YouTube Rolls Out 3 Updates For Creators

YouTube has announced three updates aimed at helping creators grow their channels. The three updates are: The new Custom Metadata setting, which allows creators to personalize their channel’s level of engagement. The new Custom Channels feature, which allows creators to create multiple subchannels from a single channel. The new Programmatic Ad Buying feature, which allows YouTube to sell ads to creators at a more efficient rate.

The video sharing site is rolling out new tools to help creators capture, edit and distribute their videos, as part of the site’s ongoing effort to build a “more intuitive way for creators to generate and promote their work.”

YouTube recently launched three new features that can help creators build a fan base and turn them into subscribers. Dubbed as YouTube Red, YouTube Premium, and YouTube Originals, these new features make it easier for creators to build a bigger audience for their videos and increase their earnings.

On mobile and desktop, YouTube Studio is getting three improvements that will help creators keep up to current on data that important to their channel.

The following are some of the new features:

  • Real-time cards that are better
  • For channel mentions, there’s an inbox.
  • Hashtag ideas for autocomplete

Here’s additional information on each of these new features.

Realtime Cards have been improved.

On iOS and Android, the realtime cards in YouTube Studio are becoming better.


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These cards provide real-time information on key channel metrics such as subscriber numbers and video views.

Realtime cards are becoming better at both the video and channel levels. The inclusion of reach and interaction statistics, which now have separate tabs, seems to be one of the enhancements.

As an example, consider the following:

Previously, these cards simply showed the most basic information.


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This is part of a larger effort to bring YouTube Studio on mobile and desktop closer to feature parity.

Inbox Mentions

In YouTube Studio, creators now have access to an mentions mailbox. The inbox will display all of the locations on YouTube where your channel has been referenced.

If your channel is mentioned in the comments area of another channel’s video, for example, you may find out about it in the mentions inbox.

Responding to mentions may help your channel get more visibility by making you more visible to various audiences.

In YouTube Studio, the mentions mailbox is located where you may browse viewer remarks. You may now switch between the comments and mentions inboxes using a new tab.

This functionality is only accessible on the desktop version of the app.

Suggestions for Hashtag Autocomplete

Creators have been requesting additional instructions on how to utilize searchable hashtags since YouTube introduced them in January.

See YouTube’s New Hashtag Search Results Pages for more information.

YouTube has responded by introducing hashtag autocomplete recommendations, which will suggest appropriate hashtags depending on what’s trending.

The function works similarly to Twitter and Instagram’s hashtag recommendations. Start entering a hashtag, and YouTube will show you a list of potential tags to use, as well as statistics on how many channels and videos are using it.

YouTube Rolls Out 3 Updates For Creators

This is accessible on all devices, including mobile and desktop.


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Reminder: Desktop Dark Mode

Finally, YouTube Studio on desktop now has dark mode, which the company warns artists of.

See the video below for additional details on these updates:


Everyone is a creator these days. People churn out funny videos, ingenious recipes, or captivating videos every day. YouTube is a great way to capture those videos and share them with the world, but what happens after you publish your work? YouTube has three major updates in the works for creators, as the world’s largest online video service gears up for its 10-year anniversary.. Read more about youtube shorts seo and let us know what you think.

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