivity.

The TCPA Dialer is one of the most important components, since it is designed specifically to keep your callers compliant. It’s a stand-alone manual method that works with your auto dialer. To get past the limitations against dialing mobile phone numbers using an auto dialer, it adds the fewest steps possible.

Many alternative “safe” calling options are very inconvenient. Everything has been simplified by RingCentral so that your employees can concentrate on communications rather than compliance.

I’d also want to call attention to RingCentral Engage Voice’s robust scripting capabilities. Using a simple drag-and-drop builder, you may create scripts for any scenario, rewriting and upgrading them as needed.

You may also build guided processes to assist new employees in getting up to speed. Make it as simple as possible for them to recall necessary disclaimers, permission to record, and the rest of the tedious but crucial jargon.

It contains everything you need except an attorney to keep you out of trouble. Supervisors have a 360-degree perspective of the situation. They’ll have access to comprehensive real-time and historical data as well as the option to dig down into individual performance.

For pricing on Engage Voice, you’ll need to contact RingCentral. A member of the sales team will put up a bespoke package for you that contains all of the tools you’ll need. 

RingCentral integrates with a wide range of applications, including CRMs, marketing automation software, merchant services, and more. You’ll be able to keep everything consolidated no matter what additional channels you choose to expand your reach.

Some businesses rely on carefully maintained lists of corporate customers. They are unlikely to need the sophisticated compliance features. 

However, if you want to reach out on a large scale, you’ll need an auto dialer that can handle it. RingCentral provides a comprehensive set of tools to ensure that your newest representative has all they need to start conducting polite interactions right away.

#3 – VanillaSoft Review – The Most Effective Way to Manage a Long Sales Cycle

VanillaSoft interface for Best Auto Dialer Software

Not everyone needs an auto dialer merely to increase lead generation. For others, the true value comes from keeping in touch with prospects for months (if not years) and never missing a call.

VanillaSoft is an excellent choice for those who must manage these lengthy and complicated client journeys. 

Lead tracking and routing features assist the auto dialer, putting consumers on the phone with the person they need to speak with next. According to the rules you specify, leads are monitored, scored, and prioritized.

You’ll also have a great deal of control. Intellective Routing enables you to handle leads at a very fine level. Prioritize leads based on job title, revenue, or geographical data to send leads to representatives in that area.

VanillaSoft makes keeping track of everything you discover about prospective customers as simple as possible. 

You may add custom fields to allow representatives to monitor the metrics and information that are most relevant to them. Reps are asked to gather data at the appropriate moment, so you’re not forcing them to recall additional information.

It’s hardly any additional effort, but it guarantees you’re receiving higher-quality data by collecting all essential data. Your reports will vastly improve.

The Corporate View, which allows you to keep track of many individuals at the same company, is another useful tool. 

This aids sales representatives in keeping things straight while dealing with several points of contact. They’ll be able to watch the whole discussion rather than just one voice, and you can set it up so that all calls from a business are directed to the same representative automatically.

Reaching the decision maker is seldom straightforward, and it’s possible that influencing others in their sphere is more essential.

Making an appointment is a breeze. VanillaSoft was clearly created with the help of busy salespeople. Simple things like displaying calendar entries in the contact’s local time may help reduce mistakes. 

There will be no more duplicate bookings or arranging a demo for your first foreign prospect outside of work hours.

You can send automatic SMS and reminders to prospects with just one click after you’ve scheduled anything. It also offers your prospect additional ways to contact you when they’re ready to go forward.

VanillaSoft has a simple price structure. Start with the most basic sales interaction platform and add capabilities like calling, recording, VoIP, and SmartCaller ID as needed.

VanillaSoft pricing for Best Auto Dialer Software

If you buy all of these services from VanillaSoft, the overall cost will be on the high side. However, if you already have a business phone line or VoIP in place, Vanilla Soft will work well with it, and the price will drop to the lower center of the pack.

To get started, a business that just required the basic platform and auto dialer would pay $110 per month per user, which is a fantastic bargain for such a high-end offering.

VanillaSoft is a CRM that I strongly suggest to businesses who don’t have one yet. Every cent spent on the sales engagement platform is well spent. With high levels of control and visibility, you’ll be able to monitor and nurture leads. 

VanillaSoft’s direct connection with Salesforce makes it ideal for Salesforce users.

You can also use Zapier to connect VanillaSoft to other CRMs and business applications to automate data transfer. It may take some doing to set everything up, but it’s very worth it in the long run to be able to manage a massive number of leads at different stages of the buying journey.

VanillaSoft is the finest auto dialer for the job if you need to keep in contact with people throughout the course of a long and fruitful relationship. VanillaSoft is available for free for up to 6 users for 14 days or 2,000 calls.

#4 – Voicent Cloud Review – The Best Pay-Per-Call Auto Dialer

Voicent Cloud main splash page for Best Auto Dialer Software

Auto dialer software costs hundreds of dollars each month, which isn’t feasible for everyone. Some businesses need the capacity to do mass outreach a couple times each week or seasonally. 

Companies who don’t use auto dialers all day every day may save money by paying for just what they need using Voicent Cloud.

Voicent Cloud features a CRM, two voice channels per user, and every kind of auto dialer on the market for an incredibly cheap monthly fee of $19 for a single user.

It includes everything you’ll need to boost your outreach. Call more people each hour and keep track of each lead in the user-friendly CRM. Make a lot of connections with the auto dialer, go through lists with the progressive dialer, and follow up with clients with the preview dialer.

You may add almost any additional option you want à la carte, so you don’t have to buy an expensive package simply to obtain the advanced calling capabilities. Pay just for what you need and nothing more.

Now, you don’t get unlimited calling—there are a few different pay-as-you-go plans—but the savings may be significant compared to other alternatives for teams that don’t use an auto dialer every day.

You would assume that with such a low cost plan, you’d be on your own in terms of assistance. Voicent, on the other hand, provides a dedicated account representative with each subscription. 

You’ll have a point person at the business, as well as the opportunity to open support tickets 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and even submit urgent support requests, which are typically handled in a matter of minutes.

All of this for $19 per month as a starting price.

Voicent Cloud pricing for Best Auto Dialer Software

It’s $29 per user for a month-to-month subscription with no long-term commitment.

As previously stated, the plan plus use fees will be your total cost. The cost of a genuine pay-as-you-go service is $4 per minute. You may also buy 1.5, 2 or 3 per minute plans that contain many thousand minutes each month and reduce your per-minute expenses.

If you make a lot of calls on a regular basis, Voicent Cloud may be far more costly than one of the unlimited calling plans. However, for businesses that don’t usually use auto dialing, this may be a far more cost-effective option.

Purchase Voicent’s on-premise auto dialer software as an alternative. This is a one-time purchase, however it only includes a year of complete support.

For most customers, I suggest cloud-based software, although on-premise software may be more cost-effective for purchasers who have a strong in-house IT staff.

If you’re looking for an auto dialer rather than an all-in-one platform, consider Voicent Cloud. Take charge of your finances and only pay for what you need.

Voicent Cloud will provide you a 30-day free trial of their service. Get in contact to find out how little money you’ll need to get started.

#5 – Mojo Review – The Best for Cold Calling The Most People Per Hour

Mojo main splash page for Best Auto Dialer Software

Nothing on the world will get you through more numbers as quickly as Mojo Dialer if cold calling is a major component of your sales process.

You have the option of using a single line dialer (80 calls per hour) or a triple line dialer (160 calls per hour) (up to 300 calls per hour). 

It almost seems excessive, but Mojo has taken many key measures to guarantee that high-volume calling stays fruitful.

For one thing, the triple line dialer allows you to choose call speed. To go through a list as quickly or as thoroughly as you need to, match the speed with the kind of prospecting you’re performing.

Another important consideration is that all calls are made using Mojo’s copper wire technology, ensuring crystal-clear connection. Customers would most likely believe you’re calling from a landline since the call quality is so excellent and there’s never any uncomfortable telemarketing hold time when they pick up.

This is true even if you’re calling from the Mojo app, which works on phones and tablets just as well as it does on computers.

Let me tell you something. If you believe 300 calls per hour is out of the realm of possibility, think again. Two triple-line dialers have been reported to be used simultaneously by Mojo power users. They wear two headsets, one with a speaker in each ear, and they talk on the phone like it’s no big deal.

It’s not for everyone, but be aware that Mojo has the ability to allow one individual to make between 500 and 600 calls in one hour.

Mojo was created to assist real estate agents, although all of the industry-specific features are optional. You may just purchase the ultra-powerful auto dialer and lead management solutions, which will function flawlessly regardless of your industry.

It has over 500 Zapier connections and makes importing your lists to the lead management a breeze. You shouldn’t have any difficulty pushing or extracting information from Mojo.

One of the reasons I like Mojo so much is that you’re set up for everything after the cold call. It’s easy to track leads and move them through the later stages of the relationship. Mojo has the power, but also the finesse to let you set appointments, categorize leads, send customizable Q&A forms, and more.

If you’re a single user or a group, Mojo price is different. A single line dialer costs $99 per month for a single user, while a triple line dialer costs $149 per month.

There are no additional fees or charges. This is a one-time payment. There are some other lead generating services geared toward real estate that I am unable to comment on, but they are optional.

The price for teams is set up a bit differently.

Mojo pricing for Best Auto Dialer Software

Each user pays $10 for the lead management platform before purchasing the desired amount of lines. It’s really simple, and you don’t need to purchase anything else to get started.

I appreciate the price system since each agent may have their own dialer, which is convenient. Is it possible for a new employee to manage the triple-line? Start with a single line and then upgrade when they’re ready.

I strongly suggest having a careful look at Mojo now if you’re searching for a no-hassle method to start making more calls.

#6 – Kixie Review – The Most Efficient Way to Respond to Inbound Leads

Kixie main splash page for Best Auto Dialer Software

Within minutes, Kixie can convert leads from your website into discussions. 

Let’s say someone visits your website and fills out a form. They want to learn a little more about your product, but they’re simply perusing Google’s top choices, throwing out feelers, and thinking about lunch when their phone calls.

It’s one of your sales development representatives calling, eager to hear more about why they’re interested in your business.

This is an excellent approach to get a good discussion started. Your representative is conversing with someone who is actively involved. Potential clients have legitimate concerns about how you may be able to assist their company. They aren’t attempting to recall the hundreds of alternatives they looked at last week.

This discussion was built together behind the scenes using Kixie’s auto dialer and lead routing technologies. Because Kixie sends fresh leads from your website to the front of the call queue, your employee is just dialing the next best number.

With Kixie, you can reach out to incoming leads with the speed and efficiency of an auto dialer. Because the process of converting internet visitors into a prospecting list has already been completed, you may skip the stages.

Increase your social media presence and meet prospective customers where they spend their time. You may create that human-to-human connection at the precise appropriate moment when they are ready to learn more.

This is a platform that salespeople adore. They’ll have better discussions and have access to all of the tools they need to remain organized and productive.

Clean dashboards will also appeal to account executives who want to keep track of how their salespeople are performing. To enhance training and quality control, there are live call coaching options.

It’s similar to having a call center for your sales team—you get all of the basic inbound/outbound operations, but none of the other capabilities they don’t need. The UI is simple to use and integrates with many of the most common CRM programs.

Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho, and more services have one-click connections with Kixie. To further expand the reach of your auto dialer, there are additional connections with Slack, Zapier, and Mailchimp.

It will take some time to get everything set up for your ideal sales process, but the integrations will greatly reduce the amount of fundamental labor.

Kixie provides three quarterly and annual subscription plans:

Kixie pricing for Best Auto Dialer Software

The Professional package comes with all of the essential tools you’ll need to connect your auto dialer to your inbound marketing. This is what you’ll need if you want to make the most of your website visits.

The Integrated plan is a low-cost way to add auto dialer power to your CRM. I’d consider it if you’re wasting time trying to call out of your CRM. It’s the perfect tool for giving your reps a more efficient, enjoyable calling experience.

These are not all-inclusive rates. You have the option of choosing between a per-minute or an unlimited calling plan. You’ll need to contact Kixie for specific pricing, but the business advises that anybody who makes more than an hour’s worth of calls each day buy an unlimited subscription.

There is also a fee for texting ($0.007 per text or $7 per 1,000). Even with some of the “all-in” platforms, keep in mind that texting is frequently an extra fee.

Also, Kixie’s basic pricing is less than half of the cost of competing premium auto dialers. It does not, in my opinion, cut any corners. Kixie is equally adept at assisting salespeople in managing leads and connecting across various channels.

Kixie is the greatest method to bridge the gap between hesitant and active interest in your company if you’ve spent time attempting to attract customers. Put a representative on the phone as soon as someone’s interest has been aroused.

When the iron is hot, strike. For a seven-day free trial, call Kixie now.

What I Looked For When I Was Trying to Find the Best Auto Dialer Software

Auto dialers call a list of numbers from a contact list that has been pre-programmed. The auto dialer plays a pre-recorded message or transfers the call to an agent as soon as a call is answered.

It seems to be straightforward. 

That is, until you consider that several agents are dialing 70 to 80 numbers per hour.

This is why many auto dialers provide extra features to assist agents with managing contact lists, storing information, and moving trackable leads along the pipeline. 

Here are the key criteria you should use to evaluate your options.

Integrate Your Customer Records Effortlessly

Before you fall in love with any auto dialer software, double-check that it will work flawlessly with your customer relationship management (CRM) software. 

As far as I’m concerned, this is a must. The majority of auto dialers offer a good range of CRM software connections. You should be able to discover a number of auto dialer choices that will work with your system.

Your agents may now begin calling by just selecting a contact from their CRM screen. Call notes, recordings, and client statuses are all saved flawlessly and with no additional effort.

When your representatives are handling upwards of 60 calls each hour, this is critical. Although an autodialer won’t break a sweat, are your workers ready to have 20-30 meaningful conversations?

CRM connection ensures that sales representatives have the most up-to-date information about the people they’re speaking with. There’s no need to dig.

Almost all of an auto dialer’s second-order advantages are dependent on your CRM connection. Leaving contact notes, grooming lists, and prioritizing leads are all impossible without integrating your auto dialer with your CRM. 

Or it can only be done via time-consuming data input and human labor. That is to say, you will end up doing precisely what you hired an autodialer to help you avoid.

In the best-case situation, a straight one-click integration is available. It’s ready to use right away. I’d put the solutions that integrate directly with your CRM at the top of my list. 

Integration through Zapier or APIs would be the next best option. Even if it’s something you’re good at, it’ll be more effort with more things that might go wrong.

If you don’t utilize CRM software, make sure your auto dialer is compatible with whatever system you use to keep track of your existing customers and potential prospects, such as Google Calendar, Outlook, or Airtable.

You may also want to try one of the auto dialer solutions that includes a CRM. Every choice on my list, with the exception of RingCentral Engage Voice, comes with a platform devoted to helping you manage customer relationships at scale. 

Last but not least, verify the integration’s quality before committing. Take a free trial of the product. To get the most out of your auto dialer software, make sure it has a tight and reliable integration.

People are able to essentially train themselves.

The auto dialer interface must be simple and easy to use. Supervisors simply cannot devote time to assisting new employees with fundamental day-to-day tasks. 

Remote employees must be able to learn how to utilize and troubleshoot the platform on their own.

Although this is a subjective topic, there are a few methods to determine how simple it will be to begin utilizing various auto dialers.

I’d pay attention to how your less technically competent staff members perform with the new system during your free trial or demo. Is the company’s online knowledge base able to offer them with the assistance they require? 

Is it possible for them to contact customer service if they need assistance?

The number of activities that can be completed with a single click is one statistic you may track. The following are some of the most crucial actions:

  • Contacting a person
  • Making a call recording
  • Making a note of a call’s outcome
  • Using a mobile phone to hide their personal number
  • Sending a text message or an email
  • I’m going to leave a voicemail.

Users love this final function, which allows them to leave a voicemail with only one click. They don’t wait 4-5 rings, listen to an answering machine, and then leave a message. Instead, as soon as they don’t receive a response, they go on to the next call. The voicemail is deleted automatically.

Consider how many hours this function saves a salesperson each month. Not only does it save time, but it also recovers agent energy. Rather of feeling like a robot leaving messages, each rep is conversing with customers rather than listening to ringtones and static. 

That is just one example. Each one-click function boosts agent productivity and vitality in a similar way.

The other side of the coin is that users will not utilize strong features if they are difficult to use. Call dispositions must be recorded in order for leads to be properly tracked throughout the purchasing process. Making this process easy for agents will improve the quality of data.

Another thing to think about is the mobile app. Is it possible for agents to operate as well from a phone or tablet as they do from a desktop? A well-designed mobile app will offer your workers greater freedom to work on their own schedules. 

For example, a sales representative may conduct a quick productive phone session while on the move. They’ll be able to record the same high-quality data from their phone as they do from their desktop, ensuring that no jobs go unfinished. 

Furthermore, there’s no assurance that consumers will call back when a representative arrives at their desk.

You want something that reduces the amount of steps required to accomplish each task in a user’s day. People are ecstatic to utilize technologies that make their lives simpler, but they are as enraged when new tools make their processes more difficult.

Not only can you make more calls, but you can also make more connections.

Every auto dialer will boost an employee’s capacity to make more calls per hour, but that isn’t the most essential statistic to keep track of. You should choose an auto dialer that makes more calls correctly.

Different modes exist in auto dialers. Some providers may provide you with a selection, while others will only supply you with a single dialer option. You should choose one that is compatible with your process. First, I’ll go through the many kinds of dialer modes, and then I’ll discuss some of the best use cases.

  • When an agent is ready, Preview Dialers dial a number. On the agent’s screen, information about the contact is immediately presented.
  • Progressive dialers make one-by-one calls to a set of numbers in a particular sequence. After a preset amount of time, progressive dialers will hang up or leave a message, and then call the next number in the list automatically. 
  • Power dialers make many calls at once and continue dialing depending on a call-to-agent ratio. The dialer may be configured to increase or reduce call volume depending on the number of agents available.
  • When no agent is available, predictive dialers make calls based on algorithms that reduce the chances of someone responding. They essentially limit call traffic based on expected agent availability.

This is the language you will encounter in general, but there may be some overlap and variance in marketing jargon. Any auto dialer with excellent CRM connection, for example, will work as a preview dialer.

Each one has its own time and place. A progressive dialer is ideal for systematically working your way through lists. You guarantee that every contact is contacted in the sequence you specify, and rude agents have no means of cherry-picking the best leads.

Predictive dialers are riskier since they begin phoning before an agent has finished their current call. This is excellent for high-volume call centers, but it may be difficult for sales representatives attempting to establish a genuine connection in a hurry.

You’ll also come across sophisticated auto dialers, which prioritize leads based on variables you can set. Kixie will move hot leads from your website to the head of the call queue (for example, someone who just filled out a form).

You may use VanillaSoft to create prioritization rules that will push leads to the head of the line depending on a variety of variables including job title, revenue, or geography.

You have a number of choices. Find a happy medium between making a lot of calls and compromising quality. What will put your sales representatives in the greatest position to have productive conversations? 

Understand what your team is up to.

My favorite auto dialers have features that make it simpler for managers and supervisors to keep track of what’s going on. This goes beyond CRM integration by providing real-time insight and capabilities to react swiftly to those in control.

Dashboards are something I really believe in for all users, not just managers. Agents must keep track of their own development in order to recognize when they need seek assistance. They can better understand and enhance their productivity by having a simple dashboard containing their schedule, next tasks, and KPIs.

Live performance dashboards are obvious must-haves for supervisors who need to know what’s going on at a glance. Who are the best of the best? Who could need a little extra help and direction?

Call monitoring software may also be quite useful. Managers may whisper to representatives on some of the auto dialers I tested, which means only the rep can hear what the management is saying. This may be a useful tutoring technique for someone learning the ropes or coping with a particularly difficult client.

Managers will also want the ability to create reports to help guide the entire outreach plan. What scripts are proving to be the most effective? Which ones need to be reworked thoroughly?

The more information you have and the simpler it is to query, the better choices you can make about your marketing.

If you’re utilizing an auto dialer, you’re dealing with a volume of calls that makes it all too easy to lose sight of what’s going on. Find a solution that includes the tools you’ll need to make sure your salespeople and managers aren’t left in the dark.

Compliance software keeps you out of trouble.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and other laws have imposed legal restrictions on telemarketers’ activities. In fact, a single “robocall” case may result in five-figure damages. 

You need auto dialer software that works behind the scenes to guarantee that you are only contacting the correct numbers and that every conversation is securely saved for future reference in order to satisfy all legal and privacy requirements.

The good news is that the finest auto dialer software protects businesses that utilize it from violating rules.

For example, all of the products on this list provide tools to ensure that you’re not contacting numbers on the national Do Not Call list (DNC), as well as tools to monitor your personal DNC list.

At the end of the day, it’s still up to your workers to use technology properly.

Employees may be required to give obligatory disclaimers depending on what you’re selling. An auto dialer that allows agents to easily exchange and modify scripts would reduce the chances of someone making a thoughtless mistake.

You must inform customers if you are recording calls, for example. Some auto dialers allow you to program a message to go out as soon as the call starts. If it seems too impersonal, make sure the disclaimer is scripted into your agent’s process.

Keep compliance in mind, but don’t overthink it. When you get auto dialer software from a reputable seller, you can be certain that you’ll be receiving a solution that has kept many other companies secure.


A good auto dialer program may save a sales team hours per week, and perhaps weeks per year. Increase agent productivity by removing the tedious work that saps their energy and allowing them to spend more time with real clients.

Finding the correct one is crucial. Let’s start with the reviews of my top picks:

  1. Phoneburner — If your sales staff isn’t based in an office, this is the best option.
  2. RingCentral Engage Voice is the best solution for bold national telemarketing.
  3. VanillaSoft is the most effective tool for managing a lengthy sales cycle.
  4. Voicent Cloud is the best pay-as-you-go auto dialer on the market.
  5. Mojo is the best app for cold contacting the most people in an hour.
  6. Kixie – The most efficient method of responding to incoming leads

Remote and work-from-home teams are fully set up using Phoneburner. The lead distribution system automatically directs calls to the appropriate agents. Agents may transfer calls and exchange information inside the platform swiftly and simply, making collaboration in a dispersed workplace simple.

RingCentral Engage Voice will allow you to call on a large scale without having to worry about compliance. Agents will be able to keep out of trouble while doing less work. Reduce infractions without sacrificing productivity.

VanillaSoft is a godsend for businesses who have to go through a lengthy purchasing procedure. Over the course of a dozen calls with different individuals at the same business, develop connections. With an auto dialer that never drops the baton, you can find and persuade a decision maker over the course of months.

Voicent Cloud’s price structure is ideal for businesses who need an auto dialer on a regular basis. Get the ability to powercall for a fraction of what other suppliers charge, and pay per minute for precisely what you need.

Your ticket to the most calls per hour is Mojo. Give a single agent the capacity to make 300 calls per hour to boost your cold calling game.

Kixie is an excellent option for companies seeking to maximize their inbound marketing efforts. Attract visitors to your website, blog, and social media accounts. Within minutes of receiving their message, one of your representatives will contact them to find out why.

What are your views on the matter? Have you used auto dialer software before and had success?

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When it comes to a marketing tool, the auto dialer is the one you can’t live without. It can be used for a variety of purposes including lead generation, lead nurturing, and more. Auto dialer software serves the needs of business in a variety of ways. Its use in lead generation can be helpful for business that is in dire need of new clients. It can also be used to nurture leads and keep them on the path to buying.. Read more about power dialer software and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free auto dialer?

The best free auto dialer is Google Voice. Q: What is the best way to get a free auto dialer for my phone? The best way to get a free auto dialer for your phone is Google Voice. Q: What is the best way to get

What is the best dialer?

There are lots of great dialers. If you want to use a phone, I would recommend using a VoIP at home. If you want to use a cell phone, I would recommend using Google Voice. Q: Does Google offer call forwarding? Yes, Google has

Which dialer is best for call center?

Asterisk is the best open-source solution for call centers. There are several others that are worth looking into as well. Asterisk is a complete PBX in software. It runs on Linux and provides all the features you would expect from a PBX and more. Asterisk has

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