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In this article, we take a quick look at what you need to know about social media and marketing.

A recent post on Facebook has generated a lot of discussion about whether or not the news should be shared with friends who are not directly affected by the news. The argument was made by one of the posters that sharing the information is not necessarily an invasion of privacy, but a way of educating people on the issue. In addition, there is a sense of responsibility to the news source of the information to report it, since the information is shared by the news source.

If you are like most people, you have probably received a Google Alert before — one of those little messages that appears in your Gmail inbox when a new site launches. These messages are great for finding new websites, but they are not so great for finding new content — much less new content about the topics you are interested in.

Twitter Audio Spaces is the social media platform’s response to Clubhouse. These are voice-only chat rooms where you can directly converse with Twitter users. There’s no need for hair or cosmetics. While lying on the couch in your PJs, you can participate in spaces. Simply log in and participate in a discussion.

Conversations aren’t taped; they’re live and in the present, which means they flow freely.

Popularity of Social Audio

In the audio world, Clubhouse is a pioneer. The invite-only social network exploded in popularity at the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. Twitter’s Jack Dorsey was one of the company’s early adopters. He saw the promise in an audio-only application, and Twitter quickly began developing its own version.

The advantage of tying an audio chatroom to an established social network is that they didn’t have to start from scratch in terms of user growth. It allowed existing Twitter users to jump right in and get to know their followers better.

Clubhouse appears to be appealing… However, it entails creating a new profile, learning a new technology, researching best practices, and navigating your way around. You can jump right in using Twitter Spaces.

Twitter Spaces is accessible on iOS and Android, and a desktop version is in development. They are accessible to almost everyone.

They also come with built-in auto-captioning.

How to Become a Member of a Twitter Group

You’ll notice a purple circle around someone you follow’s profile picture at the top of the screen if they’re currently engaging in a Twitter space.

That circle will grow to encompass the faces of everyone in the chat.

To see a preview of the Twitter Space, click the purple circle.

If you’d like to participate, hover your mouse over the purple circle to see a preview of the space.

Before you enter, you may see who is in the room and what the topic is (if one has been set).

To listen in, click “Join this space.”


To listen and engage, click ‘Join the space.’

You’ll see the room participants and their position as Host, Speaker, or Listener once you’ve logged in. The sound wave icon appears next to someone’s name when they are speaking.

Click on the profile photo of someone in the room to learn more about them. You’ll find a brief summary of their bio as well as the opportunity to follow them. Visit learn more about them, go to their profile. Don’t worry, the room will not close. At the bottom of the screen, it will remain active.

What if you want to say something?

Do you want to participate in the discussion? By pressing the microphone icon on the lower left-hand side of the screen, you can request to speak.


To request to talk in the Twitter Space, click the microphone button.

You might be asked to speak by the host. You’ll see a notification on your screen if this happens. You have the option of accepting or declining the invitation.

The following controls can be found at the bottom of the screen:

  • The icon of a heart. This provides you a list of reactions to choose from, and when you select one, it animates in your profile image. It’s a fantastic method to express gratitude to a speaker.
  • The symbol of the people. To see everyone in the room filtered by their role as a host, speaker, or listener, click this. This is useful in crowded venues where the primary screen is filled to capacity.
  • The icon for sharing. To let others know about the place, click this. You can tweet about the room, send a direct message about it, or get a direct link to share it elsewhere online.


When You Become a Speaker, What Happens Next?

Before taking the microphone, wait to be introduced by the presenter and make sure your microphone is unmuted. If the microphone icon on the bottom left-hand side of your screen is red, tap it to unmute it.

What is the Best Way to Host a Twitter Space?

Not everyone has access to hosting yet. Twitter is gradually implementing it.

Users with hosting permissions on Twitter have been putting a purple circle emoji at the start of their names so that others can see their status.

You can get a list of Space hosts by searching for.

When it’s your turn, Twitter will notify you via an onscreen message that you can now host spaces.

To begin a space, press and hold the twitter icon at the bottom of the screen, then pick the purple space icon.


Make a name for your area. Make it relevant to the debate you’re having because it will be seen to everybody who enters your room. During the talk, you can also alter this description. You only have 70 characters, so keep it short.

Do you want to learn how to increase your Twitter followers?

How to Change Twitter Spaces’ Settings

“Adjust settings” by clicking the three dots at the bottom of the screen.

You get to choose who is allowed to speak in your room. Everyone, Those you follow, or Only people you invite to talk are the options.


Who can speak in your Twitter Space is up to you.

You can also turn on “see captions” and “sound effects” from this menu.

What Should You Do With Your Twitter Spaces?

It’s a revelation to hear the voices of folks you’ve only known through text updates and images in the past.

Because you can hear your followers, you’ll feel more connected to them. You’ll also meet new folks with whom to interact and converse.

What kind of venues should you develop as a marketer or a digital agency?

Quick suggestions

  • Weekly social gatherings
  • Expert consultations
  • Meetings with your employees
  • After-hours chats during the conference
  • Share your knowledge with others.
  • Product feedback and focus groups
  • Chats that are focused on a single topic
  • Book clubs are a great way to meet new people

Whichever option you choose, I recommend coming up with a few questions or themes to keep the conversation going.

How to Attract People to Your Twitter Account

When I first acquired Twitter Spaces, I instantly created a space and sat in it, waiting for people to join.

But no one showed up.

Many Twitter users are unsure what the purple circle at the top of their feed symbolizes because Twitter spaces are still relatively new. Even if they do, they may be hesitant to participate.

Clubhouse has the upper hand here. People join the Clubhouse mostly to participate in audio discussions.

It’s one of the many functions available on Twitter. You must attract people, and in order to do so, you must market it.

Begin to improve your Twitter brand.

But how?

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Inform individuals ahead of time

If you’re going to host a space, make sure you let people know. Tweet about it, let people know what time it is, what the topic is, and who will be your guests. Don’t confine yourself to Twitter. Tell your friends on social media and your email list.

2. Design and produce promotional images and videos

You can go all out and make a graphic describing your location, which you can then distribute widely. This one by May King Tsang is a good example.


Promotional graphic for May King Tsang’s Twitter Spaces

If you’re an Agorapulse user, you can utilize our Canva connection to create and distribute graphics quickly.

3. Make a guest list ahead of time.

The purple circle will appear at the top of your followers’ feeds when you start a space.

When others join you, the space will be visible to their followers as well. As a result, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience.

Invite some people ahead of time, and decide on a theme and some of the questions you’ll answer. This will increase the number of individuals who see your ad and make it more appealing to join.

4. Make it a habit to visit your Twitter account on a frequent basis.

It’s easier for your audience to remember to come to your location if it happens every week at the same time.

The same people will keep showing up, and your community will expand as they help you spread the word.

Every Wednesday, May King Tsang hosts a weekly FOMO conversation, which attracts both regular attendees and newcomers.

5. Make a link between your Twitter account and something else.

After her weekly Twitter talk, Madlyn Sklar hosts a weekly space. She welcomes her guest, and her audience has the opportunity to ask the expert questions that came up throughout the chat.

A2b: Every Thursday at 5 p.m. ET in Spaces, I co-host the #TwitterSmarter “after” discussion with @cgritmon. It’s been a fun way to keep the conversation going with our neighbors. When you hear everyone’s voices, it’s truly wonderful. pic.twitter.com/gSJQyFQc9F #BookMarketingChat

— Madalyn Sklar (@MadalynSklar) April 8, 2021 — Madalyn Sklar (@MadalynSklar)

By publicizing the place as part of her chat, she ensures that it will be crowded.

You can also link your discussion to a conference, an event, or a television show.

6. Inviting others

Choose “Invite by DM,” “Share via Tweet,” or “Copy link” from the share button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.


Send a DM, tweet, or copy the link to your Twitter Space.

Experiment with all three. A tweet to your timeline could bring in new followers; DM specific people to invite them, and promote the link widely online.

When you do this, make sure to let people know what they can expect if they join. Will they be able to discuss their company? Ask an expert a question or learn about a specific topic. They’ll be more inclined to join if you make it sound engaging.

Extra Twitter Spaces Suggestions

Twitter’s spaces are rapidly changing.

Here are two extra features you might have overlooked.

Send tweets to your personal space.

You can include tweets if you’re discussing specific subjects or stories in your space.

To do so, go to Twitter, pick the tweet you want to post, click the share icon beneath it, and at the top, you’ll see the option to share to the space you’re currently in.


To share the Tweet to Twitter Spaces, click the share icon.

Because each speaker in the room can share tweets, you could delegate twitter sharing to a team member while you host.

During a space, switch accounts.

You can switch without leaving the place if you’re in a conversation and discover that other participants would be fantastic people to follow from your business or client account.

To do this, your account must already be linked to your app. Minimize the chat window, change accounts, and then maximize it again.

Switching accounts keeps you connected to the old account’s space, but you can dip in and follow people in the space with the new account.

Final Thoughts

Audio content is popular right now, and I believe it will continue to be popular in the future. Without having to worry about how our hair appears, social audio allows us to connect more deeply with others. Because you don’t have to be on screen, it will attract more people than video conferencing.

We can have these conversations with our existing audiences on Twitter, allowing us to build deeper ties.

Are you ready to take command of your social media accounts? Begin your Agorapulse free trial today!


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