How to Monetize Instagram: The 8 Top Ways to Make Money on Instagram

Instagram is an app that allows users to share short, colorful images and videos with their followers. The app is free to download, and runs on Android and iOS platforms. The key to making money on Instagram is to implement the following strategies: #1 Create a Custom Hashtag that links to your Instagram account #2 Utilize your other social media accounts #3 Expand your reach #4 Add filters to your images #5 Tell a story #6 Add a caption to your images #7 Use the Explore tab #8 Take friend photos

If you want to know how to monetize Instagram, you’re in the right place. Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media networks, and it’s booming. In fact, Instagram recently hit 700 million users, which is a huge milestone. According to Instagram, over 80% of Instagrammers are under 34 years old, and the average age is 27. That makes Instagram prime for emerging monetization strategies.

When we think of monetizing Instagram, we usually think about the money we can make from ads. Advertising on Instagram is certainly the easiest way to monetize your Instagram account, but there are much better ways to make money on Instagram. By monetizing Instagram, you will be able to make a lot more money.. Read more about how to make money on instagram without followers and let us know what you think.

You’ve put in a lot of effort to create the perfect Instagram account for your business. You’ve created captivating material, honed your aesthetic, and cultivated a loyal following.

You’re now ready to reap the rewards of the value you’ve made. So, how can you profit from Instagram?

You can be compensated for your work whether you have a few thousand or over a million followers. Learn how to monetize your Instagram account and show a return on your investment (ROI).

What to Do Before You Start Making Money on Instagram

Make sure your Instagram account is ready for monetization before devoting time and resources to it. First, double-check that you’ve accomplished all of the steps listed below.

Create a Catchy Instagram Bio

With only 150 characters for your brand’s bio on Instagram, it’s vital to make every character matter. Fortunately, there’s enough room for a brief introduction, a dash of personality, and a call to action in that amount of space (CTA). You can do the following in this restricted space:

  • Explain what your brand is all about or what it delivers.
  • Demonstrate your company’s values or personality.
  • Emphasize your most recent product or service.
  • Mention any hashtags that are associated with a brand or a campaign.
  • Build trust and authority by cultivating it.
  • Partners, co-brands, and media resources can all be tagged.
  • Motivate people to take action, such as clicks or sales.

Because Instagram only allows you to include one link, choose wisely. You might want to link to your homepage, your e-commerce site, or a Linktree or similar app’s splash page.

Post on Instagram on a regular basis.

You’ll need an audience to successfully monetize Instagram. Regularly publishing material is one of the simplest ways to gain followers. Are you stumped as to what to write? Make a running list of potential content topics, such as:

  • Bringing new items and services to market or releasing them
  • demonstrating to your audience how to make advantage of your products
  • Using bargains, discounts, or limited-time offerings as a selling point
  • Holidays and seasonal events are celebrated.
  • Getting the word out about your latest podcast, video, or blog post
  • Including partners or brands that you enjoy

Then create a content schedule with copy and creatives based on your ideas. Plan to post frequently so that your information appears on your followers’ timelines on a regular basis.

Publish Content at the Appropriate Moment

Should you publish to Instagram several times each day or only a few times per month? Most brands commit to posting at least a couple of times per week to ensure that their content is seen by a large number of people.

Although it may be tempting to post whenever you feel like it, determining the best times to publish on social media can yield greater results. Use a social media tool like Agorapulse to figure out the best days to post on Instagram.


Go to Agorapulse’s content report and scroll down to see Agorapulse’s publishing suggestions. Determine the optimal times to post depending on the highest level of engagement or the largest number of individuals reached.

Make a list of the best times to exercise during the week. Then, for your brand, create an Instagram calendar. You don’t have to worry about uploading Instagram material on the spur of the moment because Agorapulse allows you to schedule it.

Produce High-Value Content

Sure, your Instagram postings may occasionally fall short of expectations. However, with a little forethought, you can nearly always deliver high-quality content. To improve the quality of your content, follow these guidelines:

  • Create a basic style guide that defines the look and feel of your company. Then use it to produce unique photographs and movies that your fans will instantly recognize as yours.
  • Because stock photographs aren’t unique to your company, use them carefully. If you do decide to use stock photos, look for examples on sites like Pexels and Unsplash.
  • Don’t limit yourself to only still photos. Use Instagram to share a range of material, including Stories, Reels, and IGTV. Use Agorapulse reports to see what kind of material your followers respond to.


Hashtags Expand Your Reach

To generate money on Instagram, you don’t need millions of followers. Connecting with more people, on the other hand, can’t hurt.

Using hashtags is one of the simplest ways to expand your Instagram reach. To use hashtags correctly on social media, follow these guidelines:

  • Include a mix of branded, descriptive, and trending hashtags in your list of up to 30 hashtags.
  • To save time while repeating lists of phrases, create hashtag groups in Agorapulse.


  • Don’t feel obligated to utilize the maximum number of hashtags every time, as this can appear spammy.
  • Experiment with different hashtag counts to see which works best for your account.
  • Instead of putting hashtags in the comments, put them in the original post caption.

Build a Strong Fan Base

You’ll need engaged Instagram followers to maximize your income possibilities. You can boost Instagram engagement by doing the following:

  • Being genuine: Embrace your brand’s identity and use it to connect with your audience. Share your struggles and setbacks with others.
  • Starting conversations: Rather than broadcasting ideas, Instagram functions best as a platform for engaging with followers. Start a conversation and ask questions.
  • Fans: Your Instagram account doesn’t have to be solely about your company. User-generated content (UGC) from your followers can also be shared. You’ll be able to thank fans and add diversity to your feed this way.

Make Friends With Influencers On Instagram

Connecting with influencers throughout the platform might help you grow your Instagram account. Identify your most engaged fans using Agorapulse’s social CRM. Then, to discover if they have influencer potential, look at their Instagram pages.


To track influencers, you can add users to your favorites list or create custom labels. Internal notes can also be created by your team to keep everyone on the same page when it comes to potential partners.

8 Instagram Money-Making Ideas

You’ll have an easier time earning value on Instagram if you’ve optimized your profile and strategy. You may now understand how to monetize Instagram accounts and select the most appropriate option(s) for your brand or customer.

1. Use Instagram to sell products

Is your company a direct-to-consumer (DTC) retailer? Do you operate an online store? When it comes to selling things on Instagram, you have a few options:

  • Try Instagram Shopping: If you have an e-commerce website where customers may be directed, this is the greatest option. To begin, create your shop on Instagram by adding product descriptions and photographs. Then, to encourage discovery, build collections to highlight themes or trends, and tag products in postings. Users on Instagram can go to your website to make purchases.


  • If you don’t have an e-commerce website, closing deals via DMs is a better choice. Simply ask your followers to send you a DM if they want to buy something. Then you may start making money right away by making sales and accepting payments in your DMs.

2. Show your audience how to do something.

Do you have a knack for creating beautiful salads and cakes? Maybe you know how to put together outfits for any occasion or turn heads with your makeup. Your audience follows your Instagram account because they admire what you do, regardless of your niche. Why don’t you demonstrate how it’s done?

There are a few ways for aspiring instructors to make money on Instagram:

  • Make an e-book and sell it: Collect all of your best tips into one e-book and include eye-catching photos. Then give it a price and publish it on Amazon or your own website. Promote the link in your Instagram posts and share it with your audience.
  • Create a course: Make a film or a series of videos that show your audience how to do something difficult. Then use a platform like Kajabi or Teachable to host your course. Encourage your followers to join your course by sharing the link.

3. Engage your audience with your content

Even if teaching isn’t your strong suit, you may still persuade your audience to pay for certain material. Naturally, the Instagram images and videos you share are simply a taste of what you can achieve. Why not ask your Instagram followers to check out your more premium material outside of the app?

Consider launching a subscription service or membership site with all of your best material. You can then earn money by selling memberships or subscriptions, which you can advertise on Instagram.

If you take this route, make sure you have a plan in place to consistently post paid material. Subscribers will feel good about continuing to support your work if they continue to receive value from their purchase.

4. Become a social media influencer on Instagram

To make money on Instagram, you don’t have to sell your own things. Instead, by endorsing your favorite products, you can become an influencer.

You often need to be an expert in a specific sector, such as beauty, fashion, or food, to be an effective influencer. You may attract followers that enjoy your lifestyle and believe in what you say by developing content around your area of expertise.

As you develop followers, you’ll be able to work with brands who want to reach out to your audience. In exchange for your endorsement, certain brands may offer you things or services. Others may be willing to pay for sponsored posts or content that promotes their goods.

In some circumstances, marketers seek long-term agreements with Instagram influencers. Consider long-term sponsorships or brand ambassadorships if you want to make the greatest money as a social media influencer.

5. Look into Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is an even more basic method of earning money. You act as a brand ambassador for items and companies you admire as an affiliate marketer. When someone buys something you recommend, you get paid a commission.

Sign up for a network like ShareASale or connect directly with a brand you like to become an affiliate marketer. Then, either in Stories or in your Instagram bio, produce content highlighting the brand’s items and include your affiliate links. You get money when someone clicks on your exclusive link.

Affiliate marketers, like influencers, often succeed by cultivating a following and establishing trust. Take the time to generate original content and get to know your audience before providing affiliate links for the greatest results.

6. Make Instagram Live Badges available

Is going live an important element of your social media plan? Whether you choose to speak with your followers one-on-one or as part of a Live Room, livestreaming allows you to monetize Instagram in a variety of ways.

You can do a lot more with Instagram Live than just promote your own items or recommend brands you enjoy. You may also sell badges to admirers for $0.99 each.

When fans purchase a badge, they will receive a distinctive heart icon as well as a listing in your supporters list. You may interact with supporters and create connections more quickly because Instagram promotes queries and comments from people with badges.

7. Use Instagram Ads to your advantage

Do you want to increase your Instagram earnings? You can reach more people and potentially generate more income by running Instagram advertisements.

Use Facebook Ads Manager to generate Instagram ads. You can choose where to place your adverts during the campaign setup process. You may either let Ads Manager choose placements for you or manually choose from the following Instagram options:

  • Feed on Instagram
  • Tab “Explore”
  • Stories
  • Reels
  • IGTV

Allow Advertising Manager to format your ads for Instagram automatically to save time. You can tweak Instagram positions to get the best results possible. To optimize for Instagram, test and update the copy, creativity, link, and even the background color.


8. Demonstrate your Instagram prowess

You’ll likely gain a lot of expertise whether you sell things on Instagram Shopping, become an influencer, or create content that sells itself. Why keep that information to yourself if you can profit from it?

Sharing expertise—for a cost, of course—is a clever method for experienced Instagram marketers to make money on the network. Consider one of the following two possibilities:

  • Become an Instagram coach: As an Instagram coach, you may assist people in creating a profile, growing an audience, and creating content. You might even focus on assisting Instagrammers with becoming influencers or setting up Instagram Shopping. In either case, you can use Instagram to promote content about your coaching and then push your followers to sign up.
  • Start an Instagram agency: You can utilize your experience to handle clients’ Instagram pages directly if you start a social media business. You may, for example, collaborate with brands to develop Instagram strategy or network with influencers. You can use your existing account to cross-promote if you create a second Instagram page for your agency.

How to Prove Instagram ROI

Start measuring and reporting on ROI once you’ve decided how to make money on Instagram. Naturally, your coworkers or clients will be curious about the results of your efforts. Here are three methods for demonstrating return on investment.

Reports on Social Media

You may compute ROI with Agorapulse reports based on all the variables that matter to your team. To begin, determine which Instagram analytics best illustrate the value you offer. Then, for each, assign a value, like follows:

  • Per 1,000 copies, the cost is $1.50.
  • Increase in audience: $1 each new follower
  • $0.25 per like or remark on social media
  • $0.50 for each campaign hashtag engagement
  • $2 per mention or branded hashtag to raise brand recognition


Then, for the time period in question, obtain your Agorapulse report. Add a page to the report that calculates the ROI before sharing it with your company. Include your observations, such as where and how your team excelled, and what you can do next month or quarter to monetise Instagram even more.

Analytics for your website

Is a part of your Instagram monetization strategy taking place on your company’s website? If that’s the case, make sure your ROI report includes website statistics. Apply the same formula as before, but this time emphasis on Instagram traffic. Determine which website metrics are valuable and assign a dollar figure to each:

  • $0.50 per session for visitors
  • $1 per view of a landing page
  • $5 per subscription conversion
  • Revenue: the amount of money earned from an e-commerce purchase.


Combine your Google Analytics and Agorapulse reports to get a complete picture of Instagram ROI. Remember to provide your observations so that your colleagues or clients can comprehend the data and evaluate your achievement.

Revenue from E-Commerce

Are you monetizing Instagram through your e-commerce channels? If that’s the case, revenue is an important part of your ROI report. You may need to utilize one or more of the following approaches to report revenue, depending on the methodology you use:

  • Enable e-commerce and extended reporting in Google Analytics so that it can automatically track important data. Then look at your Google Analytics report for Instagram revenue.


  • Log in to your e-commerce platform, which should keep track of sales by channel automatically. Then, on your sales report, look for Instagram revenue.


  • Break down the results by platform in Facebook Ads Manager for Instagram ads. Then add up the money you made from Instagram ads. To save time, Ads Manager can compute buy return on ad spend (ROAS).


Final Thoughts

You may monetise Instagram regardless of your niche or the type of your products and services. This social media outlet offers a plethora of ways to make money, from selling things to generating sponsored posts to previewing paid material. Which strategy are you going to try first?

There are many different ways to capitalize on Instagram. With the massive exposure that the photo sharing network enjoys, those looking to make money on Instagram have plenty of opportunities to work with both small and large businesses. A lot of people see Instagram as a place for amateur photographers, but it can also be a great place for businesses looking to build their brands.. Read more about how much money can you make on instagram with 10k followers and let us know what you think.

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How do you get paid for Instagram?

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How much money does 1000 Instagram followers make?

Instagram followers are not a reliable metric for how much money you can make from your account.

Does Instagram pay money for posts?

Yes, Instagram pays money for posts.

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