How to Trigger a Sitewide Quality Re-evaluation?

Do you find yourself continuously looking for an effective way to improve the overall quality of your website or your online marketing? Are you sick of struggling to get ahead with SEO, despite all the great work you’ve done? Is your website missing that extra degree of quality that will make people feel like they are getting more out of your business?

There is a vast range of metrics available to marketers to measure website performance. From web-traffic to conversions to engagement rates, the list of useful metrics goes on and on. But which metrics are most useful? Is there a metric that consistently measures website quality?

The web is full of content, and yet very few businesses produce their content in an effort to improve their standing within the web as a whole. If the quality of a website is mediocre, then it is likely that a number of people have visited the site and felt that it was less than satisfactory. A website that is not up to scratch, will be one that is often forgotten about and ignored, which means it is unlikely to get the attention it deserves.

The issue of how to persuade Google to perform a site-wide quality re-evaluation was addressed by Google’s John Mueller. Mueller from Google explained how the company’s sitewide re-evaluation process works.

How do you inform Google that your site’s quality needs to be re-evaluated?

The individual who posed the question gave instances of when a sitewide quality re-evaluation was required and inquired about how publishers may notify Google when significant changes have happened that necessitated such an assessment.

Rather of passively waiting for Google to scan a site and discover a significant change through routine crawling and indexing, the individual who asked the question wanted to know how they might notify Google of a significant change and initiate a site re-evaluation.


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The following is the question that was posed to me:

“What are some things a webmaster may do to cause a site-wide re-evaluation in terms of quality?”

When you switch domains, or when Google says, “Okay, let’s attempt to gather fresh signals and evaluate whether the site is better in terms of quality.”

John Mueller, a Googler, explains how sitewide quality evaluations work.

A screenshot of Google’s John Mueller talking about site-wide quality ratings.

There is no technical way to force a re-evaluation.

Mueller initially said that there is no way for a webmaster to force a sitewide re-evaluation, and that it is seldom required since site updates are constantly updated in the index.


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John Mueller’s response was as follows:

“I don’t believe there’s anything technological you can do to… force a re-evaluation,” she says.

And, in most cases, this isn’t required since our systems constantly re-evaluate.

They look at the material we discovered for a site and, when we observe it alter over time, we adjust accordingly.

So it’s not something where you have to do anything manually to set it off.”

Re-evaluation is necessitated by major site changes.

Mueller went on to describe situations in which a significant re-evaluation of quality could be required.

“The only time we have to rethink how the site works is if the site undergoes a major restructure, such as changing a lot of the URLs and all of the internal connections, or if you go from one CMS to another CMS and everything changes and looks different.

Then, from a quality or technological standpoint, we can’t simply stick to our previous knowledge of the site, of the pages, since everything has changed.

As a result, we’ll have to reconsider everything.

But it isn’t anything that is prompted by anything in particular; rather, a lot of things have changed on the site, and even to stay up, we have to do a lot of incremental adjustments to re-evaluate that.”

Should Google Search Console include a tool for re-evaluation?

There are occasions when publishers make significant changes to a site, and it would be beneficial to Google, site users, and the publisher if there was a method to force a big re-evaluation if the whole site has undergone a significant change.

A website changing domains, a CMS, site structure, or a significant content quality change are all examples of such scenarios.

It doesn’t have to be a commanding tool, but rather a raised hand signaling to Google that something significant has occurred.

Although Google may claim that it isn’t required, having the choice to share comments with other publishers may make some publishers feel more secure.


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What are your thoughts about it?

Should Google have a mechanism to re-evaluate the quality of a website?


How can I initiate a site-wide re-evaluation of quality?

At the 32:53 minute mark, John Mueller responds to the question:


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