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Have you ever noticed that the lead form at the top of the page on websites always has some sort of advertisement? This is the one part of the website that almost all visitors will see up until they get to the checkout page. This is a good place to start a blog post, because there’s an ad for every site out there, and most of them are horrible. And you can tell if it’s a good one or not because the space has been paid for by the ad company.

We’ve covered Lead Form Extensions, Hotel Ads & More before on this blog. If you want to get the full scoop, check out: http://www.precisionmarketingbook.com/2012/03/lead-form-extensions-hotel-ads-more/.

Google Advertising Editor 1.7 has been launched, with new features such as quicker downloads, audio ads, and more!

Streamlined Downloads

Users may speed up downloads by choosing to download just specific sections of campaigns.

Instead of selecting the particular campaigns on which advertisers want to work, they may now choose just the portions of those campaigns on which they want to work.

Extensions for Lead Forms

Lead form extensions, previously exclusively available via the UI, were introduced in 2019, enabling users to attach a lead form to their advertisements, allowing prospects to complete the form without ever leaving the SERP. Users could only build or modify lead form extensions inside the UI since their first release.


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Within Google Ads Editor, users may now download, modify, and build lead form extensions. Extensions for Lead Forms.

Audio Ads on YouTube

Similarly, YouTube Audio Ads, which were launched in 2020, could only be set up directly inside the UI before. Audio advertisements may now be created using Google Ads Editor.

youtube audio ads - google ads editor

Hotel Ads

Hotel Advertisements, which are feed-based ads that enable hotel marketers promote pricing and availability of their properties on any given day, may now be managed using Google Ads Editor.


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Hotel Ads have been available since 2018, however they can only be worked on via the Google Ads UI.

hotel ads google ad editor

Recommendations for Improvement

Additional suggestion kinds are now supported by Google, including:

  • Ad destinations should be fixed.
  • Bidding on impressions with a specific target is called target impression share bidding.
  • Maximize clicks may help you bid more effectively.
  • Use wide match keyword variations.
  • Maximize conversion value allows you to bid more effectively.
  • Make your advertisements more visually appealing by using picture extensions.
  • Set a goal for your ROAS.
  • Make your advertisements more interactive by include phone extensions.

Editor for Google Ads

Google Ads Editor is a tool that allows advertisers to make changes in bulk, making it easy to make optimizations and edits across multiple keywords, ads, ad groups and/or campaigns, easily and seamlessly. With Google Ads Editor, changes are made offline before being pushed live. Making adjustments offline allows advertisers better control and visibility into changes before pushing them live.


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Advertisers may get the most recent version of Google Ads Editor by clicking here.


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